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politicsnation with al sharpton, transcript 10/23/2016

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
Show: political NATIONDate: guest of October 23, 2016: Boris Epshteyn Judith Brown Dianis Stephanie Schriock, Jesse Jackson, Maria Teresa Kumar, Galen (
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Donald Trump\'s new rival, democracy.
Presidential candidate Donald Trump: I will accept the results completely if I win.
Unidentified male: attack the integrity of the election while insulting the opponent.
Trump: a woman so nasty.
Unidentified male: Does Trump want to win or lay the foundation for his television network? One-on-
One of Trump\'s top advisers.
In addition, incitement to speech and lessons learned today.
George Wallace, US politician: they tried to manipulate the election.
Trump: The media are trying to manipulate the election.
Unidentified male: only 16 days from election.
Host Al Sharpton: Good morning.
This is Al Sharpton.
More than two weeks before the election, Donald Trump seems to have a new goal-democracy.
In the days to come, you can expect Trump to dig deeper. He (INAUDIBLE)
He can accept the results of the election or not.
Trump: If I win, I will fully accept the results of this great and historic presidential election.
I also reserve the right to raise a challenge or a legal challenge in case of questionable results.
Sharpton: Here\'s the live response from NBC\'s focus group to Trump\'s initial comments on this during the debate.
Just look at the dial. (
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Unidentified male: Mr. Chairman, have you made the same commitment that you would absolutely accept the results of this election?
Trump: I will see it then.
I don\'t see anything now.
I will have a look at it.
What I see, what I see is so bad. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: it was strongly condemned by many Americans, including the president and his wife. Obama. President Barack ObamaS.
The President: when you try to sow the seeds in the hearts of people that doubt the legitimacy of our elections, it undermines democracy.
Then you\'re doing our opponent\'s job for them.
US President Michelle ObamaS.
First lady: Democracy in the United States will not be pending.
Because, you see, there are too many people marching, protesting, fighting and dying for this democracy.
The Washington Post says Trump is now launching a complaint campaign.
Not to win, but to attract his base.
45% of Republican voters say they may not accept the results if their candidates lose.
Nearly half of the party.
We also saw something at the Trump rally.
Man: Will you accept the result if she wins?
Woman: No.
Woman: No.
Unidentified male: Well, there is no unidentified male: would you personally accept the results of the election if she wins?
Woman: No.
Will you accept the result if Hillary Clinton wins?
Woman: hell.
Woman: No.
Woman: No.
Woman: hell.
Woman: No.
Sharpton: the candidate\'s own remarks contributed to this feeling.
Trump: Remember, we\'re manipulating the election.
This is a rigged election, ladies and gentlemen.
Huge voter fraud.
People who died 10 years ago are still voting and illegal immigrants are voting.
Millions of people registered to vote should not register to vote.
You see, if nothing else, people will watch it on November 8.
Sharpton: Will people watch it? For what?
The widespread voter fraud is a myth.
Over the past 14 years, 32 million of the likelihood has been that voter fraud has been committed.
From this point of view, you are more likely to be hit by lightning, you are more likely to be attacked by sharks, and you are even more likely to be elected president of the United States than the voter fraud case you find.
Now with me is Boris eppsteyn, Trump\'s senior adviser to the campaign.
Thank you for coming.
Boris epstyne, Trump\'s senior advisor to the campaign: Oh, of course, thank you for inviting me.
Sharpton: Well, Boris, Trump admits \"there\'s no doubt\" How big is Clinton\'s victory?
EPSHTEYN: It\'s not about the size of the election, nor is it any difference in the election, and Donald Trump will win.
So, you know, it\'s not what Hillary Clinton calls a victory that won\'t happen.
The question here-we should agree with that, and we want the election to be upright and appropriate, then to be validated and certified and then there won\'t be any problems. SHARPTON: No. Well, we –(Crosstalk)
We certainly agree with that.
But when you ask questions like voter fraud, even the Bush Department of Justice has not verified, and when you ask people to vote for observation, they say to reporters, one person says to the racial image, they\'re here to describe people. you\'re not talking about integrity.
I can find someone who can say a lot. Right? I mean, it`s –(Crosstalk)
Sharpton: not about (INAUDIBLE)
These are your people. these are your opinion polls. Crosstalk)
Sharpton:-these-it\'s your candidate talking about voter fraud that doesn\'t exist. (Crosstalk)
Let\'s talk about voter fraud.
