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parents increasingly looking to break gender stereotypes in kids’ clothing

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
NEW YORK—Pink for girls.
Truck theme for boys.
More and more parents want to go beyond these parameters when they dress their children.
Christine Higgins insisted on not imposing the stereotype of the \"girl\" on her daughter and painted her room green.
Higgins later put on her superhero costume.
But as the daughter grows older, it takes more work to find items that break the mold. For Star Wars-
She had to go to the boys area in her theme pajamas.
\"It\'s hard to find gender --
Higgins, 35, is from Little Rock, Arkansas, and her daughter is now six.
\"I want her to stand up and put on her clothes without thinking about putting on her clothes and her identity.
Shopping for hermonth-
Higgins found that the clothes were mainly pictures of fire engines or sharks.
She wants to know how about a cat, a cupcake or a heart-shaped cake?
For parents looking for clothes that violate gender norms, chooseto-
School shopping is still limited
But they are growing.
Some big retailers like Land\'s End and Zara are making small changes to their products, while some frustrated parents have set up their own companies to produce what they want to find
\"There is really a big difference between what is considered a girl and what is considered a boy,\" Courtney Hartman said . \".
She started in Seattle.
Male and Female gm t-based in Geary & Jack-
A shirt designed for children with robots and dinosaurs, free to be a child, where a shirt with \"I am a cat man\" is blue, gray and yellow.
A company like Geary & Jack, and a series called Awesome Princess, the costumes here are trains and planes, nearly 20 online brands launched an event last year called \"unlimited clothing\" and they are re-sounding for the backto-school season.
Nevertheless, many goods are not cheapT-
For growing kids, a $20 shirt can be expensive.
After the transfer of toy and bedding passages to more neutral signs and products, the big companies offer some options.
Science T-line was introduced at the land end
Two years ago, a customer complained on social media that there was only one version of the boy.
Target is part of a new Cat & Jack children\'s clothing brand designed for children\'s help, offering unisexfit T-
Shirt with slogans such as \"smart and strong\" and \"future astronauts. ”And fast-
Fashion chain Zara has launched a series of teenagers and seniors called \"Ungendered\" under the TRF series, focusing on T-
Shirts, jerseys and jeans.
Experts and parents have also noticed that under the Boden brand and other brands, some pictures like dinosaurs appear on girls\' clothes.
There are more changes in girls\' clothing than boys, but the vast majority of children\'s clothing is still gender --
In particular, said Ahmed Al Cohen, chief industry analyst at market research group NPD group Inc.
Martine Zoer, founder of Seattle
Because her son wanted to wear pink, she said, in response to her men\'s and women\'s generic shirts that sold this tone, she said that she had received an email, \"Boys should not wear pink because it will make them gay.
\"A large part of the children\'s wear buyers are grandparents who tend to accept more traditional ideas,\" Cohen said.
The scale changes before the next generation begins to have children.
\"Once we have passed the cultural discussion, you will see (major)
\"Brands go out,\" Cohen said.
\"No one is willing to risk shaking the ship.
Chris Guerin from Portland, Oregon.
Tell his mother. in-
Buying clothes that do not reinforce gender stereotypes is an ongoing work.
\"When she went shopping with Nana, she came back with the Princess (outfits)
And tiaras, \"Guerin talked about his 3-year-old daughter.
\"We don\'t care about this.
But it is difficult to ask this question.
According to Jo B, the difference formed in late 1980.
Professor of American studies at the University of Maryland, author of the book pink and blue: telling American Boys Girls, paolletti.
Paoletti noticed this when buying clothes for her daughter born in 1982 and her son four years later. By the mid-1990s, “pink-
\"Washing is common,\" she said.
Even disposable diapers are blue and pink.
To a certain extent, manufacturers and marketers want to increase sales to American couples with fewer children, Paoletti said.
She also explained that parents are opposed to the more neutral fashion they wear when they grow up like a pair of velvet pants.
But paolletti says the change is harmful.
\"It encourages very young children --as young as 2 —
Judge and interact with others in a highly stereotyped way, \"she said.
\"According to nearly 50 years of social science research, we know that stereotypes will hurt all of us whether we are dealing with race, gender or any other form of stereotypes.
Macy\'s said that children\'s clothes are usually divided into two parts: boys and girls, but each part has a series of colors and styles.
\"A lot of children\'s clothing is very active today --
Casual pants and jerseys, graphics Ts, etc. —
\"It is essentially universal for men and women,\" spokeswoman Holly Thomas said in an email . \". Stores like J. C.
Penney and Nordstrom said they listened to shoppers but did not receive requests from customers to blur gender boundaries.
People behind the new brand say they see demand.
Hartman says annual sales will be six timesdigit figures.
Higgins recalled that when her daughter was at the daycare she cried and went home because some boys made fun of her navy blue sneakers, calling them \"boy shoes \".
She often put the children\'s clothing in the thrift store together, and when she gave her thumbs up and crossed the shelf, she reminded her daughter: \"There is no color for the boy.
No color for girls.
\"Some children\'s wear choices that ignore gender norms, those who want to wear clothes that subvert gender stereotypes have a small but growing choice.
Some clothes are common to men and women.
Others are boys or girls, but change the tradition by providing the boys with pink shirts or skirts for sports rockets and trains.
Here are some of the things available: handsome guy in PinkProducts: T-
Shirt with slogans such as \"Forget Princess.
Call me president.
It also includes a lot of pink and purple T-Shirt for boys
Price range: $25 (U. S. )for a T-
Shirtlemy & Jack, free for children\'s products: the men\'s and women\'s universal shirts under the label of Babyy & Jack are available in a variety of colors, with topics including chimpanzees, robots or elephants.
Free shirts for children with slogans such as \"Sir\"
To show that boys can wear clothes that promote love and kindness, good people.
Price range: $19. 99 (U. S. )for a T-shirt.
The first item shipped to Canada was $7 and $1 for each additional item.
Products: Science-themed T-
Shirts designed for girls like Halley\'s Comet.
Price range: $20-$25 (U. S. )
Main products: basic products for children, such as dress, hoodie and trousers.
As the child grows, it is easy to re-purchase the same style in a larger size.
Items such as hoodie and shorts have a common part for men and women.
One of its missions is to let the children design the basic style as they wish.
Price range: all items are below $25. Princess costume: a costume that features more common rockets, dinosaurs, or trains on a boys\' costume.
Price range: $39 KidsProducts averageQuirkie question: Genderneutral T-
The shirt collection starts in pink and now offers different colors and patterns such as sharks and cars.
Price range: $20 (U. S. )for a T-
ShirtZara\'s gender-free clothing range: T-
Shirts, jerseys and jeans.
Price range: $15. 90 to $45. 90 (U. S. )
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