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most influential musicians of the 1980s

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
Credit: Abi Skipp/cc by 2.
Michael Jackson\'s famous gloveThe is from 1980 of the most memorable and/or influential musicians representing many of the top features associated with the decade.
When people think about this decade, they usually think of fluorescent lights, oversized t-
Think of shirts and big hair.
Everything is either bright or huge, and the music artists who appear after the 80 s are no exception.
Most of the music artists I listed below, if not all, are still very active in some form after years of their initial success.
Many achievements have been made by these popular musicians, who grab the headlines, stay alive, or just try to be the biggest and most outrageous.
Others just push it until they put it \"big \".
Several artists created a splash in the 1980 s.
Perhaps one of the most famous musicians is the Prince.
Prince quietly made noise in the R & B scene in his 70 s, and then with the end of the decade, the sound became a bit loud.
In 1982, he became famous for his hit album 1999, which made him and his band famous. The follow-
The Up smash album Purple Rain made the prince one of the most recognized musicians of the 1980 s.
His influence will continue in the coming years.
Unfortunately, the world lost its Prince in April 2016.
The news of his death is still unfolding, and more details will no doubt come, but officials have ruled it an accidental drug overdose (
Do not know if there is a prescription).
According to news reports, it is likely that some details will not be published.
8Run DMC successfully combines hip-
Jump to the mainstream.
The band also managed to \"cross\" the Wall in 1986 as it broke the rock scene with Aerosmith\'s cover of \"take this road\", in the band\'s video lead singer Steven Taylor.
In the video, the walls were almost broken.
Rap has multiple awards and \"number one\", not to mention more
There is no doubt that Run DMC is one of the most influential bands in this crazy and quirky decade.
Unfortunately, the band\'s DJ Jason Mizel, also known as Jam Master Jay, was killed in a shooting in 2002.
His legend is today.
The band is also very active and has been touring in recent years.
George Michael claims to be half the world! duo.
Unique and quirky style, Wham!
Drop three goals straight. When Wham!
George Michael was dissolved in 1986 and his solo career was a success.
The police\'s series of instant hits made them unforgettable, but the band had a short life span as they broke up after the \"sync\" album in 1983;
However, it is worth noting that the sensational effect of the police is considered one of the most important artists in a decade.
The band\'s music is still played regularly on classic rock and pop radio.
The versatility and longevity of U2, Bon Jovi, Metallica and Tom Petty as well as heartbreaking bands have made them one of the most memorable and influential bands of the \"big\" decade.
U2 got on stage with several hit songs in early 1980, but in 1987 it got on the map with the Joshua Tree album.
When new music was automatically downloaded on Apple\'s device in 2014, the band also made headlines.
The music continues,
The new album may be released sometime in 2016.
At about the same time as U2, Tom Petti got on the charts with the popular \"wait\", and Petti then maintained a prominent position throughout the decade.
Peti, turned 64 in October.
2014, still touring with the band earlier this year.
In early 1980, Metallica began to become an underground band and quickly gained a large number of followers.
When they released 1986 of master puppets and toured with Oz Osborne, the band gained legendary status and became one of the few bands that succeeded in bringing heavy metal (
Note, not metal hair band)
Become mainstream.
The band is still making music and is currently touring.
Bon Jovi became famous when the band quickly became popular with its popular album wet.
With large hair and large hits, bon Jovi was impressed after 80 s, and the popularity of the band continues, especially with the recent post-80 s revival being \"retro\" and style.
In 2013, the group released 13 albums.
Credit: Jockerre/knowledge sharing signature-Share Alike 3.
In the eyes of many, in 1989, AlikeJames Hetfield\'s \"bright\", \"big and shocking Jackson\" and \"Madonna\" in Metallica claimed to be the most influential music artist of the 1980 s.
Music aside, it\'s hard to keep both of them out of any post-80 s list because they have a huge impression of pop culture, music and style.
Whether we love them or hate them, there is no denying that everyone has had a significant impact on the decade.
When Madonna was in her early 80 s, she was on the dance stage in New York City.
After the 80 s, she firmly took herself as part of the history of music.
Over the past decade, Madonna has fallen into controversy when she released several hit albums and starred in multiple films.
While she no longer makes headlines as before, she is still active and gets news as usual.
With her new album and tour in 2012, Madonna is still touring in 2016 and her energy continues.
By the way, she made a lot of money on her clothes ($3. 2 million)
At a celebrity auction in November2014.
6 credits: Adi24/Creative CommonsShare Alike 3.
0 uninstalling/accessing from Wikimedia commonmadonna (aka \"substance Girl\") is already well known in concertMJ as 1970 is nearing its end, in just two years, people who later announced the \"King of Pop\" began releasing popular songs leading the charts throughout the 80 years.
Coupled with his video, which contains amazing special effects, his dance makes some of the most memorable productions of his clips.
Although Jackson\'s personal life dominated the front page of the media, he still shines after the hit songs.
Even after the end of ten years, Jackson will be fine.
Although there are many headlines that have nothing to do with his music that continue to mask his musical success, he is respected as a musician and dancer.
Jackson died in 2009, but his music continues.
Michael Jackson and Madonna may be considered the perfect image of the outrageous top figures associated with the 1980 incident.
Both of them know how to make headlines.
Although the most influential musicians in the post-80 s are either big or bright in their own way, there are also some people (
George and Duran)
In this weird and crazy decade, everyone has achieved good results. 100 Hits-Ultimate 80s (6 cd collections)
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