I ran for McCain in 2008.
Sharpton: Okay.
In that campaign, we witnessed the following things.
Dallas Cowboys starting lineup in Nevada
Register to vote.
In Ohio, we got people from other states caught-Sharpton: Did you hand it in?
Of course we handed it in.
Are they considered credible? EPSHTEYN: Yes.
Sharpton: So why did the Justice Department even report at the time that voter fraud was 0. 0003?
EPSHTEYN: Well, that\'s the fact too, would you expect voter fraud?
Voter fraud is (INAUDIBLE)
Sharpton: if the person who is registered is-epptyne: Yes.
The Cowboys-eppsteyn: Yes.
That is voter fraud.
That is voter fraud. EPSHTEYN: Yes.
I\'m not sure if we got the stats. INAUDIBLE)
That\'s what I told you about what happened in Nevada.
ACORN is engaged in extensive voter fraud.
In Ohio, from Illinois to Ohio, you can register and vote on the same day.
In Colorado, we now know that a lot of people have died-Sharpton: So why is the data not shown?
I mean, we talked about ACORN, who was in jail for voter fraud at ACORN? Name one?
EPSHTEYN: this is EPSHTEYN if I want to ask: OK, wait a minute.
Sharpton:-very verifiable. Verify it.
Esther: Well, the fact that ACORN is not in jail.
Sharpenton, the man who hasn\'t been in jail at ACORN: But voter fraud is a crime.
EPSHTEYN: that means-it means the Justice Department has not filed a lawsuit.
Sharpton: Electoral fraud is a crime.
I agree with you. I –(Crosstalk)SHARPTON: Yes.
Well, state-eppsteyn :(INAUDIBLE)then.
Sharpton: States can sue for voter fraud.
Sharpton: It\'s a federal crime. it\'s a federal crime. (INAUDIBLE)
Sharpton: but no. INAUDIBLE)
People in New York State are jailed for disrupting elections. Epptyne: Great.
So we should put more people in jail.
In Pennsylvania-Sharpton: come on. Come on.
It\'s fake, Boris.
EPSHTEYN: over 700 in Pennsylvania (INAUDIBLE)(Crosstalk)
Sharpton: Will Trump accept the election results?
He will win the election.
As long as it\'s not-Sharpton: If he doesn\'t win, will he accept-EPSHTEYN: Just-Sharpton:-the result of the election?
EPSHTEYN: as long as there is no such situation as Clinton paying for violence at Trump\'s rally, as long as there is no case of electoral manipulation.
Sharpton: Did Clinton pay for the violence at the Trump rally?
EPSHTEYN: we are now from the Veritas project.
We know from the project-Sharpton: Well, we know there\'s a claim that this is the case with WikiLeaks.
No, no, no.
This happened in the Veritas video, and the gentleman, who has been in the White House for more than 340 times, said that part of the Democratic machine is (INAUDIBLE)
He incited violence at Trump\'s rally.
Oh, what you\'re talking about is a lot of video clips. Fine. We`ve –(Crosstalk)
This is a good way to distract.
Sharpton:-it\'s a good fulcrum to use your candidate\'s point of view.
Will he accept the election results?
He made it very clear.
As long as the election-Sharpton: It\'s obvious as long as he wins. (Crosstalk)
EPSHTEYN: as long as the election is correct, certified and verified, he says.
Sharpton: According to him.
Of course. No. (INAUDIBLE)
He\'s not-Sharpton: But do you understand what it does, Boris?
EPSHTEYN: he\'s not a certified person.
I know how authentication works.
Boris, I know you have to represent him.
But do you know what impact it has on the kids watching the movie? Do you know we look around the country and around the world when you have candidates who say I will accept the results if I like them? EPSHTEYN: Yes.
Sharpton: I mean, we are against everything that this country should stand on.
EPSHTEYN: you should be fair when you remove words from context.
As he said, I think-at this point-he said the next sentence and then said a few words, \"Of course, I will accept it as long as everything is normal.
And appropriate not (INAUDIBLE)
But what is he defining right?
EPSHTEYN: the right way to verify-SHARPTON: but this is not democracy.
