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ohio jail bans underwear delivery to stop drug smuggling

by:QiMeng     2019-09-15
Dave Masterson, director of administrative services at Franklin County prison, told the Columbus Post that prisoner underwear was \"not the lowest prison standard in Ohio \".
The prison website still lists \"white people --
Only regular underwear, socks, crewneck T-
Shirts and bras (no wires)
Approved items delivered to prisoners as \"original unopened package.
However, according to the chief deputy, Geoff Stobart, prison administrators often find prohibited substances in underwear deliveries.
Stobart describes how a friend, family member or colleague of a prisoner inserts contraband into a garment seam, stitches them up and heats them up
Seal the plastic package.
\"They are very creative,\" he said . \" He added that the recent trend is to smuggle with a drug used to treat addicts on heroin-the Suboxone strip.
Read more: the US prison system has piled up against non-violent criminals of poverty, abuse-in order to stop smuggling, the county has banned external delivery and signed a contract with Acme Supply Co.
Sell underwear at the prison\'s canteen. The one-
An annual contract of $94,525 will allow Acme to provide 34,000 T-for the county-
According to the Columbus Post, shirts, 1,500 wireless bras, 700 sports bras, 20,000 men\'s four-angle pants and underpants, 6,000 women\'s underpants and 46,500 pairs of socks were reported.
The price of Acme to county is from $.
Men\'s underwear costs $89 a piece, and sports bra costs $2.
Masterson said the county will sell the items for profit, but has not yet decided how much to charge the prisoners.
\"We\'re the only game in town for these guys, so we don\'t dig at them,\" he said . \".
If there is any problem with the retail price on the Acme website, T-
$1 shirt.
$50 per piece, bra may cost $4. 25.
Stobart pointed out that the prison will clean the close friends of the prisoners for free, and he said that this is not what all prisons usually do.
Whether the prison will provide underwear in a sanitary bag for prisoners who can\'t afford to buy their own clothes has not been decided.
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