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nobody does it better. canada\'s christine sinclair is peerless in front of goal

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
Montpellier, France-
Goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc remembers her farewell ring at 2015 World Cup, thanking home fans for their 17-year service and calling after 110 appearances.
Captain Christine Sinclair is right next to her.
\"She hugged me and said to me, \'You made me a better woman, \'\" recalls LeBron, who is now president of the CONCACAF Women\'s football team.
\"I think that\'s the summary of Christine Sinclair.
I\'m still excited to talk about it.
\"Because if Christine Sinclair can say that to me, then I feel very happy because she is not just a football player, she is an idol.
She is one of the biggest names in Canada and I hope she will eventually get the recognition she deserves to be one of the biggest names in the world.
Because she is the most humble leader and one of the best leaders I have had the privilege of working. \"As fifth-
Canada, ranked first, is set to compete with Canada, ranked first, in 2019 World Cup.
Sinclair was on the verge of football in Cameroon on Monday.
Ben\'s veteran strikerC.
In June 12, the 36-year-old Abby wanbach scored only four goals after surpassing the world record of 184 international goals of retired American Abby wanbach.
Sinclair entered the championship with 181 goals in 282 games.
Eight games have already scored four goals this year, and Sinclair is likely to score a record in her fifth World Cup.
Record LeBron\'s entry in Canada.
In a typical Sinclair way, unless she is under pressure on the issue, she chooses to ignore the record chase.
\"If I score, I score.
If I don\'t do that, it means that so do the others, which also makes me happy, \"Sinclair said before the tournament that he had 56 career assists.
When she talks about the record, she prefers to cite the progress of Canadian teams and Canadian football from a broader perspective.
But she\'s human.
\"It would be cool to see a Canadian standing on it (list).
Personally ,(I\'m)
Just wanted to enjoy the trip. . .
I\'m proud to be in this position, \"she said in a rare personal reflection.
\"I am proud of the amount of work I have done in my career, which is very special.
\"Although the captain played down the historical rhetoric, the people around her were so happy.
\"It will be a wonderful moment, a historic event. . .
It\'s a big deal for Christine, for this team and for Canada, \"said Canadian coach Kenneth Haina --Moller.
\"It\'s a record that will never be broken, and I\'m pretty sure.
It will be a Canadian who keeps it.
\"Who will have this record more than Christine because she is so humble and hard --working?
\"Both in the past and now, Sinclair\'s teammates are surprised by her calm and deep toolbox before the goal.
LeBron remembers her first impression of a teenage Sinclair.
\"She came to the camp for the first time and we were in a scuffle and she touched --
The ball is next to six people (-yard-box)—
\"She touched it and put it down,\" she recalls . \".
\"I\'m like, \'Who is this kid?
Because as a goalkeeper, people usually hit as hard as they can because they are very close and she put the ball where I am not.
\"It sounds small and simple, but that\'s why she\'s the best target --
Football scorer
Because of her posture in front of the net and her ability to put the ball where the goalkeeper is not, that\'s why she is her.
Because she\'s in front of her house.
Other echo LeBron.
\"Her composure in front of the Internet is epic.
The same is true of her technology . \"
\"She puts the ball where she wants the ball to go and the goalkeeper is not there. . .
It\'s much easier than doing it on the biggest stage, and she\'s been doing it for decades.
It\'s interesting to see.
\"It\'s just her calm under pressure and how she can slow down, relax and finish the game,\" added midfielder companion Jesse Fleming.
The phrase \"heart and soul\" has recently been overused, but it sums up Sinclair\'s position in Canadian football.
Three unforgettable experiences
Target performance in crushing 4-3 extra-
The one who lost to the United States in the semi-final of 2012 Olympic Games was Sinclair, who then assembled his army in the dressing room.
Coach John Hedman was heading to the locker room.
He usually doesn\'t talk to his players after the game and prefers to talk when his mind is calm.
But after a painful defeat, Hedman knew what he had to say as soon as possible.
As he crossed the tunnel to Manchester United\'s historic Old Trafford dressing room, Hedman spoke with team psychiatrist Seri Evans.
As they approached the locker room, Maeve Glass, an experienced equipment manager/administrator, came out. She was crying.
\"You see, you don\'t need to go in, it\'s done,\" she said. . .
Christine just spoke to the team in a way that she had never spoken to them before.
\"There is no dry eye in the room,\" he recalls . \".
Goalkeeper Irene McLeod said: \"Every time I think of a speech, I get excited.
The team crowded.
\"You can hear the sound of a pin falling,\" said McLeod . \".
\"All I remember was sitting in a locker --
\"Old Trafford room,\" Sinclair later recalled.
\"Everyone is very sad. this is for granted.
Including myself.
A few minutes later, I suddenly thought that we would fight for the bronze medal in three days.
This feeling makes me feel like I have to say something to this team.
\"I told them that as their teammates, I have never been so proud as I am now.
The end result didn\'t happen to Americans, but I was never as proud of wearing that shirt as I am now.
If you go to London, someone will say \"you are going to fight for the bronze medal\" and we will accept it immediately.
I will not leave London without one. \"I don\'t know.
Just have to say.
It\'s cool if it has an impact on people.
\"Canadian women took it off the floor and went on with 1-
Due to the goal of thessen in the time of replenishment, bronze 0.
Canada died 13 months ago at 2011 World Cup.
Seven years later in London, Sinclair had high hopes for the World Cup.
\"I have been waiting for this pressure and expectation throughout my career,\" she said . \". \"To be a top-
The five teams in the world are a great achievement for Canada and this group of players.
We\'re right there.
Look at our results this year.
Even in the last two years. . .
We\'re right there.
\"Beating England in England earlier this year really gives us some confidence that we can beat anyone.
Now, it\'s just doing it in a big tournament where you can beat Germany and then you have to beat France in the next game and you have to beat the United States in the game after thatS.
This is the question we put together at the most important time.
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