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paint a t-shirt for a valentines day gift: holiday project 1

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
A T-
Shirts are the perfect canvas for Valentine\'s Day design no matter the season, making a grandson\'s package is always fun.
Valentine\'s Day is no exception, of course-
Shirts are a great way to send OXOXOs.
For game time or nap time
Shirts can send a message of love to your special little guy.
It is pleasant to buy gifts we know they will like, when we send sweets, it is a good idea to send high-quality toothpaste, but when I could cram in something that I made specifically for them, I felt like I had reached out and gave them a real hug.
This holiday is a good time to say \"I love you\" to family and friends through a thoughtful gift, so I will share the Valentine\'s Day t-I painted-
Shirt project, and launched a short hub series on similar projects.
If there is a special little girl in your life, like a precious granddaughter of mine, you may also like to add a simple girlto-
Make Personalized gifts for her Valentine\'s Day package.
Draw a girl\'s t-
Shirt, create a smile!
\"Lover\" of a T-lover\"
The first step in the shirt project to paint a precious little girl\'s Valentine\'s Day gift is to get a t-
Shirt suitable for workmanship, suitable size.
It\'s a shame to go to all the trouble and find out it\'s not for the girl you designed for it!
Obviously, t-
However, the shirt of your choice should not have a commercial decoration, which may not always be true.
The screen printing design may be the design you want to add or the embroidery design.
In this case, I found a blank t-
The shirt has a small heart pocket on the front.
A small pocket inspired a couple of potential ideas, so I decided to let the paint I chose help me focus on a design.
There are so many new paint products that can be used on T-Shirt--How to Decide? !
One of the reasons I like to start a new project is that it drives me to the store and the web to see the new paint products.
This is interesting in itself!
New colors, new tools, new methods-
What a wonderful dilemma!
It\'s not an easy decision to decide to use a brush, because after trying it in the past, I find it difficult to do so in elastic t-shirt fabric.
However, the appeal of FabricMate dye ink marks has won the day because the tip of these dye pens is solid but flexible and does not require heating.
A little girl\'s Valentine\'s Day gift
This light pink girl T-shirt
The shirt seems to require a vibrant pink and red design.
When you look at the picture of my project, let your mind wander outside the box and think about what different things you will do.
There is a neon pink q t pi in the pocket, and a bunch of burritos seem to want to grow out of the inside right away, just like happy seeds are planted inside.
Highlight most of the designs using red, some letters and symbols that highlight the pi in black, nicely highlighting the pockets.
Project tip: Wash and dry t-before starting the project-
Shirts that do not use fabric softener.
A word about black.
This color may be your best friend for such a project.
Barely outline a small part of the black design using a fine tip mark, which can make it popular.
It took me a while to believe this fact, but it was not resolved.
There is no other color for the work like black.
Slide a card sheet of raw paper into the shirt before starting to draw and draw your design so that the paint and/or dye does not penetrate across the street.
Let the paint and/or dye dry before adding the color, or you may get an unexpected color mix.
The design can be painted on the shirt or hand-made freely.
When \"q t pie\" is placed, center the T in the area first (
Pocket in this case)
, Then add the Q and Pi symbols on each side.
I want to draw a picture of T. I want to draw a T-
A little girl\'s shirt but you need help planning the design?
Take a look at this list of inspiration points: old craft books in your library or new craft books in your store.
Exquisite printed fabric.
Frame art design.
Posters and greeting cards.
However, there are two very important reasons for not copying the work of other artists, and I mention here the importance of them ---
This is immoral and illegal.
If you work morally, you don\'t have to worry about the law.
Besides that, you want to create something unique for your little girl!
Trust your creative instincts.
Don\'t be afraid to experiment on the old t-
Before you start your project.
Take the time to practice the paint you choose to use.
Don\'t let a hypothetical error stop your work, just incorporate it into your design.
Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun. Oh yes!
Take pictures so you can make your own \"how to draw Valentine\'s Day T-Shirt\" hub (
Be sure to let me know so I can link it here).
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