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preppy redux

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
Pink and Green, Lily, Lacoste and L. L.
The Bean style is back.
President Bush is heading to the White House.
It is enough to let a ready heart sing.
When the official preparatory Handbook (
Publication of workers)
Published in 1980, it gives hope to anyone who dreams of drinking bourbon at Harvard --
Race at Yale, sail on Martha\'s Vineyard, or wear love story like Oliver Barrett IV. The plaid-
The cover paperback contains the secret of getting elite happiness ---
Of course, choose the right school, resort location, necessary ballroom dance and horse riding lessons, and what to wear.
In the spring twenty years later, the pre-students became popular again.
But this is not the old guard of the mummy, Kennedy bonkport.
This is modern preparation.
The design principles are still the same: simple, clean lines and classic shapes.
The only high-heeled shoes for filamo women are Givenchy\'s pink and green ankles --
Pump with audience.
Talbots shirtdress and dowdy are separated, giving way to the lithe belt shirtdress of Cerruti, Peter Pan-, female student of Van Noten-
Oscar de la lunta\'s collar shirt and plaid mini skirt go with a tennis skirt.
Burberry\'s iconic plaid skirt, boots and scarves replaced the tired plaid.
This spring, Ralph Lauren updated the pumped shirt and Bermuda shorts for men
Up color in Palm Beach (
It\'s \"beach\" not \"spring \")
Max Azria of BCBG brought back the sweater vest in bright colors.
The clothes are tight this time, not loose.
Fashionistas say that prepping is no longer a desire.
Nowadays, the fashion trend no longer represents the social class and the national background.
\"Preppy obviously has a variant meaning that depends on who wears it and under what circumstances.
Valerie Steele, chief Museum curator at the New York Institute of Fashion Technology, said.
After all, accompanied by Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, GAPP and the Banana Republic, kha cloth and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale have become a bit of an American uniform even in California.
It is true that preppy never really cared about California.
According to the manual, La Jolla is the only prep base in southern California.
But this time, even fashion designers on the West Coast have begun to dabble in the design of preppy students.
L said: \"I call it \'lumberjack chic\', a mix of climbers and preppy plaids . \"A.
Fashion designer Estevan Ramos is known for street wear, not sailing shorts. L. A. -
Azria says his aesthetic for spring is \"prepared in the purest form, in a classic and natural way.
\"Sandy Richman.
Owner of directive West, Los AngelesA. -
S. -based retail consultancy, which has more than 70 customers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy\'s and JC Penney, said the store was ordering pre-orders, which she called \"1950 countries\"club chic.
She described it as \"the delicacy of having a polka --
Printed, there are many folds on the skirt, with a small jacket with a printed dress.
Even a new little black dress. -
Thanks to the power of preppy-
It\'s white trousers, she said.
Regardless of what the style is called, Steele says, it is far more bloodline than 1950.
Brooks Brothers, founded in 1818, introduced the United States to prepaid staples such as seersuker in 1830, the button-
Lower polo collar shirt in 1896, madras fabric in India in 1920, argyle socks in 1949.
Appearance associated with northeast, upper-
Middle-class elite Ivy Alliance of Men and women in 1960 early John in F.
Mr. Steele said Mr. Kennedy was wearing the Brooks Brothers suit, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and chinos sailing boats.
With the advent of the hippie movement, the conservative appearance was completely out of date in the late 1960 s and early 1970 s.
But by the end of 1970 it came back.
In 1980, the official preparatory Handbook not only compiled the appearance, but also compiled the lifestyle of selling 2.
25 million copies out of print two years ago.
Editor Lisa Birnbach, a reporter for The New York alternative newspaper voice of the country, has only 10 weeks to finish her preparation, but it\'s a lifetime experience for her.
She grew up in Manhattan and attended Riverdale Country School in Riverdale, New York. Y.
And Brown University in ProvidenceI.
There, she experienced \"many ready-for-epiphany.
\"It was the first time I wore pink and green, and the first time I played squash, and the first time I saw a man wearing a polo shirt with a layered Oxford shirt below, said Birnbach, 42, he is now a writer and a reporter for CBS television in New York.
The book resonated with her and other contributors.
\"I think, in our cocoons, we don\'t know that Reagan is going to be president, and the conservative wave is coming.
\"According to Birnbach, nothing in the book is made up.
Our goal is to make this pre-prepared lifestyle available to anyone, although she never thought there would be such a wide range of interests.
Preppy \"too sexy, too old, too outdated, too thick\"
\"The legs have increased,\" she said.
\"But the seriousness of people reading this book. . .
I can\'t tell you how many people told me that it changed their lives.
\"It certainly changed the lives of fashion designers Lauren and Hilfiger, who all run in a pre-prepared look.
\"They make it more beautiful and sexy than J.
\"The media or the Brooks Brothers once dreamed of it,\" bernabbach said . \".
They also made mint.
Since then, according to FIT\'s Steele, preppy has never really gone out and it\'s just deformed.
In the 1990 s, urban African-American youth redefined the image of preppy students and reshaped it into their own hips --
Wearing the oversized Hilfiger khakis and rugby shirt.
Then, in a good twist, this mutant style filters back to the suburbs, the white middle class.
High fashion is now preparing for a parade.
The spring 2001 women\'s collection by Miguel Adrover is a good example. The Spanish-
\"Born designer\" draws on the sailing theme and logo of Ralph Lauren, as well as hip-
Western style and military style.
In Europe, fashion for preppy students has begun to define American clothing, says Steele.
First of all, Birnbach is very happy.
\"In fact, it\'s as good as any other uniform and better than any other uniform.
It looks like you have money and it\'s the clean, clear and cheapest way to do it, \"she said.
It\'s not that she\'s still wearing a ski-print high-collar shirt, a wide pleated-
Whale rope and bass Penny casual shoes twenty years later.
Now Birnbach prefers Katyone Adeli to corduroys, the flat front of Calvin Klein, and Helmut Lang is separated in black instead of dark blue.
\"I am at this age and I will do my best to pursue my hips.
Birnbach says she is considering updating the Preppy Handbook, a huge fan of Adrover costumes, and in the fall she bought Michael KERS\' modern ready hot pink wrap skirt.
She joked: \"I can\'t believe that none of these designers have called me to see what size I\'m wearing!
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