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otumoetai cadets cricket club celebrates 40 years

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
On Saturday night, Otumoetai Cricket Club will hold a celebration dinner at their Tauranga Domain name club as part of the club\'s 40 th anniversary celebration.
The cricket club originated in the 1978 autumet student rugby club, which had the rugby jerseys of the time hanging on the wall, admitting the connection between the two clubs.
Despite some success in the first few years, the club\'s first Williams Cup in the 1994/95 season started a 10-time winning streak in 20 years.
The victory of the Williams Cup is accompanied by the Baker Cup winning numerous times.
In the 2015/16 season, they became the first Baywide club to have their name engraved on all three Baywide Premier League trophies.
The Baywide T20 Baywide champion was not in the March 2016 Cup during the 2007/08 and 2011/12 seasons.
In 2004, the otumotai trainees became the only wealthy Bay or northern regional club to win the New Zealand club championship at Cornwall Park in Auckland around Easter each year.
Former Black Hat player Llorne Howell became a prolific runner scorer who scored the highest in centuries. 13)
From 2004 to now. ND all-
Round player Jono Boult is the first top batsman to score 200 points in the game.
Nearly 30 years ago, Tony Gray became the only Sergeant to win nine wickets in the bureau. Long-
Time cadets players, coaches and members Rick Spratt keep a record of up to 6
Club President Campbell Wilson completed the feat seven times.
Trent bent is home.
He wore a black hat and made his first appearance at the otsumotai College.
The trainees have the right to recognize Cantabria Cory Anderson as their second New Zealand player club.
Anderson was first selected for the black hat in October 2013.
During the summer cricket season, the students of otsumotai sent four senior men\'s teams every Saturday.
The Premier League team, sponsored by the International Monetary Fund (Element IMF), took the lead in the 2017 Baywide Cup championship battle.
The military reserve team has won multiple titles over the years, and this season
Under the flag of the club, time B-class contender Grasse is playing against the newly recruited Punjab Warriors.
Invite past players and supporters to the anniversary dinner on Saturday.
Start at 6 in the evening.
At 30 p. m. , the Prime Minister played at the Tauranga Boys College on the domain name.
Tickets for the evening event are $40, including meals and bands, which can be booked in advance
Purchased Saturday via Jono Boult 027 313 8014 or club.
The anniversary polo shirt for the celebration was also sold for $46.
■ Otumoetai student record holder spremier for a hundred years: Llorne Howell month Ben Krishna Moon City wild BoultHighest score to be taken: 200no Jono Bolt, 178 Ben Krishna 160 Llorne HowellMost 6
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