EPSHTEYN: there is no widespread voter fraud through the secretary of state in each state.
We have seen this in 08 and 12 years.
Sharpton: the secretary of state says there is no widespread electoral fraud. That (INAUDIBLE)(Crosstalk)
How do they know?
Election Day has not happened yet.
Sharpton: No, no, no.
I\'m talking about the past. these are the same secretary of state.
EPSHTEYN: What I\'m trying to say is-actually, a lot of them (INAUDIBLE)
Sharpton: but if he says Trump won, you will believe him.
What-Sharpton: But you don\'t believe it when he says there is no voter fraud.
Epptyne: that\'s not the case. that\'s what I said.
Your work is very hard, Boris.
EPSHTEYN: Voter fraud is not common in 08 and 12 years, but it is voter fraud in the following states of Nevada-Sharpton: this fraud is not common.
At Penn-Sharpton: So, why is your-Epton in North Carolina-Sharpton: So, why is your candidate saying that millions of people have voted and died for 10 years?
This is quite common.
EPSHTEYN: It\'s just a fact that millions of people shouldn\'t be registered, he says. There is (INAUDIBLE)
Registered in two states (INAUDIBLE)registered.
Boris, I have to go.
Thank you very much.
Sharpton: Thank you.
You only have three weeks to keep voters-EPSHTEYN :(INAUDIBLE)
Keep the ball in the air (INAUDIBLE)
Sharpepshteyn, thank you for your time this morning.
Now, let\'s take a look at the vote in this election.
Early voting in 22 states has already started, and six more states will start welcoming voters to the polls on Monday. So far 4.
4 million people have already voted, two weeks before election day.
This week, President Obama spoke to Trump about the process. (
Start Video Editing)
Obama: There is no way to manipulate elections in such a big country.
I don\'t know if Donald Trump has been to a real polling station, but, you know, he\'s not even worried about whether what he said is true or not.
It\'s just that he is worried that he will lose. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: now joining me is Judith Brown dayness, who is advancing the project.
Thank you for coming.
Judith Brown dayness
Director of Progress Project: of course. Thanks, rev.
Sharpton: Judith, what impact will Trump\'s lies about voter fraud have in the next two weeks?
DIANIS: Well, you know, it could-it would undermine our belief in the system.
This is problematic because we don\'t want to let people decide not to vote because they think their vote doesn\'t count.
We have been there before.
2000 election in Florida, right?
So what we want to make sure is that people understand that the system is actually complete and that what this voter fraud is a myth and that is a lie.
In fact, what\'s really interesting is that rev, the silver lining of his candidacy is that Republicans have been crying for voter fraud over the years, and they have thrown him under the bus.
In fact, you have Paul Ryan, you have Secretary of State in Ohio. SHARPTON: Yes.
DIANIS: you have someone else who says there is no voter fraud and we have to trust the system.
Sharpton: Well, his representative just finally said to me that there is no widespread voter fraud, which is clearly not what Trump said.
But let me-let me raise another disturbing question here to his supporters, his spokesperson.
He wants his supporters, Trump, to be a pollster.
Here\'s a description of one of them for the Boston Globe.
Quote \"This is called racial profiling.
Mexicans, Syrians, people who don\'t speak American, I will follow them and make them a little nervous.
\"I mean, it sounds like voter intimidation, isn\'t it, Judith?
This is illegal.
In fact, it violates the law in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
We are here, we have done so, and it is illegal now.
So, this is one thing for Sir.
Trump should tell all his followers.
In fact, if you intimidate or threaten voters, you may be convicted by law.
So, yes, so, I mean, we \'ve been here.
Unfortunately, it has reached this point.
This is because he continues to talk about not accepting the results of the election and he tells people to go to specific cities.
Obviously what he\'s talking about is describing black people-Sharpton: You know, the city he mentioned, and I did that on the show last week.
But, let me tell you, another concern that I would like to ask you is that, in terms of gun laws, there are a lot of these states that are now open carrying states.
Are you worried? It does me.
I mean, we\'re talking about Trump\'s poll Watch, which can be dangerous. DIANIS: Yes.
I was really worried.
You know, I think we\'re -- we have to -- on the lookout.
I mean, you know, the thing is, of course, we will also have the polling observers protect the voters from madmen and from people who want to intimidate them.
