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powerful professional image: dressing for success

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
People constantly check your behavior and model your personality, abilities, and commitments.
A series of qualities and features that represent your views in the business field shape your professional image, which will build or undermine your success and potential achievements.
Your appearance is an integral part of your professional image.
It is very helpful to the formation of people\'s impression of you.
Choosing the right dress code is one of the most important factors that determine the success of each person.
Awareness of the main dress code will give you the ability to represent yourself in the best image in every place or event.
Here is a description of each of the four successful dress codes
People who drive should know and consider: in a formal business environment, the dress code is black, navy, dark gray, dark brown suits.
Men should wear pants that match the color and material of the jacket.
White, ivory, soft blue, champagne, beige pressed shirt is acceptable.
A tie with a conservative pattern and color should touch the top of the buckle.
Black or brown leather shoes matching the belt (
So they are darker than your suit)
Will complete your professional look.
Women may wear double.
Set or skirt set. Long-
Long sleeve jackets in the same color as skirts or trousers are welcome.
The midpoint on the back of your shoe should be at the same level as the hem of your trouser leg.
Remember, pants should never be tightfitting.
You can wear a skirt that should be under your knee, above your knee, or above your knee.
Choose the color of the shoes that fit your suit and handbag.
Open without wearing-
Shoes and high heels.
Classic jewelry will emphasize your personality and style.
As long as the jewelry should not be noisy (
No metal bracelet)or too large.
Business casual wear and business casual wear give you the freedom to express your style, not so formal.
You can replace a traditional business suit with a shirt and trousers.
This makes business leisure more comfortable and gives you the opportunity to express your style preferences.
Men can wear sweaters or a beautiful collar shirt without a tie.
Polo shirts are a great choice for business casual style as long as they come with beautiful casual pants.
You can wear a suit or sweater in cold weather.
You can choose from dark casual pants, casual pants or khaki cloth.
However, jeans are not acceptable in this category and the shirt should always be hidden inside.
Belts and leather shoes are expected.
You shouldn\'t wear sneakers.
Feel free to wear a silk shirt, polo shirt, Cardigan, light jacket and sport jacket.
You can try colors, textures and prints as long as you stay professional.
You are welcome to wear casual pants in a business professional environment.
It\'s always a good choice to match a mid-color skirt.
Avoid wearing short skirts anyway.
High heels or flat shoes are still great, but now you have a chance to play in color.
Here you are free to try the accessories and finish your styling with belts, watches, scarves, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Make good use of this
Smart Leisure gives people more imagination than business leisure.
It does not require a very formal work outfit.
Smart casual style gives you the freedom to express your unique fashion taste with the clothing and colors you like.
It can be worn in non
In any case, you still need to look professional in a formal working environment and meetings.
Men can choose a jacket or trailblazer, Cardigan or jumper, long-sleeved shirt, polo or tennis shirt and try the color to add uniqueness.
Jeans are a perfect choice.
Don\'t choose office shoes that are not very formal.
Loafers is the best choice.
Women can show their personal style by choosing trendy shirts, button shirts, knitwear and knitted tops.
Jeans or denim skirts are free to add colorful, sparkling, very formal tops.
Wear flat shoes or high heels.
In this case, Oxford shoes, sandals, high heels, boots, ballet flats all do this: just avoid a very casual shoe style.
Unique handbags and jewelry will emphasize your original style.
This dress is suitable for dinner at night.
There is no fixed official dress code in the framework of cocktail party activities.
It is still formal, but leaves more room for creativity.
The details of the dress code are different and should be mentioned in the invitation letter.
Men can try the suit color according to the activity form.
Shirt in pastel colors, tie in subtle patterns or plain and classic shoes are required.
When choosing a pocket square, you should follow the same rules as when choosing a tie: If your general look has a pattern, consider it clearly
Cut style, but if your shirt and suit are in neutral tones, consider the neat design.
In this dress code, men can choose accessories such as elegant cufflinks, which will add a little interest to their appearance.
Women can choose a stylish cocktail dress.
Clothing slightly above, below the knee, or below the knee is related to cocktail clothing.
From the gorgeous and shoulder-less design to the more traditional little black dress, the dress can vary.
This gives you the opportunity to choose the look you are more comfortable.
Again, the context of the event is important, preferably a little more formal than too fancy.
Emphasize elegance.
You can choose stylish accessories and unique hairstyles.
Choosing the right dress code for any environment will greatly help to form your brilliant professional image and pave the way for greater success. Good luck!
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