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nets, knicks woo nba superstar lebron james

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
This is an unprecedented flirtation, media frenzy and global event in the history of sports.
LeBron James\'s recruitment, two in the NBA-
Time to defend MVP and player age, has become an international soap opera featured private jet, closed-
Door meetings and rumors seem to change in the second.
It is vying for headlines about the World Cup, Wimbledon and the oil spill, and its conclusion may not only change the balance or strength of the league, but it also means that the revenue of the winning city will increase by tens of millions of dollars.
Long live the king.
Or at least give him an offer.
James became the most famous free agent of our time on Thursday, reaching millions.
The New Jersey Nets, led by billionaire Russian boss Mikhail Prokhorov and rap tycoon Jay, started a dollar bidding war. Z.
Followed by the New York Knicks to 25-year-
Old superstar, he has to decide whether to leave home or not.
There are at least six teams in the next few days, including the sentimental home team Cleveland Cavaliers, and I will have an audience with James and try to convince him to join them, to satisfy his ambition to win the championship and become a billionaire.
The Nets will sell Brooklyn to him.
Not the bridge, but their next home.
The Knicks will draw him in the garden and brightest lights of the basketball sanctuary Madison Square.
The Chicago Bulls can provide a list of talented players and have the opportunity to follow Jordan\'s footsteps.
Miami Heat is counting on South Beach, a good income tax environment, and the possibility of working with free agent Dwyane Wade to draw him from the snow in Ohio.
The Los Angeles Clippers can offer Hollywood a chance to win.
And the Cavaliers, his team for the past seven seasons, can only hope that his head will bring his heart closer to his Akron family.
Cleveland can give James a chance. he was already a national figure before St. James graduated. Vincent-St.
Mary High School, due to collective bargaining agreements for NBA players, has $30 million more than any other team.
However, money is not all 6-foot-8, 260-
Players want pounds
He has a lot of titles.
Although he led the Cavaliers through the most successful period of time in the history of the team, but James in the pursuit of the championship to consolidate his legacy is a loss . .
Cleveland was beaten by the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs this season, winning 17 titles.
17 more than the Cavaliers.
James\'s decision is not expected to be announced in at least a week, and many fans in the city are worried about the worst.
After all, this is the place where sports heartbreak occupies permanent residence.
Ask anyone in Cleveland to recite the pain of the local team since the Browns won the NFL championship in 1964, and they will turn their eyes before they say the most courageous nickname --
The loss of the Indians, Brown and the Cavaliers was distressing.
Losing James is probably the most important thing.
\"They would be sad if he left, but we are used to it,\" said Cleveland native, former NBA player Eric Riley, who stopped on the sidewalk in the city center, watch the commotion surrounding the courtship of the most famous son in northeast Ohio.
Cleveland will also lose tens of millions of dollars from what it has-
If James decides to leave the city, the economy will be hit hard.
In bigger markets like New York or Chicago, he can bring hundreds of millions of dollars to businesses.
When the first few hours of what some call \"LeBron\'s summer\" began on Thursday, the scene became surreal outside of IMG\'s international headquarters.
Television crews, photographers, journalists and curious onlookers fill the sidewalks of East 9 and St.
Claire\'s waiting for James.
Everything was missing on the red carpet. James, his 10-story-
Over the past few years, tall portraits have decorated the side of a building opposite Quicken Loans Arena and arrived at 10: 58. m.
A white Cadillac SUV.
Wearing a gray Nike T-shirt
Shirts, pants and sunglasses, he barely dresses for the occasion and doesn\'t seem to be bothered by the size of the moment.
James made a short stop in the lobby and then took the elevator to suite 823, the headquarters of LRMR Marketing, starting with his childhood friend Maverick Carter and two other old friends.
When James walked out of the corridor, a paparazzi
Just like a group of photographers click on their camera through the front window of the building.
Soon after, Prokhorov, estimated to be worth nearly $10 billion, walked confidently with Jay
Z, one of the parts owners of the network.
The rest of the New Jersey delegation carry luggage and computer equipment.
Technical visual presentation by James.
About 90 minutes later, the Nets packed up and left town for Chicago to meet with Wade and forward Chris Bosh.
\"Everything goes well,\" said Avery Johnson, the Nets coach . \"Jay-
Z stayed, perhaps to talk to longtime friend James privately. But when hip-
Hop\'s biggest star is coming out of a parking garage in the back seat of a limo, and when a 4WD arrives, he passes the Knicks entourage
Team with James for the audience.
The Knicks include boss James Dolan, president Donnie Walsh, coach Mike D\'Antoni and former Knicks defender Alan Houston.
Walsh was taken into the building in a wheelchair after a recent neck surgery.
This is the moment in New York, and franchise has been developing for more than two years.
The Knicks had a win.
Losing nine consecutive seasons, but they hope to sign James, who spent the weekend watching luxury apartments in the village of Greenwich --
Some people think he tends to go to Gotham City.
The Knicks have been hoping to get James into the state of mind in New York, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg taking part in the \"Come on LeBron\" campaign designed for Ohioborn superstar.
\"I think all goes well,\" D\'Antoni told the Associated Press after the Knicks finished two games. hours-
And a meeting with James.
\"But it\'s clear that everyone who has the chance to talk to him may say the same thing.
James walked out the door with the Knicks.
He didn\'t say anything to the reporter, about 40,000 of the car he drove back to him-square-
Foot mansion in Bath, Ohio, where he will rest before Friday\'s scheduled visit by the heat and Clippers.
When he left, a group of photographers and journalists chased his car in the hope of taking a signed photo or knowing what he was thinking.
No one is coming, no one is sure now.
Not even LeBron himself.
Where is he going next?
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