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painful truth to socialized dentistry in britain

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
Now pick something fresh from the political trail: the doctor in the house?
The British have the ultimate
Single payer health plan
The National Health Service, as it says, is a complete
Mature system of socialized medicine.
Now there are patients who pull out their teeth.
A survey of more than 5,000 patients in the UK shows that it is difficult to find an open
6% turned to a self-paid dentisttreatment.
Some say they fixed the broken crown with strong glue.
Another person said to pull 14 of his own teeth with pliers.
The study showed that 20% of patients decided to abandon dental care because they could not find the government.
Can\'t go with a private dentist.
Almost half of UK dentists say they no longer accept patients under the national health care program.
San Francisco\'s Ministry of Public Health will host a one-day meeting on Thursday to discuss the idea of creating a safe injection site for illegal drug users
Fear of not being arrested
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the idea behind the legal \"Shooting Hall\" is to reduce excessive use, stay away from the streets, and reduce the risk of disease transmission such as AIDS and hepatitis C.
But even Democratic Mayor Gavin Newson is avoiding the idea.
His spokesman is concerned that it may end up with more problems than it solves. Pill Poppers?
A middle school in Portland, Maine is considering offering birth control pills to students in grade 6, 7 and 8 without parental consent.
According to the Portland News Herald, condoms have been provided at the school.
And will consider expanding policy at Wednesday\'s meeting.
Students only need full consent from their parents to receive treatment at the school health center.
Children do not need to inform their parents of any treatment they receive.
About 4% of the students who visited the health center last year reported having sex, the school said.
We told you last week that internet giant Google banned Republican Senator Susan Collins from posting political ads because they mentioned MoveOn. org.
Google cited a policy banning the use of trademarks without permission.
According to Wired magazine, MoveOn opted out of Google policy
It says it does not want to support rules that deprive people of freedom of speech.
But MoveOn is still hot on a website called Cafe Press --
Custom t-which sells:
Shirts, bumper stickers and other fancy things.
The site has been promoting items that make fun of MoveOn
There are slogans such as \"MoveOn\"
Org is the worst friend of the Democrats.
\"General Petraeus has done more for the country than to move. org.
\"MoveOn stopped. and-
Stop letter to cafe press
Although the court has consistently ruled in favor of imitation and criticism. Hate Crime?
When liberal Air America host Randy Rhodes was injured outside his Manhattan apartment on Sunday night --
Her colleague reported that she had been robbed.
And don\'t be shy about pointing fingers at accusations.
According to the New York Daily News, host John Elliott claimed on his show
\"Is this an attempt by the right?
Let our own machines be quiet?
Are we threatening them?
Are they afraid of victory?
Are they trying to silence us and intimidate us?
\"The liberal blog also slammed the so-called conservative robbers.
Rhodes\'s lawyer said that in fact, Rhodes fell down while walking his dog. —
Martin Hill of Fox News has contributed to the report.
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