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one student tries to help others escape a \'corridor of shame\'

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
Right across from the American train track. S.
Highway 321 is located in a small town north of the United States. C.
Sitting in a mobile house covered with red roses, sitting in-
Story brick campus in North Middle/High School.
Robert Gordon strode forward at the entrance to the school and shook my hand.
He is slim, wearing kha pants, casual shoes and striped polo wholesale t shirts wholesale with a fold combination under one arm.
\"It was a tense morning,\" he explained . \" He explained that a middle school student stabbed another middle school student with a pencil.
In the course of the day, he paced the length and width of the campus, covering miles, and greeted everyone with his name.
\"It\'s Brittany, Kayla, charlslyn, Chanel, chanter, Chelsea, Whitney, Maguire, zaquus, Kefer, and that\'s Kerry. . .
\"Two weeks before graduation, Gordon seems to be everywhere at once --
Help seniors fill out scholarship applications, write letters of recommendation, check the arrangement of the band concert that night, solve computer problems for math teachers, pay back a dollar paid by the vending machine, and make a copy of the answer sheet for practice exams.
For a small-typical daytown principal.
Only Gordon is not the principal. He\'s an 18-year-old senior.
I heard from Robert Gordon from the voice of the students, a non-partisan student group across the country, visiting high schools across the country to hear from classmates.
The first thing people tell them in the north, activists say, is, \"this school should be closed.
Then they heard the words, \"You have to talk to Robert.
He knows the school better than anyone else.
He should be the principal.
\"He was the second principal,\" math teacher Rajananthini Velummylum told me . \".
\"That\'s what they call the assistant principal,\" agreed Abigail Feisner, the guidance advisor.
\"He\'s basically our principal,\" said his friend Charlslyn Jamison . \"
\"That\'s what people call him.
\"I have never heard of it,\" said principal Charles Gregory . \".
He is a tall man, handsome in the model of Elvis Presley.
Gregory is a former social research teacher who grew up in nearby Aiken.
He has been in charge of this small school for the last five years, where 85% of students are eligible for free access and reduction --priced lunch.
Speaking of the challenge of leading the school, he said: \"in any rural area, you are trying to get them to see the big picture . \".
\"Let them know that there is life outside, there are other things to do, and there are places to go.
\"He said the students conducted a large number of field trips and university visits in other parts of the state.
Gregory called Gordon \"the leader of his peers\" and helped with tasks such as meeting the rally.
\"There is more than one thing happening to everyone here,\" he said . \".
\"As the principal, I have to do a little about everything.
Robert is happy to help.
He wants to get involved.
Gordon grew up in the north of a small town with less than a thousand people and now lives in nearby Norway (population 330).
He said his unusual leadership role at school began in the eighth grade.
\"I am a class representative and my class decided to hold a middle school prom,\" he explained . \".
\"I pushed it and we raised nearly $800.
After that, they appointed me as the principal of the school and they came to me every time they needed or wanted to do something, including students and teachers.
\"I have never seen a student like him,\" said the advisor, faisner.
\"He is a student who plays an adult role.
The students respect him very much and his parents respect him very much.
\"Today, Gordon knows each of the 275 students in the north, as well as teachers, administrators and many parents.
He also has all their phone numbers.
He took the lead in fundraising and planning for a senior class trip to the Bahamas.
He helps students with serious personal problems: the idea of drugs, suicide.
He called home to check the children in difficulty.
He intervened in the dispute.
It was even confirmed by Fersner among the staff.
Not all teachers appreciate it.
\"Sometimes he may cross the line,\" the counselor added . \".
\"He and I bump heads sometimes, but I don\'t deny that he has the right to let him know that he has a strong leadership.
Most importantly, though, Gordon appears to be a peacemaker.
At one point, he took a hard line-
Long hair and heavy children-metal T-
A shirt that roamed the hall hand in hand with his girlfriend.
When they passed for the second time, Gordon was a little off the side.
Step by step shuffle, blocking their way, with a bright smile on their face.
