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nba players, coaches appreciate chance to play on mlk day

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
OAKLAND, Calif. —
Kevin Durant cherishes this opportunity.
Martin Luther King
Play basketball during the celebration of civil rights leaders.
\"What MLK means to this country is just his message around the world.
\"Until today, his message has moved so many people,\" Durant said . \".
\"This day is a great opportunity.
It means a lot to us.
We brought so many things.
Each of us has a different journey throughout our lives and on this special day we will meet at this time and play such a special game in the hope that it will bring more people together
\"On Monday, 22 of the league\'s 30 teams will play in another full NBA game.
Knicks coach David fitzdale appreciates that the NBA has given so many teams the chance to play on MLK Day --
It\'s not like the schedule for Christmas is limited.
\"The NBA is way ahead of everything.
Adam Silver and those people have a progressive attitude towards inclusion and understanding of our history, the right of representation and civil rights, \"fezdale said.
\"We can be proud of this as an alliance.
MLK Day is another example of how we try to pay tribute, and we know what sets the tone and what gives us the opportunity to do what we should do.
\"Fitzdale\'s Knicks will play the Thunder at home on Monday, ending the game with the Lakers.
The Warriors ended their day of celebration.
Golden State Warriors visiting Los Angeles to end the NBA\'s Martin Luther King Jr . )
On Monday night, Stephen Curry, Durant and the Warriors will try to make an embarrassing 127-
101 of family losses on Christmas Eve
When LeBron James fell with a groin strain, the Lakers were still tough.
Warriors coach Steve Cole understands the important role played by the NBA on MLK Day.
\"It\'s a great day for the NBA.
\"I think the league is full of very active players who are very socially and politically active and who want to speak to the general injustice,\" Kerr said . \".
\"I think it is very appropriate that our campaign does dominate Martin Luther King Day.
It gives fans a chance to watch great basketball, but it also gives everyone some perspective on how far we have gone as a society and how far we have to go.
. . . . . . It\'s a great day for the NBA, especially for our players, it\'s a great day.
\"Starting from last Thursday, the players began wearing special warm shirts designed by Nike in partnership with the MLK Foundation and Martin Luther King III. On the T-
This is his historic speech of August.
1963: \"I have a dream that one day this country will stand up and realize the true meaning of its creed: \'We think these truths are self-
Obviously, people are equal in life.
\"In Memphis, it will mark the 17 th Martin Luther King of the Grizzlies.
They hosted a celebration in New Orleans.
The two teams visited the National Civil Rights Museum together on Sunday.
Part of Monday\'s celebration will feature 14 National Civil Rights Museum of the Year Sports Heritage Awards.
In the spirit of the King, the athlete made a noteworthy contribution to civil rights and human rights.
It\'s just a special day, says Pelican coach Alvin jinterry.
\"Anyone who knows something about civil rights, or just people\'s rights, I don\'t know how you can do it because he\'s trying to be an individual, not just a black person, the rights of all, respect him as much as possible.
That\'s why he\'s different, \"said Gentry, who is delighted to see the full game as the league\'s honorary king.
\"It really means a lot to us.
If you look at the NBA, they have made such progress for a long time.
\"When all you see is general civil rights, and when you see inclusion, all this is what the NBA is ahead of all the other sports.
The remaining lineup on MLK Day includes: the magic of the Eagle, the heat of the Celtics, the King of the Nets, the bulls of the Cavaliers, the calves of the Bucks, the Wizards of the Pistons, the pioneers of the 76-man rocket Jazz
As a player, new gigarry Peyton and Jason Terry are the two most talkative basketball players.
Now they have a new platform to keep the review going.
The former guard will be an analyst for the \"bounce\", which is built infor-
Mobile Studios made their debut on Monday in the NBA\'s MLK day schedule.
The show will air five nights a week.
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday-
Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Sports appm. to 11 p. m.
ET\'s regular season is over.
The show will feature points, highlights and analysis from Turner Sports studio in Atlanta, Turner commentator Rosalyn King-
Onwude, Allie LaForce and Stephanie are ready as hosts.
Female star Swin Cash, along with Payton and Terry, are on-the-job analysts.
The ceremony was rescheduled in the February contest between the lake and the Warriors.
There will be a long time in Auckland
Waiting for the ceremony.
Former Warriors center JaVale McGee has been scheduled to collect the Warriors championship ring at Oracle Arena on Christmas Eve, but he was too ill to go.
For the past two seasons, Cole has been keen to play McKee in the Golden State Championship. ——
AP Basketball Writer Brian Mahoney has contributed to the report. ——
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