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olympic uniforms: american apparel offers to make new batch in u.s.

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
The London 2012 Olympic uniform was controversial in part because of the stupid beret, but mainly because Ralph Lauren\'s work was made in China.
First, the experts made two cents, then the American fashion designers expressed their grievances, and then politicians like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joined the debate.
Now it\'s the American costume.
The pride-making clothing company in the United States talked to fashionistas about the possible design of 2014 Olympic uniforms for all parts of Russia. (
Clearly, Russia is also trying to avoid manufacturing in China. )
In the same conversation, an American clothing representative commented on the failure of Ralph Lauren\'s uniform with an interesting proposal: the American clothing factory produces more than 50 million pieces of clothing each year, this is not the whole of our store.
A large part of the company\'s business is wholesale and private labels. -
We can basically do anything for anyone.
Our prices are completely competitive, especially when you consider the quality control and the speed of listing.
Today, American Apparel companies can start producing uniforms and send them to London within 7 days.
This is what vertical integration means. Seven days? Damn, Dov.
We wonder if Ralph Lauren wants American clothes to shine, and the uniforms should not be wasted now. But it\'s a miracle that companies like American Apparel have not been asked to design team USA kit in the first place. (
Although when Ralph Lauren signed a contract with the United States, they may have a chanceS.
The Olympic Games will end on 2020. )
Also, when we were doing this, why did Dov Charney\'s company negotiate with Russia to make their uniforms?
But perhaps the question looming above all of them is: why are we so hot and so upset now?
Ralph Lauren has been designing and manufacturing in the United States. S.
Olympic uniform for many years
Over time, the origins of these uniforms have been exposed in China.
In 2008, Reuters reported that Chinese tailors had a place in Ralph Lauren\'s American market. S.
The uniform of the Beijing Olympics, even if not smaller, will cause similar problems.
The scale of manufacturing debate.
This time, however, seems to be different.
The American nature of American Olympic clothing annoys everyone. . .
Except for Mitt Romney.
The Republican presidential candidate declined to take a stand on the issue, simply saying, \"The Olympics are about athletes. . .
I don\'t think these other things matter.
\"Maybe he backed down because of his own mistakes: in 2002, Romney outsourced the production of torchbearer uniforms to Myanmar, a country controlled by a brutal military regime, while overseeing the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Whoops.
Do you think Ralph Lauren should accept a deal for American clothing?
Do you think Ralph Lauren should continue to design the uniform for the US team?
Or is everyone important because of nothing?
Read more about the Romney 2002 Olympic uniform here and click on the fashionista.
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