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monse looks to vintage board games for resort collection

by:QiMeng     2019-09-15
After a few days of dull rain, Sunny, monther
Founder Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia sat some of their guests on a soft cube and showed off a retro board game --
On Friday, in an open-air Square in Lower Manhattan, a vibrant resort collection.
As Garcia said in an interview, the two keep a close eye on their \"Monseisms\", who are also the creative stewards of Oscar de la lunta, who rely on decorative numbers and hearts, A monochrome look mixed with mustard yellow and cherry red.
They love deconstructing men\'s clothing for women, which is reflected in the asymmetrical sleeve and jacket design.
Under the blue sky, on the abstract sculpture, on the sculpture of a red stripe, the long stripes are also swaying --
Shoulder caftan and black striped chiffon shirts, among other clothing.
Our mission remains to build DingTalk into something new.
\"We love stripes and deconstruct anything in your existing wardrobe,\" Garcia told The Associated Press . \".
In de la Renta, this is a master who lets them play antique board games.
He showed them a book about Victoria.
The game of the times, \"really beautiful,\" said Kim.
They bring the theme into other elements, including small dice on the necklace.
Some shoulders and necks are decorated with brightly colored cups --hand clasps.
Monse not only creates fresh and sexy men\'s clothing for women.
They do the same to men.
A male model walks in a patchwork suit jacket and a lace-up sandals-
There are lining stripes, one is a lapels stripe and the other is white.
A large part of the Monse atmosphere is comfortable and wear-resistant.
There is a cherry wool trousers with loose waist and a black striped snow shirt inside
And unconventional tailoring.
For their desire to deconstruct, Kim said: \"We all like very basic clothes.
We like basic T.
Shirt, but we look at it to some extent, how can we make it look new?
Garcia said that their \"singleness\" is about \"creating something that is not in someone else\'s closet \". ”But fancier.
Not just for work.
\"Even though we tried to make Monse casual, it was a trendy dress, so we actually saw a lot in the event.
\"I didn\'t expect this, like going to special lunches and evening events,\" said Kim . \".
Garcia added that the excitement did not disappear after the brand was established in 2016.
\"My biggest achievement is that I saw a completely strange person wearing our second series, right next to us in a restaurant,\" he said . \".
Did he expose himself?
Garcia said: \"We just let her enjoy the night and it was great to see her having a good time.
Alicia lansilio, The Associated Press writer in New York, contributed to the report.
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All rights reserved.
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