But, you know, in some states, they\'re not allowed to do that, and some states say that, and some local election officials start to say, we will make some rules about whether you can bring a gun into the polling station or not.
So we\'re going to see this game, and one thing I don\'t think we want people to do is we don\'t want them to be scared.
There is so much to do in this election.
Sharpton: Well, we\'re going to be very sober and stay awake and look at it all to protect everyone and want to vote no matter who they vote.
Judith Brown Dinis-Dinis: Thank you.
Sharpton: Thank you for your time this morning.
When we came back, Donald Trump\'s remarks about women were fired.
Later, take a closer look at the only presidential candidate in modern history that may surpass Trump.
This is politics only on MSNBC. (
Business break)
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Assuming Donald doesn\'t know how to get out of trouble, my Social Security pay contributions will increase as much as he does.
But what we have to do is add to Social Security-Trump: a woman so nasty.
Sharpton: the Nasty Women\'s comments made by Donald Trump during the third presidential debate.
This is just the latest in a series of-
In opinion polls, women\'s remarks do not help his gender gap.
Hillary Clinton mocked Trump\'s remarks at an Al Smith dinner Thursday.
Clinton: People look at the Statue of Liberty, and they see the proud symbol of our history as an immigrant country, the beacon of hope for people around the world.
Donald looked at the Statue of Liberty and saw a 4.
If she lost her torch and tablet and changed her hair, maybe 5.
Sharpton: now with me is the president on Emily\'s List, Stephanie Schrick, who was the guest of Clinton\'s last debate.
Thank you for coming.
Stephanie Schrick, chairman of the Emilie list: Thank you, pastor, please.
Sharpton: First of all, dirty women have become the slogan of feminists.
I saw it on t -.
Shirts and the like.
Has Trump been beaten back?
SCHRIOCK: Well, it\'s not surprising that another thing Donald Trump said about women was fired again.
You know, I was there-in the debate, I had to say that I heard a lot of crazy things from Donald Trump this year.
He has offended many people in this country.
But when he calls her a nasty lady, there are things that I can feel even in my heart.
This is because I think many of us, many across the country, are with some of the unqualified people who want to belittle us.
Just that moment, I don\'t think it\'s important that you\'re a few years old, women across the country who are already angry about Donald Trump and his actions, how he talks about women, he says, that\'s it, and I\'ll do everything I can to make sure Hillary Clinton, and we\'ll stand there with grace and courage to make sure she wins, and that\'s what happened.
This is the extreme excitement and explosion of women across the country.
Sharpton: How did your team use Trump\'s words and statements to mobilize female voters this year?
SCHRIOCK: Well, you know, 18 months ago, as soon as he played in this game, we knew, of course, you know, it started from the beginning, we call Mexicans rapists and we know that it would be a very unusual thing if I could be kind to it, elections.
But Donald Trump\'s remarks and his actions and his bragging about sexual assault are something we want to make sure of, especially in the summer, every woman in this country, frankly, every man knows that the same is true on the emir\'s list, and we communicate with women of all ages, especially millennial women, about how he talks about women.
Because he has a policy of supporting this hatred.
It\'s really-it\'s really motivating women.
In fact, just a few months ago, we launched a project called \"women can stop Trump,\" and, of course, after this week\'s debate, we did it-we thought we \'d better join the choir we saw on social media, and we posted a sign that nasty women can stop Trump.
You know, it\'s time for us to stand up and say enough.
The mistake is too high.
Sharpton: but Stephanie, sex discrimination against women is not new. Here`s a clip.
Let me show you this.
This is a video of John McCain city hall on 2007.
Look at the response to the Clinton issue. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: How can we defeat [bleep ]? (
Multiple speakers)JOHN MCCAIN, U. S.
Senator: May I translate it for you? (INAUDIBLE)(
Multiple speakers)
Senator, I thought he was talking about my predecessor. wife.
But this is a good question. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: So, there\'s a lot of-
Women\'s enthusiasm has been declining over the years, but have you ever thought this would be the case?
Is something going to happen in this election from the top of the ballot? At this time, you have five new female Senate candidates running for the U. S. Senate.
SCHRIOCK: Well, you \'ve been-you \'ve been leading the progressive change and civil rights movement in this country for a long time.
You know, it takes generations to leave racism and gender discrimination behind.
