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nursing home\'s high school teaches lessons on life

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
In the classroom, an old man glides while pushing the Walker, and the young man\'s face does not turn.
A white man in the cafeteria
The woman with hair has been eating across the street since her teens, and no one will be surprised.
Walking to the school bus, the students went through the wheelchair and oxygen tank without any trouble, just like backpacks and notebooks.
Riverdale\'s Hebrew Home, a nursing home on a picturesque section of the Bronx Hudson River, has gone beyond its mission as an old house to entertain young people with an innovative public high school.
All students with learning disabilities have received vocational training to prepare them for their work at home or elsewhere, and in a special environment in a school, there are far more elderly people than young people.
\"It\'s like they have 840 grandparents who are watching them every day,\" said Daniel regard, CEO and school founder of the Hebrew Home . \".
Reingold launched the project around 1995 to solve a pair of problems
The difficulty of filling in the form --
Jobs in the family and \"lost generation\" of young people born with drugs\"
Addicted mothers during the 1980 s cocaine epidemic
About ten years later, the project
The provision of permanent employment in health care is called Hope
Shifting attention to students with autism and intellectual disabilities, Reingold\'s population believes this is similar to Family residents.
\"They are all isolated,\" he said . \"
\"The elderly in this country are isolated, and young people with learning disabilities can be isolated.
\"The day of school, like any other day, starts in the morning --
Tired students drive the yellow bus to the cafeteria to eat eggs. and-
Cheese sandwich and apple juice.
All 12 students were wearing a light green polo shirt with a sign of hope, waiting for the start of the day\'s schedule, when any signs of this regular high school disappeared.
At the urging of their teacher, Nick Kinas, they started their work in this huge complex.
Watson asia Watson, 21, lives at the nurse station and enters the data into the computer before being sent to the lab downstairs.
She picked up the bayonet and the diabetes strip, and when she went through the woman in a wheelchair preparing for a music therapy course, a stack of small cartons between her hand and chin kept in balance.
For some students
Including Watson, she said she would find a paperwork after graduation.
The school encourages them to consider for the first time what career they might be in.
For others, their experience in the Hebrew Home may be guided by the interest they have stated.
A girl who likes to do her hair and nails answers the phone at the beauty salon at home;
A boy who dreams of becoming a graphic designer helps in an art studio at home.
Keith Brown, 20, recalled that he did not want to start at the Hebrew Home because he was nervous about its size and familiarity.
Two years later, he became a fixed man, squeezing his tall frame into a supply room, where he stored a lot of cups, straws and nebulizers and went to a garbage room, load the empty box into the comp machine.
Brown completed the training so that he could skip the school bus, take his own train and bus, and leave from Harlem\'s home for every hour.
To qualify him for a paid job at home;
He was hired as a wheelchair for the weekend.
Arrange appointments and activities for residents. “I was shocked!
As he waited for his first pay check, a jubilant Brown talked about his recruitment.
Students must be able to communicate in order to participate in the program, and the goal of the family is to show a candidate who is independent and sympathetic.
Because coping with change is especially challenging for learning.
For students with disabilities, the school has specified shift work tasks in particular to help them develop coping skills that may be required for later work.
Participants are usually from special locations nearby
Educate Public Schools 721X with the goal of providing adequate training so that they can be in a nursing home, Yakobi medical center or Montefiore Medical Center (also host students) or somewhere else
While most of the day is assigned to work, students also attend classes and have separate tutoring sessions.
These courses are mainly focused on the real
World skills and some complexity of working in nursing homes.
One morning, the class gathered around a round table in the library of the nursing home to discuss the personal financial situation and the difference between \"want\" and \"need\" budgets.
\"On one side, the bingo game equipment at home is stored;
A chair yoga class is being held next door;
Through a door, a resident with a walker sneaked in to carefully read the non-fiction shelf and spread of newspapers and magazines.
On another day, the students discussed the importance of appropriate body language and intonation, some of their elders may experience cognitive decline, and the bits and pieces on the resident ID card indicate swallowing problems.
Kinas asked, \"What does DNR mean ? \".
\"Does this mean no running, it means no recovery.
Ten years ago, Kinas\'s clock was 16.
When he seeks more meaning at work, he is a portfolio manager and trader on Wall Street.
He returned to school for a master\'s degree in special education, taught high school mathematics and science for six years, and arrived at the Hebrew home two years ago.
The change in career was a \"rebirth\" for 58-year-old\"year-
It is important to emphasize how meaningful it is to help these young people prepare for the world.
\"These children have saved me in many ways,\" he said . \".
\"They taught me as much as I taught them.
\"The goal of the school is to have similar communication between students and residents.
Rock and hip hop music for high school students
Jumping songs, elders offer 1940 and 1950 hits.
Students show their smartphones to residents and play music videos and anime on YouTube, residents in turn share stories of their longevity, including a century old man who shares the children of horses
Draw a stroller with his young audience.
Kinas said: \"It\'s a history lesson, but it\'s a history lesson for people from life and breathing.
\"There are lessons in life.
Death is the mainstay of a nursing home, and when students notice that a resident is gone, it forces them to talk about death and deal with the loss.
After graduating from the Hope Project 12 years ago, Reed channel, now working in the cafeteria, still remembers the first death of a favorite resident.
\"They believe you, they give you this love,\" she said . \".
\"Some of them are too sweet to be attached to them.
\"This tenderness to 90-year-
Old Selma ner sat in a window
In the corner of the queue, you can see the branches and haze of the birds jumping on the Hudson coastline, and the George Washington Bridge is stretched out in the distance.
She\'s waiting for her 19-year-old student. year-
She worked with old Louis Garcia on reading, and when he stumbled upon a word, he would help, and when he answered the comprehension question of the exercise book, he would coax him.
\"Helping a young man makes me feel very good,\" said Bachner . \".
Because of the uniqueness of the school, it is difficult for its students
Forced to recognize its uniqueness, just see it as their previous daily life.
At lunch, they chew Honey BBQ fries and pop headphones in their ears, or tap their phones and wait for the bus to arrive and take them home when they are fired, they gathered around an exit to giggle.
However, from the class discussion led by Kinas, reminding people how different schools are, touching on the loneliness and sadness some people feel as they grow older --
Long-term experience in the growing medical needs of residents.
Garcia, one afternoon after the end of the tutoring course, walked through the corridor at home to deliver mail to senior students, who had been working for months, this inspired his interest in working for postal services after he worked at school.
Looking at the person he passed by, he knew that one day he would grow old too, that he might walk or have difficulty breathing, or all the other problems shown in front of him.
This is just a fact in life, he said.
He said of old age: \"If I had imagined it in my mind, I would have been like all the other residents. ”——
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