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not losing their shirts apparel guys are betting on fight.

by:QiMeng     2019-10-02
Signature: Brent Hopkins writer Van Nys
For David goldfab and Mark povsky, it\'s not just about-shirt.
This cotton shirt is printed with a shining portrait of Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley, representing a memory, a connection between fans and Warriors.
The two printed and shipped 7,500 pieces of clothing from their van Nuys warehouse to 11 Las Vegas casinos, hoping fans would be willing to join them for tonight\'s match after the final.
Pofsky, chief operating officer of custom special T-shirt company, said: \"When Oscar comes out, you are by his side as the music plays . \"
\"You hit those punches, the blood is flowing, you want a piece.
This is what business partners are looking forward to, and they have acquired exclusive sales rights for this battle to bring these renters, hats and jackets and 6,000 items and 2,500 posters to Vegas.
They believe the hype around the game will bring their sales to $1 million, or 20% of annual revenue.
Over the past two weeks, with the busy business, partners have a long way to go before entering the apparel industry. As acash-
Bovsky\'s penniless College student needs some money, so he found the brother of the Brotherhood, godefab, who is now the chairman of the custom Cup, to buy some shirts.
A business major at the University of Southern California, at T-
His wallet is printed in a shirt.
Since the eighth grade, he has been working with his roommate and friend godfab to try to make money by making detailed designs for the car, but the shirt seems to be a safer option.
He persuaded goldfab to apply the sigma Alpha Mu logo to the shirt and to start selling it at home.
\"We have been selling things,\" recalls Pofskyrecalled 20 years later . \".
\"He\'s the president of the Brotherhood, and I\'m selling them shirts. \'\' The T-
The shirts sold well and made Pofsky interested in trying a more professional market.
He strolled around with the design in a pigeon bar box and sent a sample to the ice cream company, thinking maybe he could place a few orders.
The dessert maker returned with a $50,000 purchase order, turning the second-year college student into an entrepreneur he had dreamed.
Friends have tried other opportunities.
College, but still listless.
Ten years later, they decided to try the shirt business together, starting with a spare bedroom at the Encino apartment in Goldfarb.
They started running local schools on a small scale. E.
Uniforms and orders from community organizations, but soon got into boxing goods.
After working with the top company of sponsor Bob Arum
They can accept La Jolla-
The battle of Mosley, one of the world\'s most striking games. With a sold-
In the battle to attract global attention, sales of goods rose sharply.
\"It\'s like the seventh game of the World Professional baseball series,\" said Mike May, communications director of the sporting goods manufacturing association.
\"They won\'t play again tomorrow, so there are a lot of games in every game.
Every day is so excited, there is the temptation to consume, especially in the things you want to know later, \"Why do I buy this ? \"?
While most of the sales came from impulse purchases before and after the battle, Goldfarb said the gear still sold well on their website after the event.
Even fans are paying to watch. per-
View wants totap into the night, he says.
\"Fans want to get involved,\" he said . \"
\"We\'re going to see the old stuff 10 years ago and people are walking around wearing it so they can show they\'re there --
Even if they are not there
Although the two are planning to run a big game in the latest game and bring another $85,000 Jersey on Tuesday, responsehas surprised them.
On Friday afternoon, they are consolidating all the activities at MGM Grand, including the battle scene and their busy locations.
\"This is crazy,\" Pofsky said on his mobile phone . \" He watched the line unfold outside their main booth.
\"They have a team of 50 deep here.
We are worried that we will sell faster than we thought.
We know there will be a sensation, but we see more activity now.
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Mark posky bought a shirt for customers at theMGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday as he sold his company\'s clothing collection to promote the Oscar tonight
Battier Mosley bout(2)
Left David goldfab and Mark poski, business partner of custom special T-shirt company
Show their goods.
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