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‘proud boys’ probe done

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
The armed forces said their investigation into Canada\'s Day incident had ended, in which a group of soldiers who claimed to be \"Proud Boys\" disrupted Halifax\'s Aboriginal ceremony. Lt. -Cmdr.
The Jordanian holder of the Atlantic Maritime Force told Global News that \"the command system is reviewing the results.
\"The investigation began in early July, a few days ago when a group of\" Proud Boys \"confronted the assembled indigenous people in the park, what they called the sacred ceremony.
The armed forces confirmed the involvement of five soldiers and apologized for their actions.
Minister of Defense, hargit Sayan and general
Defense chief Jonathan Vance has condemned the actions of these people.
Administrative action was initiated and these persons were taken paid leave thereafter.
Rear Admiral John Newton also said the National Bureau of Investigation of the Canadian Army was investigating the matter.
Proud Boys.
Known for matching black polo wholesale t shirts wholesale that members often wear
It was founded in the United States. S.
Gavin mackinnes, a Canadian who helped build the deputy media, is now an outspoken right-
Political experts.
The proud boy called himself a western satanic.
\"Late last month, a group of customers were asked to leave Halifaxe, the timber lounge for Halifax axe, and some of them claimed to be associated with the\" proud boy\"throwing venue.
Marc Chisholm, Wood owner, said the group\'s money was refunded.
\"We have local members in our staff and (they)
\"It\'s just the feeling that it\'s not right to guide them and it\'s not safe to guide them, so I made a decision and supported my staff,\" Chisholm said . \".
\"Based on their current actions, we don\'t think our employees or other customers are safe --
There\'s also a group throwing.
So we gave them their money back and let them go.
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