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my breasts ruled my life: nz women talks about life after surgery

by:QiMeng     2019-09-15
Most people don\'t think jogging around the block is a luxury, but for 21-year-oldsyear-
Old Jessie, this is her first run since she was 10 years old.
That\'s because Jesse had double D breasts when she was in elementary school.
After years of discomfort, back pain, and snide whispering from classmates, Jessie finally had a breast reduction operation last year and the result was life --changing.
She\'s one of the lucky ones to choose publicly.
Capital operation.
Many women across New Zealand have paid thousands of dollars or suffered.
\"For people with pain in the neck and upper back, or people with deep shoulder ditches, or people with rashes under their breasts, breast reduction is often a transformative operation for people . \"
Brandon Adams, president of New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons.
\"It gives people great relief.
This may be one of our best actions in reliably improving people\'s lives.
\"Although the Ministry of Health data shows that the number of breast plastic surgery has quadrupled in the past 30 years, Adams said, the hospital department\'s discussion is, sources of funding for traditional breast reduction operations are decreasing.
Adams thinks breast reduction is as important as other lives.
Procedures for improving, such as procedures for hips and knees, but people are less willing to talk about it because breasts are considered more \"private\" things.
\"Not many people are willing to stand up and say, \'I am talking to Nana about how heavy and painful her breasts are.
\"People may not be willing to go to parliament for a parade because of a sore neck because they have a big chest.
There are a few things that can explain the public-funded figures for reducing discharge from breast plastic surgery, Adams said.
That figure rose from 56 in 1988 to 291 last year.
Women who undergo breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer may shrink the breast by narrowing the breast, or, to prevent breast cancer, removing a piece of breast tissue can be included in an umbrella that reduces breast plastic surgery.
Other things that can be included may be the reduction of excess skin after a lot of weight loss, or the removal of breast tissue in young men.
But for the traditional female breast reduction surgery, Adams\'s impression is that for women with a much larger breast, it is becoming more and more difficult to get public funds to carry out the reduction surgery.
When Jessie underwent surgery in October 2018, she was wearing a GG bra on the 12 th and the pain was \"very serious\" and the skin under her breast was torn. At the all-
At her girls\' school, students spread rumors that she was stuffing things into her bra.
Her family thinks she\'s just overweight.
It wasn\'t until she was around 18 that she realized how unusual her big breasts were and when she went out she began to feel \"sexy \".
The other girls would walk up to her in the bathroom of the nightclub and touch her chest without asking.
\"Oh my God, I like your chest,\" they say . \".
\"This has happened a lot. . .
When I put on my clothes and went to town, I felt like everyone didn\'t really look at my face.
\"She eventually went to see a doctor and asked for advice on whether she should have surgery.
\"My doctor saw them, like, \'Yes, they are very big for your body.
The surgery brought her down to the size of the D cup, which \"really changed life \".
Recently, she ran for the first time since she was 10 years old, wearing two sports bras \"just in case.
She was glad she waited until the age of 21 for surgery, and said she knew more about herself at that time.
\"I don\'t miss them at all.
\"Selena go is still with her H-
After being told she could not receive public funding for the reduction, her chest began.
She was assessed more than 10 years ago and was told to meet the criteria, but received a letter saying that she would not be on the public waiting list. The 38-year-
There is a rare disease in the elderly called giant, which involves excessive breast growth during puberty or pregnancy.
She was beaten twice and her breasts grew to their present size only when she had children.
But from the age of 9, the breast began to develop.
When she was 12 years old, she had a double C cup, which was nicknamed \"Big Tits\" at school \".
One day she wore a T-shirt.
The shirt with Pepsi on it has been called \"Pepsi tits\" since then \".
\"This is always the case with my children\'s breasts.
\"Even at family gatherings, it is subject to comments from relatives.
\"I am nothing but my breasts.
I am famous for my chest and I hate it.
\"She can\'t go swimming in the swimming pool because she is worried that others will look at her.
In addition to the embarrassment, her neck and back are \"constantly sore,\" she has large dents on her shoulder skin, and the weight of her bra strap is very heavy. She has semi-
Permanent bruises under the wire
But go has given up efforts to do surgery.
Too expensive for herself.
\"Life could be easier if I didn\'t have them. \" Tarn Ward-
Patterson \"never enjoyed\" having big breasts.
Men and boys don\'t want attention.
\"I think men just think it\'s okay to comment on them,\" 26-year-old said.
Her \"huge\" size G or H breasts reduced her self-esteem and earned her nicknames like \"tity Tarn.
People think this is \"a sign of doing these things and being rude \". Ward-
Patterson said she used to wear three bras and would still get comments from others if she didn\'t wear them at all.
When she was 20 years old, she had a privately funded reduction surgery and she was happy when she could go to buy clothes and find something that would suit her.
\"I have not passed the national system and I will never get it.
Oakland woman Haley is still undergoing breast reduction surgery.
She has to go to Thailand to get it.
For her, the pain and stress of the surgery made the recovery process difficult and she was still not sure how she felt about it.
The reason for Hayley\'s surgery is beauty.
She has no pain but does not like the look and feel of her E Cup breast. The 39-year-
Old studied the cost of surgery in New Zealand, but said it would cost her about $26,000.
Cost of surgery in Thailand-
Flights included and 10 nights stay-
Only $10,000 was earned.
While both the hospital and staff were great, Haley was unprepared for the emotional effect of completing the surgery on her own in another country.
\"I feel vulnerable and really scared,\" she said . \".
Hayley was only 9 years old when she first started wearing a bra.
Before the operation, she could only wear \"Nana bra with three buckles in the back \".
She is still not sure whether she doesn\'t like the appearance of the breast enough to be a reason for a big surgery.
Her wound has been healing hard since the operation.
After 7 weeks, she still goes to the doctor every few days.
\"Everyone said it was worth it in the end.
I\'m not completely ready yet.
\"A Ministry of Health spokesman said that data on how many women have been denied breast reduction surgery has not been collected yet.
\"It is important to devote limited resources to those who need it most.
Treatment decisions must be based on two things.
The impact of patients\' medical problems on their lives (need)
These effects may be reversed or improved (benefit).
\"The District Health Council uses clinical priority tools to support them in making fair and equitable decisions about access to services.
\"People who undergo breast reduction surgery will give priority to others who receive the service, including those who need breast resection and reconstruction.
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