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princess charlotte\'s first day at nursery school marked by release of two adorable official pictures taken by her mother

by:QiMeng     2019-10-11
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared two photos of Princess Charlotte at the Kensington Palace this morning.
They were taken away by Kate before Princess Charlotte left for the first day of her visit to Wilcox kindergarten.
Charlotte sat on some of the outside steps of the famous Palace, and the other stood on the railing.
She was wearing a £ 120 red coat with a pink scarf from Amaia Kids, carrying a Keth Keston ballerina backpack.
Charlotte will be a complete
Time students in the nursery, students in the school from Monday to Friday morning charge slightly more than £ 3,000 per semester, and employ a lot of games while the child is studying.
Before the official start, she will be invited to spend a short \"stay and play\" with her parents \".
Kate and William will then be asked to leave to see if Charlotte is happy to be alone.
The school advised parents that students bring a toy or photo from home and bring the teacher\'s photo back home.
It says: \"When your child has a rapport with the teacher, we ask you to stay nearby in the first few classes so that you can come back when you need it.
\"The cost of the morning is 9,150 per year, and the cost of the afternoon is 5,400.
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