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Must see it to believe it: Trump touts \"pro-worker\" agenda at meeting with union leaders, but there\'s skepticism

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
President Donald Trump hosted two \"listening\" meetings on his first full working day at the White House --
One is the business leader and the other is the union leader and the \"American worker \".
Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters, \"The president is honored to receive strong support from union staff on election day, and he is committed to increasing and deepening their support.
He made meeting with these union workers a priority.
Spicer said the president would \"discuss his relatives\" at the meeting. worker agenda.
\"But see who\'s in the room and who\'s not --
Business meetings and union meetings-
Provides clues as to where the new government might go.
In his speech, the president stressed the need to cancel the rules and regulations.
Trump told business leaders that he would provide them with \"quality service, but he did not specify how the regulatory cuts he promised would ensure the health and safety of workers and help protect the environment.
There are indications that there is an imminent dispute between the government and Labor over the prevailing wages currently required for most federal construction projects.
At Trump\'s meeting with union leaders, most of the union members had delegates from the construction industry.
This is the essence of it.
The group includes members of the Union of carpenters of the North American Labor International Union --
His president supports Trump\'s candidate for secretary of state, former Exxon-
Mart mart/Sheet Metal Workers Union, as well as members of the Union of steam turbine and steel workers.
\"I have hired some people over the years,\" Trump told union leaders . \".
He promised, \"we will get a lot of people back to work.
But the president said, \"we will have a lot of construction going on . \". .
You will be responsible for building these factories.
\"Many of the largest and most important trade unions in the country did not attend the meeting, including the International Union of joint auto workers, joint steel workers, truck drivers, service employees (SEIU ), the American Federation of State, County and City Employees (AFSCME) is united here.
AFL\'s also missing. CIO.
The Union of Agricultural Workers was also absent.
While many union members support Trump, many unions and their members also openly oppose his cabinet nomination and the policies they support. The AFL-
CIOs are as active as AFSCME, UAW and USW in the Women\'s March on Saturday, while SEIU is working to protect the Affordable Health Care Act, which is United here, it is also actively involved in the fight to protect DACA (child immigration extension action ).
This is just a few examples.
Sean McGarvey, president of the North American construction union, attended the White House meeting and they issued a statement saying it was \"a great day for American and American workers, it also reminds everyone not to cut wages and benefits.
Including current wage requirements
To construction workers
Michael J. , director of health, safety and environment at the American Federation of steelworkers.
Wright\'s union was not invited to the meeting, noting that moving forward, \"part of what we have to do is test Trump\'s remarks on issues like trade and infrastructure.
\"Massive tax cuts and regulation --
Earlier in the day, Trump promised business leaders:
Among them are Corning, Dell, Dow Chemical, Ford Motor, International Paper, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, United States of America. S.
Steel, Whirlpool and Arconic-
His government will cut taxes \"on a large scale.
Trump said it would cut regulation by at least 75%.
It is not clear which regulation he is referring.
The president also promised to impose a \"very significant border tax\" on goods sold outside the United States but here \".
Almost all the companies attending the conference have global business, which-for many —
Including overseas manufacturing and suppliers.
China, Jordan, Vietnam and Indonesia, for example, produce 63% of Under Armour products;
Dell relies on suppliers outside the US, and Johnson & Johnson has a major manufacturing facility in China, with most of its revenue coming from outside the US.
\"We will have regulation and it will be as strong, as good, and as protecting people as we are now,\" Trump said . \".
\"Our current regulatory problem is that you can\'t do anything.
It\'s out of control.
\"We need to protect the environment . \"
\"We will take care of security and everything else we have to take care of,\" Trump told executives . \".
\"But you will get such a good service.
No country will be faster, better and fairer.
After meeting with the president, most companies said they are looking forward to working with the government to stimulate economic growth and boost U. S. manufacturing.
But David Levin
The founder and CEO of the US Council for Sustainable commerce (ASBC), which represents more than 250,000 businesses, said, \"before removing business regulations, the government should talk to business leaders who support them. ”\"Well-
\"The regulations built actually help the business,\" explains Levine . \".
\"Businesses rely on good regulations that promote prosperity and ensure fair competition.
When Toledo\'s restaurants and offices had to be closed because unlimited agricultural runoff poisoned Lake Erie, it was hardly good for business.
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