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pack smart, and pack light, by sticking to your ‘true’ colors

by:QiMeng     2019-09-15
Emmy Award-
The author of coloring your style, award-winning stylist David zla, believes that everyone has a flattering color palette.
By putting on these colors on our eyes, hair and skin, \"We not only light ourselves up, but also build the confidence we need to attract love, empower, and restore energy, zyla said: \"Give a lasting impression of who we really are to the world. \".
His strategy applies to travelers who are trying to pack in small quantities but still look great.
\"By packing the capsule wardrobe with your\" real color \"it is absolutely possible to avoid the cost of checked baggage,\" he said . \". Q.
What is your \"real color\" theory? How does it make packaging easier? A.
We all have a unique set of colors in our natural colors.
These are the shades found in our eyes, hair, and skin, and when we put them on they make us \"pop\" and look energetic.
By assembling multi-functional components in these tight palettes of the most flattering colors, we not only look great, but avoid the risk of overpackaging.
The best and most versatile travel wardrobe is created by three \"real colors\" of neutral or \"base\", \"energy\" shades, and \"dramatic\" colors.
To find out which neutral color to pack, check out the ring around the iris.
What color do you see?
It will be a dark neutral, maybe even black.
You may see charcoal, olives, Navy, chocolate or eggplant.
Use this base color in a variety of shades as a basic wardrobe piece for travel, such as tight jeans, coats, dresses and high heels.
Keep in mind that this color is neutral, and while it supports and caters to your color, it doesn\'t \"do\" anything, such as glowing your skin or opening your eyes.
So you should add two more colors to your travel wardrobe to do this. Q.
So you can avoid a lot by sticking to three colorsgoes-with-
What does the package decide.
How to choose the other two colors? A.
The second color of your wardrobe should be a \"energy\" color that will make your eyes shine.
Use the darkest color in your iris.
Some candidates for this color include slate, rust, grass, butter and pine trees.
It\'s not always an obvious color in brown eyes, so try putting samples or clothes in your eyes and look at colors like gold marigold flowers, eggplant and olives.
Use this \"energy\" color in a sweater, shirt, scarf or tie.
The color makes you look friendly, approachable and effortless to wear.
Finally, use your \"dramatic\" color to add a little pop to your basic wardrobe.
This color is the biggest contrast to your skin and therefore the most eye-catching.
It can be found by observing the veins on the inside of the wrist.
There is no doubt that the color will be the version of green, blue and purple, from Kelly to Emerald, from turquoise to periwinkle, from Royal to grape.
This is the color that best suits your most festive \"See Me\" dress and is perfect for use in skirts, sweaters or jewelry. Q.
What is the secret of \"perfect packaging?
Lead us through your process step by step. A.
The best way to pack your suitcase is to layer your items like the Jenga game tower.
If you have a soft box suitcase, you will find a pair of slats at the bottom of the case, dividing the case into three parts.
Start your packaging, \"fill\" these parts with small items such as underwear and socks, and create a uniform surface at the bottom.
Then layer your pants by alternating the ends of the belt.
Shirt folded around 8 Paxby-11-
Card inch pieces in stock, alternating lead.
Add a sweater to the top to cushion the items that are most wrinkle-prone. Q.
Do you prefer a hard shell or a soft shell? why? A.
I have migrated to soft.
They gave me more space to accommodate more items. Q.
What do you think must be done?
Is there a wardrobe for travelers who want to look great on the road? A. Ultra-
Super comfortable
Travel in trendy shoes.
While flying in the air, our feet swell, so it\'s important to find shoes that look and feel great. A slip-
On is the easiest to handle when passing airport security checks. Q.
Give us a sample packing list of three.
A day holiday for women. A.
You will wear some of these clothes on the plane and put the rest in your carry-on luggage --
On the bag and on your personal belongings.
In the \"basic\" color, choose two casual pants or skinny jeans, a basic coat, a sweatshirt, and a pair of fashionable high heels (
Great Metal)
A pair of flat shoes or boots, a belt, a pair of socks, a pair of tights, and a basic wallet.
In the \"energy\" color, bring a scarf with a pattern (
Also have your \"base\" color in the pattern)
A sweater or shirt
Maybe a print with your \"energy\" and \"base\" colors on It)
And a bracelet.
Pack a fashionable dress, a sweater, jewelry in a \"dramatic\" color (
Including a necklace), and a scarf. Q. And for men? A.
In the \"basic\" color, pack two casual pants, one basic threequarter-
Coat, suit coat (
Texture or with subtle pattern), a zip-front, V-neck, or crew-
A tight sweaterneck T-
A casual shirt
Wear casual shoes, basic belts and socks on shoes or boots.
If your color is not readily available, find the neutral color closest to it, or match the color of your hair.
In the \"energy\" color, bring a scarf with a pattern (
The best thing is that it also has your \"basic\" color in its pattern)
A pair of casual pants or bodice and a high-collar shirt or button --front shirt (
This may be the pattern of your \"energy\" and \"base\" colors. )
In the \"dramatic\" color, pack a V-neck or crew-
Neck sweater and button
Shirt. Q.
All of this is with you. on? A.
Definitely if you pack correctly!
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