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proposed ban on pot swag makes it more difficult to stamp out illegal sales, say licensed producers

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
Proposed ban on the use of cannabis brand elements on T-
Licensed producers said on Monday that shirts and other stolen goods will make it more difficult to eradicate the legalized black market and have \"significant\" unintended consequences.
The Senate will hold a final vote on an amended bill C-on Thursday.
Before it returns to the House of Commons for approval.
The amendments include a ban on the use of cannabis brand elements on promotional items that are not cannabis or cannabis accessories.
Allan Rewak said that this amendment is \"unnecessary\" and may have unexpected consequences beyond swag\'s scope, such as a ban on the use of company logos on retail signage and promotional flyers, the executive director of the Cannabis Council of the Canadian Industrial Association, accounting for 80 of licensed producers.
\"This is a chaotic amendment that will produce far more than T-
\"Shirts and hats,\" he said.
\"If necessary, the appropriate place for such restrictions will be in regulation.
\"Dan Sutton, general manager of the authorized producer tantalos laboratory, added that,
Cannabis accessories, such as caps with production merchandise cards, are useful tools to distinguish between their products and illegal cannabis that has been purchased.
He said: \"Marijuana may continue to be popular in the black market . . . . . . We need all the weapons we can get . \".
This is a chaotic amendment that will produce far more than T-Shirts and hats.
If necessary, the appropriate place for such restrictions will be in the regulatory act C-
45. The current form has banned advertising of cannabis products on traditional radio or television commercials.
In addition, Health Canada has published its cannabis packaging guide in March, which requires packaging to be a single, uniform color with no images or graphics other than signs and health warnings.
However, the act allows companies to distribute promotional products with brand logos. Sen.
Judith Seidman, who put forward the amendment, said that we have seen T-
Thanks to the allowance, there are signs of cannabis company on shirts and backpacks, which undoubtedly attracts children and young people.
\"My amendment fixed the bug and closed what I could call the marijuana marketing back door,\" she said in an interview . \".
Seidman said that past experience with tobacco has shown that some advertising restrictions are invalid, so it is important to ban them in full.
\"We have a unique opportunity to do the right thing with new products;
We should learn from the mistakes of the past.
\"But in order to move consumers from the black market to regulated markets after the legalization of recreational marijuana later this year, licensed producers need to do a certain amount of reasonable work, cam Battley, chief corporate officer at aurora Cannabis, said the brand was restricted.
It\'s easy for people to buy T-
He pointed out that shirts and other clothes with alcohol brands are now available.
\"No one in the legal cannabis department wants marijuana to be used by underage youth, just as we want youth to use alcohol or psychoactive prescription drugs,\" Battley said . \".
\"This is not always the case for black market operators.
\"Seidman said it would be better to start with more stringent restrictions, which may be relaxed later, if necessary, because adding restrictions later would be a challenge.
\"It\'s impossible to put the elves back in the bottle,\" she said . \".
Patricia mckieran, president and founder of Toronto brand affairs agency, said the ban on brand promotion items or \"brand extensions\", as well as strict restrictions on packaging and advertising, is a \"significant
She pointed out that the main tool of the brand is packaging, after which will be any promotional items or stolen goods.
\"From a purely brand perspective, what\'s left?
. . . . . . You can\'t put it on the product and now you can\'t put it on the non
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