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Move Over Men - Women Wear Polo Shirts Too!

by:QiMeng     2020-06-05
Though the polo shirt originates from its namesake, the game of polo, and was created as a cool and comfortable option for players of that sport and other sports in general; it is now somewhat of a fashion statement. Having graduated from the polo fields, tennis courts and golf courses, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale remain an extremely popular type of apparel, bridging the gap between formal and casual with a smart, clean look that can be dressed up or down. These shirts are favorites of both men and women, creating an attractive look no matter who wears them. Feminine Styles So many women also wear polo wholesale t shirts wholesale that there are many specific styles, cuts and colors just for them. Standard, straight garments are still worn by many; however, to obtain a true fitted look and feel, many ladies seek out the styles designed to complement a woman's curves. By doing so, that neat, flattering appearance can be retained without any bagginess or extra fabric to tuck in. Many brands also incorporate more feminine-looking French cut or capped sleeves and a higher spandex content, allowing for a more proper fit. Different Options For the polo-wearing woman, this garment can be worn in just about any setting as long as the fit is right. With jeans, either tucked and with a belt or left out, creates a more comfortable and relaxed look without appearing sloppy. Worn with khakis or slacks can make this more of an office casual look; with skirts even more so without seeming overly rigid and formal. A fitted shirt can even look good worn with a pair of yoga pants or jogging pants and sneakers, conveniently enabling ladies to still look great while working out. This top also looks great paired with casual or dress shorts and flats or sandals. Naturally, dressing up with a sport coat or blazer, no matter whether worn with pants or skirt, is also possible; a tasteful necklace and pair of earrings with some subtle make-up is all that is needed to take that shirt into a more casual meeting or outing with friends. Colors One of the great things to note about polo t shirts wholesale and has helped them become so popular with women is the wide array of colors in which they can be found. Men may have a lot of color options, but ladies can choose from an entire palette of colors, shades and hues, almost guaranteeing that there is the right shirt out there no matter what color is needed. The colors alone tend to set ladies' shirts apart from all the rest; yet still recognizable as the familiar, comfortable garments that they are. Polos in the colors women wear take on a look and style all of its own as well. The polo shirt has come a long way over the years, especially so in woman's apparel. While many ladies don the same sports and work apparel as men with the same well-presented polo shirt, these garments go far beyond work. In some social circles it is even somewhat of a status symbol for women to wear a sharp-looking, solid polo with a bright or printed skirt or dress slacks. In any case, there is no lack of women who enjoy this garment and have given the polo shirt a breath of fresh air in making it their own!
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