We still have a long way to go.
This is a step.
The election of the first female president is a very important step. In fact, pastor, we may actually have six, maybe seven brands.
New Women in the US Senate.
We have all these wonderful women standing up for the house.
Next year, as long as our sisters stand together and vote this year, Congress will look very, very different.
But, pastor, you know better than anyone, this is a step in the process.
This is a big, important thing.
But even after November 8, we must move on.
Stephanie Schlek, thank you for your time this morning.
Thank you, Pastor.
Sharpton: Next, the long fight for voting rights.
And 2016. (
Business break)
I went to Memphis, Tennessee this week.
Every time I\'m in the city, I try to be in Dr.
Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968.
I saw the room he stayed in last night.
This makes me reflect on the price we pay and the progress we have made.
Thank you to our civil rights leaders who have come to us and remain loyal.
I also think of the voice that threatened to withdraw this progress in this election.
Now joining me is one of my mentors who is with the doctor
That day, he was killed, and that same year, when I was 13, he made me the youth director of the branch he organized in New York.
Pastor Jesse Jackson, founder of Rainbow Drive Alliance.
Thank you, Pastor Jackson.
We celebrated your 75 th birthday recently.
Want to talk to you about your legacy and then about your journey.
But let me ask you first, when you hear the Republican nominee talk about voting watches, manipulating elections and voter fraud, it\'s a threat to the PhD.
Kim\'s life and work, and the people who work with him? REV.
Jesse Jackson, a civil rights activist:INAUDIBLE)
Thank you for allowing me to share with you today.
First, the call for racial-based voter resistance, called manipulation, is a shift.
On the one hand, it is suggested that white opinion polls observers will threaten and provoke black communities.
On the other hand, if the same voting route is that he also refuses to commit to respect the winner of the campaign, there is another agenda.
Another agenda is likely to be Trump\'s first US partner and network.
So, it\'s a bit-and then it goes into other dimensions.
Sharpton: How dangerous is Donald Trump\'s remarks about voter confidence in the democratic process, when he talks about if he loses or doesn\'t, just don\'t give in-or respect the results of the American people in November 8 when voters vote?
Jackson: it undermines the credibility of the democratic process.
Remember, when the first debate (INAUDIBLE)
They all agreed. INAUDIBLE)one except him.
When the United States had Hillary Clinton and Nevada, he said he would not-he had to make up his mind, so-he seemed to have an agenda outside the agenda.
He said he would accept the results if he won.
If he loses, he will not accept the result.
This is done by two sets of rules that are not fair.
Mr. Sharpton: What do you think?
Trump is reaching out to some black clergy and says he is reaching out to the black community?
You have held two historic games for the president, dealing with the black church in many ways.
What do you think of Sir?
Trump is now trying to go to one or two black churches in Philadelphia and Michigan?
Jackson: He can\'t reach out at the same time to push it away when he says-he says we want to ban offensive weapons because they are very dangerous, given the level of violence in the country, A background check on guns, he said he wants more guns to make us safer.
This is pushing off.
He said that this is not conducive to affordable health care for the poor and will not fight for wage increases for the poor, which has pushed them all in policy.
In addition, the precious stones on the crown of the Doctor
The King\'s campaign is to protect the voting rights of all citizens.
He called it fraud when he opposed it.
His city policy is law and order.
We need investment and development.
She said it was a comparison between him and Hillary Clinton, who said stop and frisk, law and order, investment and development.
That is the King (INAUDIBLE)of history.
Sharpton: You recently celebrated your 75 th birthday, as I said, and many of us are there.
When you look at your journey, what you are most proud of, what you will say is your legacy in your personal pride, in this journey, by the time you finish another presidential election year, are you 75 years old?
Jackson: Well, I think, first, when I first went to jail in 1960, there were seven students trying to use their public library in the context of my father being a World War II veteran, can\'t use-have to sit behind the Nazis (INAUDIBLE)
At a military base in the United States, I lost my fear of prison and death.
It liberated my politics of pursuing consciousness rather than fear.
This is the first thing.
The second thing that happens is capacity (INAUDIBLE)
And Dr. .
King, how can you describe that Dr is accessible. King (INAUDIBLE)
Until he was finally killed in Memphis, Tennessee, he lived in his legacy.
