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penney launches ralph lauren brand

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
The U. S.
The economy may stumble, but J. C. Penney Co.
Myron \"Mike\" Ullman III, chief executive, sees this as the biggest brand launch ever ---
Exclusive Polo Ralph Lauren. --
It is impossible to happen at a better time.
\"We believe that given this competitive environment, we are very capable of taking market share,\" Ullman said . \".
American Life brands are expected to reach a billion-
Ullman said the dollar business will account for 5% of the annual sales of department stores in the next few years.
It covers 40 categories including women\'s and men\'s wear, household items, shoes and luggage.
The items have entered the store in the past few weeks, reflecting Ralph Lauren\'s aesthetics, including pink cotton polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, floral bedspread and madras shorts.
\"American life will enhance the overall look and feel of the store,\" Ullman said . \".
Women\'s sports jackets under the American lifestyle brand retail for about $160 and clothing for about $100.
15% higher than the department store record.
First-line clothing brands like Liz & Coand Jones Wear.
\"It helps diversify our business by reaching out to customers and new distribution channels,\" said Roger Farah, president of Polo Ralph Lauren . \".
As part of the alliance, the global brand concept is a new division of Polo Ralph Lauren, which owns the brand\'s trademark and oversees design, procurement and production, penney is responsible for the inventory and sales of products.
Since taking over in 2004, Ullman has been leading the way in a store
Expand the plan while developing more upscale, exclusive labels with designers like Nicole Miller and home expert Chris mcden.
Last year, Plano, Texas
The US-based company has successfully launched a brand called Ambrielle.
Penney\'s got results in its Sephora cosmetics store.
The moves helped the department store steal market share from rivals such as Macy\'s.
Ullman stressed that the slowdown is the time to launch exciting new goods.
\"People react when they find something they like,\" Ullman said . \".
Even in difficult times, \"This is the reason for coming to the store.
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