He didn\'t say a word.
In middle school, he met 14-year-old seventh-
The grade student who was put out of class asked her what the teacher told her.
\"She has no attitude towards me because I have no attitude towards her.
She told me to go out.
\"Let me explain,\" Gordon said softly, holding her hand.
He told her that the golden rule must start with her taking responsibility: \"I will treat you the way I want it, and you will treat me the way you want it. OK?
\"Well,\" she said, laughing shyly.
\"We will use our respectful words,\" Gordon said . \".
\"Don\'t forget, the church meeting tonight is 7: 15.
\"I asked Green if she would mind being reprimanded by a classmate.
\"Not at all,\" she said . \"
\"I was very excited by his feelings.
\"During my two days in the north with Gordon, he was friendly to all but respectful, and almost every student treated him the same way.
Once a young boy threw a homophobic slander at him.
Another child accidentally asked, \"Robert, should I beat him up for you?
Gordon replied calmly, \"that\'s it for you . \"
He said he would miss his classmates after graduation.
But at the same time, he said: \"The students worked together and found me a protester.
They want to train the boy like me.
He will keep my legacy.
\"The kid in question, Kathy Robinson, is the seventh. grader.
\"I might say he has more potential than when I was like him.
\"Robinson, a slim boy, is not quite sure.
\"One day he came up to me and said, \'You will be my door.
I started speaking, like at the Honor roster conference, and that crap.
Before I did that.
I started to learn. It\'s scary.
He calmed me down.
Gordon said he was also involved in administrative matters.
This fall, after a math teacher retired, one of her classes did not attend classes for almost a full quarter.
The students got their homework from other teachers.
Some are senior students who will not be able to graduate if they fail this course.
Gordon drove to the regional office where his name was located.
He recalled that he had filled out a form to apply for a new teacher.
\"This is a very simple form,\" he shook his head and said . \". \"One sheet. Front and back.
\"The instructor, faisner, said that in order to find a new teacher, the school has been banging on the bushes and reaching out to all the nearby universities.
A person outside the state accepted the position and then changed his position.
On behalf of his two cousins, Gordon plays a caring family member in the class, she said.
\"He complained to the district office and I wanted them to start moving faster.
\"I asked the principal Gregory if Gordon helped me find a math teacher.
\"I didn\'t realize that,\" he said . \".
\"As far as I know, no.
I don\'t know how he got involved.
Jesse Washington, regional director, said, \"We have been looking for teachers, especially middle and high school teachers in mathematics and science. \" Salary-
He said it would be wise for them not to compete with Colombia, 30 miles north.
In the last few weeks before graduation, a disorganized spirit bothers many high schools, but in the north, it is extreme.
Gregory told me that about half of the seniors had little schedule due to block scheduling.
In the second stage, we poked our heads in the gym.
The students are playing basketball.
Shirt and skin
Or just hang out under the supervision of a PE teacher, Keith Williams.
He explained that he was looking at two classes, about 60 children, because a substitute did not show up.
Gordon has another class on his schedule, art, but he says the teacher hasn\'t been around for a while.
So we just roam.
In the other classes he took me to, many had alternatives, or in one case a guardian who just went out to play while the kids were buying prom costumes, play country music or watch TV with your mobile phone.
When I asked Gordon\'s best friend Brittany bloom if she liked it here, she replied flatly, \"No. \"\"Why not?
\"Do you want a book or a book ? \"\" she asks.
\"First of all, some of the admins here don\'t do their job, and some don\'t know they\'re going to do their job.
Two kids, I don\'t know what to say.
Third, there is no organization. Robert has to step in and do something every day.
\"By the way, Bloome is a farewell to go to Charleston College next year.
ShameTo corridor understands how Robert Gordon has played a role in this school and the challenges faced by students and educators in this community, it would be helpful to learn more about this area of South Carolina.
Good and bad.
North is located in a place with a \"corridor of shame.
