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‘nesamani’ t-shirts become an instant hit | coimbatore news - times of india

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
TIRUPUR: After the \"prayfornesamani\" tag hit twitter through the #1 trend, it also hit the knitwear industry in Tirupur.
The role of comedian vadiverlu in the Tamil film \"Friends\", \"contractor nismani\", has received worldwide attention.
Business units are also starting to sell including T-
Shirt, hat and fridge magnet with Nesamani symbol.
It all started on Twitter, after some tweets created the Internet Storm by creating PrayForNesamani.
While many government departments have joined the trend to promote various awareness activities, including road safety, various companies use the opportunities created by the Internet sensation to market their products.
In the tiruopur garment industry, many units have begun to produce jerseys with the concept of \"nishimani.
By capturing this trend, R Vimal, a young entrepreneur in Dollar City, has begun to produce T-
Shirt with Nesamani concept.
\"We make knitted garments, and we often produce T-
Stylish shirt in concept.
As social media becomes a platform for marketing, we also rely on it to get orders.
After witnessing the global trend of Nesamani, we made T-
There were two different designs of shirts and the concept came the next day.
\"The print is designed on the lines of the nishimani, with a hammer behind the head that says\" Pray for nishimani \".
A lot of people bought T-
Buy shirts through online portals and other social media platforms.
We sold 250 items in Bangalore, Cochin and Dubai.
\"Many retailers may place orders,\" added Vimal . \".
\"We received orders of 400 tons.
\"Shirts printed with Nesamani concept prints, we will deliver in the next two weeks,\" said K. S. Madhankumar, partner of knitting apparel division . \".
A commercial portal has been selling T-
Printed shirts from all sides of the character Nesamani. T-
The shirt is printed with the words \"nesamani & Co-\" etc.
Appresendigala assembly-
Due to 2001 \'and\' Aaniyae Pudunga Venaam \'. The 18-year-
The old movie is a remake of a Malaya film of the same name.
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