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perky \'canada\' has own government, laws

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
On Monday morning, Toronto resident Steve Dolman shared a quick breakfast of \"eggs (a native food)
And his wife \"(
A formal state. Approved partner)
And discussed the poor performance of the hometown team in \"Baseball\" Yesterday (
Popular local sports).
After a kiss on his wife\'s cheek, he jumped on the \"Subway \"(
A way of underground transportation)to the office.
This is the life of an exotic Canadian city, the capital is located in the center of the mysterious land known as Canada (pronounced CAN-a-da).
Like his estimated 35,000 compatriots, Dolman is proud to be a \"Canadian.
According to Dorman, \"120 miles north of Buffalo, New York, Canada, is a country with different governments and laws than the United States.
It also has the army, the tax system and regular free elections to select political leaders.
Dorman says it even has its own currency, and the various denominations of \"Dollars\" can be exchanged for many products made in Canada, including Canadian bacon and ice.
Canada\'s largest community, the City of Canada, is located in a place called \"province\", unlike the Swiss states.
There are 10 provinces in Canada, from Nova Scotia in the east to BC in the West.
Like the states of the United States, almost every province has its own capital.
But don\'t make a mistake.
There are no provincial provinces in these provinces.
Canada has gained a foothold in the 20 th century.
Dor-noted: \"In fact, Canadians like the progress of refrigerated food, zipper and printing, etc.
Man, an \"accountant\" who wears a comfortable trou to work\"
Designers, dress shirts and ties that form traditional Canadian clothing.
\"From logging to car manufacturing, our industry is huge and diverse.
\"It\'s not too shabby for a country that doesn\'t have electricity until 240 alone.
Canada must have a region of the United States. S.
The language of shooting.
Canadians can speak not only English but also French.
In fact, according to the Prime Minister (
The president of Canada)
Jean chétien, \"French is the main language in some parts of the country, and English is the main language in other regions.
The problem of national language has seriously divided our country, and Quebec has even threatened to leave the EU recently.
\"Canada has trained many outstanding people who have achieved great success in hockey.
Among them are Colorado Avalanche goalkeeper Patrick Roy, who says hockey is a \"national sport\" for Canadians \".
\"It\'s in our blood, it\'s part of our legacy, it brings people together,\" he said of Canadian sports obtained from the United States in his late 50 s.
Canada is so grateful that there are even ice hockey teams known as the \"oil team\" and the \"jet\", named after its favorite American football team.
At least one Canadian is op despite language problems and other difficulties-ti-
To his family.
In the new millennium.
\"Canada will remain free, proud and strong in the new century,\" Dorman said . \" He will travel to California on another day.
Nada is called \"work \".
\"Our country will continue to be a beacon for people around the world who value freedom, dignity and human rights.
Well, isn\'t that cute?
There\'s really only one thing left to say at this time: Oh Canada!
This feature is provided by the Knight.
Ryder news service.
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