I think the last point-originally-I was lucky enough to go abroad and take Americans home from prisons in Syria, Iraq, Cuba and Yugoslavia and (INAUDIBLE)
And Liberia, these are important moments in my life.
Of course, watch (INAUDIBLE)my age (INAUDIBLE)
Where are you today?
This is also an important moment.
Sharpton: Thank you, pastor Jesse Jackson, you have given us all a lot of important moments.
Thank you for your time this morning.
Thank you, sir.
Sharpton: Trump\'s influence on Congress continues.
We will delve into the latest figures for some of the key polling stations that could change the balance of power on Capitol Hill. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unrecognizable male: It is incredible to deny that you may accept the election results and that you can do so.
My point is that we have a democratic process, we have elections, I have won the elections, I have lost the elections, I respect the results of the elections.
Unidentified Woman: I think, first of all, it is important that you, as a former minister of justice,-he should accept the results. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: Republicans reacted to Trump\'s announcement about the election.
When it comes to Trump\'s chances in the election, many of the Republicans are starting to see the words on the wall.
In this cycle, a conservative group has begun to broadcast the first television ad, implicitly acknowledging that Trump may not win. (
Start Video Editing)
The future of America is uncertain.
But no matter who the next president is, New Hampshire needs to make a strong voice in the United States. S. Senate.
That senator, Kelly Ayot.
Sharpton: The Senate is grim about Democrats leading or approaching Republicans in most of the key Republican seats they currently hold.
Now, President Obama is running for congressional Democrats, both on the campaign and on the radio. (
Start Video Editing)President Barack ObamaS.
The President: this year, voters in the County of Pinellas have the opportunity to elect a civil servant, Charlie Crist, who always puts the people first.
This is about who we are as a nation.
Vote for Brad Schneider and the Democratic Party. (
Foreign language)Barack Obama (
Foreign language)Patrick Murphy. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: now with me is Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino president and Republican strategist Rich Galen.
Thank you for coming.
Maria Teresa Kumar: Thank you, Pastor.
Sharpton: rich, how many Republicans have Trump held back in New Hampshire?
Rich galen, republican strategist: Well, it\'s a little harder than it seems on the surface.
Let me give you two simple examples.
Twice in our lives, you\'re too young, but our lives-sorry, shouldn\'t have done that.
Kumar: Don\'t look at me.
Galen: in our lifetime, Republicans have won 49 in 51 jurisdictions, 50 states plus D. C.
One of them was Nixon\'s.
The second election in 1992 was Ronald Reagan, his re-election.
Election of 1980-194-1960-Sharpton: Nixon\'s re-election
The election is \'72-Galen: \'60.
Yes, that\'s right.
Sharpton: even though I don\'t admit I\'m as big as Maria.
Galen: No, you\'re not that-you don\'t remember either. SHARPTON: Yes.
GALEN: But the problem is, Pastor Al\'s point is that in both cases, 49 of the 51 states that the Republican Party won held wave elections, democrats won two seats in the Senate in every election.
I think-in the area code 202, area code 212, Acela corridor, we forget that the voters outside are taking this very seriously, and it\'s not just their mechanical operation, voting is usually not only an intellectual exercise, but also an emotional exercise, and I think they can distinguish between who they voted for the president and who they voted for in the vote.
Sharpton: Maria, I mean, President Obama attacked Republicans like Marco Rubio for condemning Trump\'s remarks, but still supported him on election day. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
Obama: Rubio is one of them.
How does this work?
How can you call him a liar and a dangerous person, object to all the controversial things he says and say, but I will still vote for him? Come on, man. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: Maria, I mean, it\'s not that some Republican leaders are trying to have it-they are here trying to justify their support for him, but they don\'t agree with him
I mean, doesn\'t the president make sense here?
KUMAR: Well, I think the president makes sense.
I think the American people actually recognize that Republicans are trying to do both.
Nate Silver basically came out with a study and they found out-they came out with a poll and said 71% of people tend to have Democrats actually take over the Senate, because of what\'s going on with the Trump campaign, this is before the last debate.
So, it would be interesting to look at the results.
But I think at the end of the day, Paul Ryan won\'t be one of the reasons for not supporting Donald Trump, but at the same time will say I can\'t help you and he is doing his best to bring his house together.