\"This term has been applied to several school districts in South Carolina along Interstate 95, which is parallel to the coast and is about 70 miles inland.
The vast majority of the population in these counties is poor, rural and 88% ethnic minorities.
Compared to the average state of 48%.
The school here is underfunded for a long time and is in serious violation of the law.
This is the result of an investigation by the South Carolina Supreme Court in 2014, after a 21-year lawsuit continued.
But the state has done very little to address inequality.
The legislature is currently considering a review of the facilities in the area named in the case to meet what the Washington superintendent calls the \"urgent need\" for an upgrade \".
It is reported that North Middle/High School
High school graduation rate of 85%.
But only 10% of students are in college.
There are only 2 English benchmarks.
Mathematics 5%
Robert Gordon says many of the children he knows who graduated from the North do have two --or four-
In the absence of completing a degree or finding a job, the university will eventually return.
The unemployment rate in the northern borough of olangburg is 11.
3%, almost twice the size of the entire state.
The median household income in the town was $24,600.
\"There may be five in our class. of 38]
\"Ultimately it will be the story of success,\" Gordon said . \".
\"I hope I will.
I really believe I will.
But those odds in our school do not seem to increase.
Gordon has been admitted to the Methodist university of Claflin.
A historic Black College near orangburg. His five-
He said the plan for this year is to get his master\'s degree in divinity at Emory or Duke.
His ambition suggests the other side of life in the north.
Yes, there is a lack of resources and opportunities here.
But on the other hand, as President Gregory said, \"It\'s a small town, quaint, everyone knows.
\"This is a nervous-
Knit with black and white children, relatively safe communityconsciously.
Big families and churches are often the center of life.
Gordon came from a group of missionaries.
He has started his preaching career at the Youth Revival and prayer meetings of many Methodist and Baptist churches in the region.
In fact, he signed a letter of recommendation for his classmates under the title of \"minister.
\"His grandfather, Bobby Gordon, is a pastor of a church and mayor of the nearby town of Livingston.
But, Gordon says, when he tutored his classmates, he got more inspiration from his grandmother, Caroline Gordon, a special education
\"Her relationship with the students, I have always wanted to be with someone\'s child,\" he said . \".
\"I really have feelings for the students.
\"The senator visited on the last day of my visit and something particularly important happened in the north. Tim Scott, a U. S.
Senator, it\'s the elderly who are here to speak.
The position was appointed by the government.
After Jim Deming retired, Nikki Haley was the only African --
Republican Americans in the Senate
He is Gordon\'s distant cousin and has been working hard to arrange the visit since they met at a family funeral a few months ago.
The mayor of North, someone in the school district and a local newspaper reporter greeted the senator there.
Scott shook hands with the South Carolina Palm-decorated tie.
About half of senior students have less than 20 children waiting in the library --
Someone else is not here today or can\'t find it.
Scott tells his story.
He used to drift in school and even failed in citizenship.
\"My mother used southern encouragement to me,\" he said . \"
That is the switch.
He was directed by the owner of a local Chick. fil-
Help him see his potential.
\"Education is the key to getting rid of poverty,\" he said . \"
\"The only thing I ask of you is that no matter what expectations you have for the future, you have to double them.
\"I saw the eyes of a very pregnant blonde girl.
She gave me a little smile.
The students asked the senator why he was a Republican.
He gave three reasons: support for the Army, support for small businesses, and faith in himself.
Then they want to know what he thinks about Donald Trump.
He gave a cleveranswer.
President Gregory came forward and asked a question that must have been the idea of many people here: \"What are you doing to get more funding for education?
\"The senator referred to a ruling by the state Supreme Court that found schools like North to be shorter.
\"We are the highest --
\"Countries that spend money on the planet, but there are a lot of loopholes,\" he said . \" South Carolina must try to get more money into the classroom, he said.
Half an hour later, Scott\'s entourage motioned him to move on.
\"Your goals set a ceiling on your achievements,\" Scott told the students . \". \"Mr.
Thank you, Gordon.
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