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pardon my bootleg: navigating china\'s pirated waters

by:QiMeng     2019-10-05
SHANGHAI (Reuters)-
I admit that my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows series, just a copy.
I bought it at a shop in a subway station near my house for 20 yuan, less than 3 dollars
The price of a bowl of crispy pork noodles in Shanghai market.
I bought it this week in a story assignment that sent me to the infamous Xinyang market where the software box was hidden in fake Ralph Polo-
Although there is still a week before the official release, the shirt and Gucci bag are still the same.
A shop owner, a petite woman in her 30 s, clearly made a good impression on me --
I wear high heels and consider myself an experienced buyer of rampant pirated goods across China.
\"If you buy 10 pieces, you will be cheaper,\" she said in crappy English . \".
\"If you buy Microsoft Office 2010, you will also be cheaper.
I can Wholesale you.
How much do you want?
\"She urged eagerly to unload a pile of white non-descript cases.
This shows how far China has gone since the Communist Iron Rice Bowl era, and even has a promise of customer satisfaction: \"The installation instructions are in English, if they don\'t work,\" she said, you can bring it back and change it. \".
I left with a box containing a Windows 7 disk and the first part of my task was done.
The more terrible part is coming now.
Many people have warned me that installing pirated Windows on a computer is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your hard drive.
But I have to do this and ask a colleague to help install it on my laptop.
At least in the first place, the results were quite impressive.
The interface for Windows 7 is very fresh.
There are no small squares on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but there are icons.
There is no problem keeping track of multiple browser windows because clicking the Internet Explorer icon allows you to view all the browsers that are open.
It also allows you to drag interactive applets or widgets to your desktop and start-
Time seems to be faster than Windows Vista on my laptop at home.
However, after restarting, the laptop mysteriously crashed, with the black screen prompt: \"bootmanager is gone. ” Uh-oh.
Thankfully, my colleague has real Windows XP on hand and my date with piracy is over. The U. S.
Europe is critical of piracy of software and other products, but I have to admit that I have my own problems with product manufacturers, who have a hard time buying real deals in China.
When I first landed in Shanghai, I found it difficult to find real software.
Piracy, on the other hand, is everywhere.
The same goes for pirated versions of almost everything else, from dvd to three different fake Apple iPhones --
Small, double with RadioSIM card ones.
But in my four months in Shanghai, I also began to appreciate the main things that real products offer: quality and reliability.
Watching Neil Blomkamp\'s \"Zone 9\" movie on a pirated DVD was a bad experience.
The voice was low, and the subtitles apparently came from a completely different film.
As the level of income increases and the price drops, I think as a person with dedication and hard work, the Chinese will find more reasons to buy real products and lessoffs.
I am encouraged that some Chinese are now paying western prices in cinemas, although the number of screenings I attend is still relatively small.
Although I don\'t know how well they sell, legal CDs can be bought at the local Carrefour store.
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