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pompallier catholic college students spur unisex uniform option

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Pomtillman and Madeline Bassett have always believed that the shirts that female students must wear are uncomfortable, unflattering and tight.
So when they casually complained to Damian Pullen, the guidance advisor at Whang mourei school, he told them that they could petition to change the status quo --they did.
Now, this black polo shirt is a uniform for men and women.
\"I think we are all proud that we are the first people to really go through it all because, as far as I know, our school has not really changed the uniform before us. \"Tilman said.
The students are in Grade 11 now, but they are already in school.
Wearing a white shirtsince year 7.
\"The shirt is really uncomfortable, unlikeable, tight and easy to get dirty,\" Bassett said . \". Tillman agreed.
\"I think they are uncomfortable with our whole school life.
We just don\'t know if we work hard enough and we can get a change.
\"At the beginning of the year, the girls were talking to Prun and\" casually complained \"about his uniform, so he advised them to do something about it.
\"He said it might not happen because many people have tried to do so before,\" Bassett said . \".
In the March, the students launched a petition asking them to change the rules of the uniform so that they could wear the black polo wholesale t shirts wholesale worn by the boys.
They collected more than 600 signatures.
Almost every girl in the school signed with some boys and teachers.
\"Every girl of our year said it was a very good idea,\" Tilman said . \".
The next step is to write a letter to the board.
They went to the Bethers uniform company and took photos of uniforms from other schools that had a choice for both men and women, collected some fabrics and included them in the letter.
They then went to the school principal and arranged a meeting with the board of directors.
At that meeting in May, they were told it was a good idea.
\"It\'s really exciting because we didn\'t expect them to promise, let alone at the meeting,\" Bassett said . \".
The uniform was officially replaced last week.
\"The students are very excited about this because everyone is surprised at how it actually happens,\" Bassett said . \".
The girls want it to encourage more students and if they are passionate about something, fight for change.
\"I think if you work hard enough and you show that you really want to fight for what you want, I think you can get close to anything,\" Tilman said . \".
Earlier this year, whang Boys\' High School changed policy after students petitioned to allow the traditional Pacific islands to wear Suru as part of their uniform.
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