I think he would be in a better place if he at least gave up some of the things Donald Trump did.
But that\'s also why people like Senator Elliot would come back and say, \"Look, I have some skin in the game and I basically have to do it myself, because now there is no leadership in the Republican Party.
\"I mentioned, for example, when chaffitz went and said he would not support Trump, when he was asked on national television who you told me to give, he said no one, it was the decision you made.
He did not call the RNC chair or the party.
He said he didn\'t call the candidate.
He didn\'t call the speaker either.
Sharpton: You know, rich, she seems to have mentioned Paul Ryan, and it seems that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell just want to stay away from it. Will that work?
I mean, is that feasible?
Galen: Sure.
I think this is the case for Ryan.
I\'m not-I mean, everyone is saying-not everyone, people are saying, the House is playing now.
This is not playing.
There will be no doubt that Democrats will get seats.
But it wouldn\'t be a Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, who didn\'t get into the speaker\'s suite.
Senate-Sharpton: But you do have some Republican lawmakers who are angry with Speaker Ryan about Trump\'s position.
Galen: Well, that\'s okay.
Listen to this, Rich.
I want you to react.
Galen: they\'re okay. go ahead. (
Start Video Editing)Mark Meadows, USAS.
Rep: a lot of people are very convinced that we need to have Donald Trump in the White House and they question the speaker\'s loyalty.
After November 8, we will have a real discussion about our leadership. (END VIDEO CLIP)
So, that\'s the member of Congress in North Carolina, Meadows.
So even if the House may not play a role in your feelings, if you have these conservatives, the Tea Party is for far-right members of Congress, and that\'s why what Maria says Ryan is a bit like, try not to get involved in it because he doesn\'t want to offend those guys and he doesn\'t need to rebel if they maintain the house after the talk (INAUDIBLE)
Is that the problem?
Galen: No, I don\'t-no, I think it\'s looking at-I think it\'s looking at the wrong end of the telescope from Ryan\'s point of view.
I think what he was trying to do from the beginning, he became very adventurous about a month ago.
But what he has been trying to do is that the Republican Congress is all over the country, what he allows people like Meadows to do is to get the position without allowing more people to participate in the election, just like in northern New York without them having to defend what Meadows said.
So what Ryan did was he created a bubble for every congressman, and Democrats were doing the same thing.
But-it\'s very smart on both sides so that everyone can play their own game without having to deal with what others say. (INAUDIBLE)
Sharpton: Do you agree, Maria?
In the critical national year, isn\'t this depriving the parties of unanimous information?
KUMAR: Well, I\'m not-actually-yes-no.
In fact, I think-this is the first time you \'ve suddenly seen a party without leadership.
You have some people who are basically playing roles right now, but they don\'t actually stand up and say, \"No, this is actually wrong, and this is-this is the party-Sharpton: there is no real collective vision.
Kumar: no group.
And pton: Yes.
Well, like Rich said-KUMAR: That\'s the contrast-SHARPTON: Well, maybe I\'m at the wrong end of looking at the telescope and I usually look up at a message and the House doesn\'t go down. GALEN: Don`t (IN4AUDIBLE)
Sharpton: we should play to the end.
Kumar: But I think-but Pastor I-Sharpton: Ritchie, Maria Teresa, stay with me.
Okay, thank you.
Sharpton: I will be back.
Next, the upcoming sights, Trump TV, will we first see what Donald will do if he loses? (
Business break)
Sharpton: So far, 2016 advertising wars have been quite unbalanced.
In this election cycle, Hillary Clinton has nearly four times more than Donald Trump.
Trump may save money for another project. Like Trump TV.
There have been rumors for months that he might have put the head of his new campaign boss, Breitbart, on a team to launch some sort of media organization.
This week, we may have gotten a preview on Trump\'s Facebook page.
Before and after the debate, he played a show that looked like a TV news show full of love for Trump. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: about Mr.
Trump received 23 times more coverage than Hillary Clinton did.
Justice jeanine pirro, legal analyst: they think he\'s in the game tonight.
Businesswoman: It\'s not him that the media described.
Unidentified men: now we see corruption, ongoing fraud and democratic processes.
Man: he killed him (INAUDIBLE)
I mean, I think I killed it.
He fixed all the problems.
I think it\'s great tonight.
Man: Yes.
