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Northern Soul T Shirts - Keep the Faith!

by:QiMeng     2020-05-10
Possessing some of the grooviest, brilliantly beat-driven Motown-influenced songs that were unbelievably ignored in the US, Northern Soul hits were taken to the heart of thousands of Northern English soul fans, who were sick of the current status quo and who danced all night to these distinctive 45s. Northern Soul was a way of life, an underground movement that arose as a result of thousands of people enjoying brilliant tunes Nowadays, some of the most famous songs, such as 'There's a Ghost in This House' by R. Dean Taylor, 'Higher and Higher' by Jackie Wilson, 'Move On Up' by Curtis Mayfield - and thousands of other hip-busting hits besides - are staples in homes across the world, and have been featured in famous Hollywood blockbusters. And the most famous Northern Soul song of all, Frank Wilson's 'Do I love you? Indeed I do' is officially the most expensive 7-inch single ever sold. It was famously rare, with only two copies in existence, and that (coupled with the fact that it's a massive, massive tune) gave it mythical status in the movement. In 2009, one of the two remaining copies sold for an astonishing A�25, 742. The whole movement started in Northern provincial towns in England, as soul boys and soul girls filled The Golden Torch in Stoke, The Catacombs of Wolverhampton and, of course, Wigan Casino - the most famous venue of all. And these days, having started in a small number of unassuming, unfashionable British towns, Northern Soul aficionados can be found across the world, in all 5 continents and the music will last forever. Men and Women who danced until dawn and fell in love in those nightclubs now have children who are just as enamoured by the music as their parents were - while millions of people have become die-hards fans simply by enjoying the magic music. Northern Soul's continued fervour shows no sign of abating across the globe, and it has spread to the distinctive, stylish Northern Soul clothing. As well as being flashy, co-ordinated dancers and having impeccable musical taste, fans were also famed for their striking, stylish fashion. And these days, fans of the style can be easily recognised by the great array of wholesale t shirts and clothing that they wear. Featuring famous slogans such as 'Keep the Faith'; 'It'll never be over for me' and 'Northern Soul: A way of life' alongside famous logos of the Wigan Casino; the famous clenched fist and images of dancing feet. And although record labels such as Motown and Stax weren't strictly speaking, they're also sure to be appreciated by diehard soul lovers. The clothing isn't just contained to t shirts though - fanboys and girls can also be found with brilliant bags and hoodies marking themselves as the biggest fans.
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