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please, not another ‘ladies night’!

by:QiMeng     2019-09-18
Ladies’ night!
Those two wordsfor-
A glass of white wine and a half
The price of railway drinks.
A group of women in high heels, how until late at night. Girls’ night!
A group of people gathered on the sofa, empty bottles in the trash can, and the dirty plates of Chengshan were stuffed with dry avocado sauce.
A man\'s night is basically a lady\'s night, but a carefully selected T-
Shirts or buttons.
A bar, or a club. a man is white.
A long neck knuc on the back of a sweat stream neck, angrily picking the label.
Ah, single and free!
These are, of course, stereotypes.
The image of a certain class of people when they are young, reckless and unshackled.
Experience may change depending on gender or class, but emotions are the same: Atime-
Or some time back in the past.
Before partners and mortgages; before 3 a. m.
Diaper replacement or infertility treatment.
In the past, when life was simple and different in gendersegregated.
Single as nostalgic Lady pajamas.
It is as single as kitsch.
So, when married or committed to calling for a lady\'s night!
No boys!
They\'re actually suggesting a partner.
A free dinner planned a few weeks in advance, usually rescheduled once, but may be rescheduled twice.
Just within a few hours, without a partner or child, everyone can relax, speak freely and listen without interference.
However, this is a very simple Tuesday night for singles.
At least two people review their free night without syncing the schedule with anyone and they meet at the appointed time --
At the appointed time
A place to eat or drink together. It is great —
But it\'s only Tuesday or Wednesday.
On the other hand, a lady\'s night is not so much a friend\'s party as a friend\'s party.
It\'s about the schedule.
Coupling scheduling in particular.
It\'s about friends with partners who spend time for their single friends and those who are not very suitable for normal life.
So for most singles, the night of the lady is filled with subtext.
This night will make people feel very artificial, just like the couple is with her single friend.
It\'s as if only when the partner is away, the coupled person can be associated with a single life.
We can all \"catch up\" without balls and chains \".
\"Maybe it did happen for a while, but the lady\'s night was a group event --
Dating lives for singles are often treated as evening entertainment rather than personal relationships.
These are simple stories shared in a ridiculous tone, enough to make one laugh after another.
Like the guy who talked about watching his ex-boyfriend for an hour.
The wife, or someone dating, asked, \"What\'s wrong with you?
What\'s wrong with you?
But what happened to you?
\"After going through a story like this, the couple felt relieved after returning home because it was no longer their life.
The days when they slide left or right have passed, which gives them comfort.
Their life is a picture of adult maturity, and their single friends are on the verge of puberty.
What young people who get married or get married don\'t realize is that being single, just like their experience with marriage, changes and matures over time.
Being single is not limited to bad dates and endless takeaways.
A lucky enough person
The Middle 30 days they are held back by their partner or child are not necessarily more free than their partner.
These people still have bills to pay, mortgage, work, family, or tick.
A ticking biological clock.
The difference is that when you are in your 20 s single and no longer single, you are bound to be more independent and self-contained
More dependent than your partner.
The night of the Lady assumes the opposite: it assumes that a person is permanently frozen at the age of 23 or 25.
If you are single in your 30 s, there is not only a dinner on Tuesday night, but also an opportunity to explore other interests.
You can change without explaining yourself.
As an adult, you start to understand yourself, to be free from the insecurities of your youth, and the obligations and compromises you take on in your family.
The threshold for your nonsense is very low, but your ambition and curiosity are very limited. time high.
Lady\'s night does not celebrate all this. It can’t.
As a brand event, lady\'s night is full of fascination with the past.
The coupling who cried for the lady\'s night did not know young-
Being single enough is an opportunity.
This is a respite from having to consider the needs, schedules, tastes and temperament of another person or others.
Every day has the opportunity to live your own unique life. The young-
Ish and coupled did not have the same experience.
They gave up this for something else and bullied for them.
But that\'s why your standard Lady\'s night is equivalent to a table.
Delicious, but limited-
There is still a long way to go from the rich complexity of real Mexican food.
Read more: I don\'t date because being alone is a fun-filled Friday: Bumble, where the first single woman favorite hates throwing bouquets. I love it.
Yes, we met when we were teenagers.
But don\'t call us \"High School lovers\"
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