Unidentified Woman: I think Donald Trump is the best time to defend the people\'s economy.
Unidentified male: Donald Trump\'s performance tonight is one of the best I \'ve seen in the presidential debate, and I \'ve been in it many times. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Let\'s bring back Maria Teresa Kumar and Rich Galen.
Rich, does Trump want to be president or a media mogul?
Galen: I think he wants both.
But first of all, you can\'t start a private company with campaign money, so he can\'t-he can\'t make sure of that.
I have two words in setting up a TV network, Al Gore.
He tried to sell it and he made money because he sold the channel to Al Jazeera.
But it\'s a heavy thing to start the TV network and let people watch day after day, it\'s not like you set up the studio radio, and as you know, someone sits down and talks and needs dozens of people, maybe hundreds of people come and put this on. SHARPTON: Yes.
But if you look at the facts, he raised $9 million, $9 million, from his Facebook page on the live broadcast of debate night.
There\'s a market here, Maria.
Can he turn some kind of Trump TV into a viable business that allows users to pay monthly, if he has a solid market-as he seems to indicate on the Facebook page on debate night? KUMAR: Right.
I mean, he lost his presidential debate last Thursday.
But he basically won the statement and he\'s basically building it and saying, \"You see, will I give in?
You will listen.
\"He-I want to bet on this, and I bet it\'s because he wants him to have the biggest free ad to launch this TV network.
I usually think it\'s a different kind of world we live in.
If you take a step back and remember that Glen Baker basically leaves Fox News and starts his TV online, which is cheap, it\'s a visit to millions of viewers-I mean, 11,000 people visit their website every month, and they now have 11 million.
So, there must be an ad-Sharpton: 11 million?
Kumar: 11 million
Sharpton: So, if they\'re -- so rich -- have an appetite. Is (INAUDIBLE)for this? GALEN: Oh, yes.
Find someone with a subscriber column that makes people actually pay differently than letting people actually watch and read.
Sharpton: But do you think Donald Trump might get more subscribers on his entertainment side than most people on the far right considering all the hype he gets? Oh, of course.
You know, what else did it do, what else did it do, what did it give him-when he lost the game in November 8, he would say, \"Well, i\'m glad I thought I might have won and I didn\'t, but what I really wanted to do was this. ”SHARPTON: Yes.
A lot of people, including me, think he might do that, and then there will be a fight between him and Fox.
I will never start a civil war on the right.
Rich Galen, thank you Maria Teresa Kumar, thank you both for coming
We will be back soon.
Happy Sunday. Thank you. GALEN: (INAUDIBLE)(
Business break)
Sharpton: Donald Trump\'s critics say he is the instigator of a clear precedent in American history.
George Wallace ran for president in 1968.
He has launched a campaign with racial color to attack polls, the media and what he calls a system of manipulation.
We have politically discovered some amazing new similarities between Wallace and Trump. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)
George Wallace, US politician: in the Gallup poll and Harris poll, my judgment is controlled by interest in the eastern currency.
Trump: Washington institutions and the financial and media company that funded it-Wallace: they want to see
President-elect Nixon
Their agenda is the election of cunning Hillary Clinton.
WALLACE: We will return our minds to the stage of the US government.
Trump: We will restore the White House to its senses.
WALLACE: We\'re going to show some pollsters that they don\'t know what they\'re talking about because they\'re trying to manipulate the election.
Trump: The media are trying to manipulate the election. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sharpton: the same words, the same goal, voters rejected Wallace in 1968.
On election day, we will see their verdict on Donald Trump.
But, as I said throughout the show, everything we see goes back to certain American political traditions and trends.
What does it represent throughout history.
When you vote, it\'s not who you like or who makes you excited, but on which side are you on?
What kind of American tradition do you want to keep in order to best protect you, your family and your community.
This is our choice.
There are a lot of streams, which one will you go?
This is for me.
Thanks for watching.
I\'m waiting for you here next Sunday.
Also, remember to go out and vote.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Copyright 2016 asc llc.
Except for the study, no permission was granted to the user of the material.
Except for the personal or internal use of the user, the user shall not copy or redistribute the material, in which case only one copy may be printed, the user shall also not use any material for commercial purposes or in any way that may infringe the copyright of MSNBC and asc llc or other proprietary rights or interests of the material.
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