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one-way beach mirrors hide female swimmers in iran

by:QiMeng     2019-09-18
This summer, the new use of technology could make sexual isolation in the Iranian Riviera less serious.
According to the plan developed in Mazandaran province, fiberglass barriers and water jets will protect the beach --
A woman who came out of the eyes of a strange man.
Fiber will be set up by authorities
Like a glass wall-
In this way, women can see outside, but no one can see inside.
Mr. Abbasnejad, a tourism official at Mazandaran, said that at the end of the barrier, a 60 or 70-meter seawater spray would frustrate the sea peeping at Thomase Ashti.
Isolated swimming is nothing new in Iran.
At the large resort in the Persian Gulf Rihai and Kish Island, women sunbathe and swim behind obstacles separated from the male swimming zone in the buffer zone.
\"These days, on the beach, women are wearing the most exposed bikini,\" said a female veteran from the case guest resort.
Sometimes they even sunbathe on their upper body.
\"Young men and women employ many Dodge to circumvent the rules.
Sometimes they rent boats to go swimming together.
In the courtyard by the private sea, the rules are not strict, women swim with men
Not the full coverage required by the religious authorities, but the shirts and loose pants.
After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, strict Islamic morality was practiced throughout Iran, and public humility was strictly controlled.
Women must cover their hair and body, and men are prohibited from wearing shorts or exposing their breasts.
But for 28 years, such rules have inevitably eroded.
In recent years, the skirt has climbed up its legs, while the headscarf has been carefully sliding back to the Crown.
In resorts, the rules are often less strict, but the occasional crackdown will stop the decline in public morality.
In the Safavi era, the Royal Court used to summer in the Caspian Sea. This tradition continued in the 20 th century and established expensive beach resorts such as Ramsar.
Most of the coast is now concrete.
There are restaurants, hotels, cabins and resorts.
Just three hours from Tehran, the Caspian Sea is the Iranian Riviera, a narrow rice field and Orchard separating the sea from the forest-covered mountains, there the bears and leopards wander in the ruined Mongolian Castle.
The beaches are not as pleasant as the beaches along the Persian Gulf, but the climate is better, close to Tehran, and the more attractive hinterland attracts a large number of tourists during the spring and summer holidays.
\"This is part of the project to allow more freedom to use the Caspian beach,\" said Mr. Abbasnejad . \".
During the summer peak, partitions will increase by June 5, he said.
But he did not say whether the women were allowed into the male bathing area.
Although women can now watch athletes wearing shorts on TV, wrest hands are no longer required to wear T-
The shirt under their clothes looks like it\'s showing near-
Naked, pure female eyes.
\"They know very well that women can be as excited as men,\" said goer, a female resort.
\"It\'s a shame that they might keep the buffer. \" -
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