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pubslush: crowdfunding just for books

by:QiMeng     2019-09-12
The authors who want to raise money for the publication of their books often turn to Kickstarter, the darling of the crowdfunding field.
One of the earliest successful crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter now has a huge community, and if you want to raise money for the print business, Kickstarter is an obvious place to go, but as a regular platform, there is nothing in kickstarter that specifically supports the author\'s needs.
Pubslush came in from here. Run by mother-
Helen and Amanda L. Barbara\'s daughter team, the beginning of the United States
Up focuses on providing crowdfunding services based on author, agency, and self-demand
Publishers and small publishers are not necessarily the same as publishers of technical experts, film producers and musicians.
There are two main differences between Pubslush and other crowdfunding sites, and the first is that Pubslush provides project owners with \"personalized, one-on-
\"A suggestion for books,\" said Amanda L . \"
Barbara, vice president of Pubslush.
\"The author is supported by the author\'s relationship.
Coordinator and access to the team that helps create rewards.
We do not want the author to be intimidated [
The complexity of crowdfunding]
So, it\'s only $25 [
Deduct from your income only if your project is successful]
Our team helps build rewards.
So we\'re not just uploading and submitting, we\'re part of the process.
Author relations Company
The coordinator will talk to the author via Skype, for example, Barbara said the service was \"positively evaluated by the author --
Users, the services they receive exceed their expectations.
As you would expect, there is a fairly standard menu of rewards such as e-books and printed books, but they also like to be creative, draw inspiration from who the author is and what their theme is. The co-
The coordinators will also advise on issues such as scheduling, such as \"no one was successful in December\", so they encourage people to postpone the project until January and instead work with them to hone their marketing strategy, and find at least ten to twenty supporters who will launch the event at the beginning of the event.
Keeping this level of engagement at Pubslush when scaling up is certainly a challenge, but it makes sense to help authors make the right decisions about how big goals are set, how to market their activities, etc, this will lead to a smaller scale of more successful projects.
Personal contact can also help reduce the risk that the project cannot be delivered, as the team can help the author solve problems such as fulfillment and push anyone who seems to be halfway away.
Of course, once their project is successful, the authors are legally responsible for their supporters, but as Barbara points out, Kickstarter shows this, and one does think, responsibility on the platform is as large as a single project owner, so it is necessary to work to reduce the risk of supporting the project.
The second difference is that once the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the \"fund\" button becomes the \"buy\" button so that anyone later in the project can easily find out where the book is for sale.
Connect with Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Barbara says, and the \"buy\" button allows authors to always be part of the community, not just when you\'re crowdfunding.
As the service matures, Barbara hopes that Pubslush will not only be a crowdfunding platform, but also a place to discover published books that people can buy immediately.
Pubslush is a good deal for the author, taking up only 4% of the money raised, and a certain pubslush between the \"keep what you raised\" and the \"all or all\" criteria allows the author to set a minimum value for the project, at which point the book will not happen, but they also set a goal for the amount they want to raise.
This gives people a goal, but make sure that there is a clear line under the failure of the project and no one is charged.
Once an item hits a minimum, it\'s \"Keep your raise\" base, so if you set a minimum of $5,000 and your target is $10,000, but add $6,000, you can save $6,000. minus fees).
Pubslush started the life of a hybrid publisher
Crowdfunding platform where users will \"Publish excerpts and summaries of their books to Pubslush if they receive enough donations from readers, pubslush is going to pick up their work and it\'s Jordan cruke from TechCrunch.
When they realized that the authors did not know that they locked themselves into the Pubslush contract by uploading their work, Pubslush decided to change the strategy and provide the open crowdfunding service that the user wanted.
The company also provides services to companies such as publishers, Pubslush Pro and printingon-
On-demand service, Pubslush is customized.
The Pro option provides crowdfunding and analytics tools for agents and publishers to get a clearer picture of the market and measure demand.
Pubslush Custom is a white label product that allows companies to carry out activities under their own brand, collect user data and obtain a certain percentage of financing.
Pubslush Premium will provide the company with the ability to create its own membership community, increase engagement and make the most of social media.
Pubslush Premium \"allows publishers to get more brand recognition,\" Barbara said \".
\"There is no brand loyalty between readers and publishers,\" she says, but Pubslush Premium will allow publishers to \"track who your readers are \".
Readers can become members [
Your community.
, The person who supports your book will also automatically become a member, so that publishers can export a list of readers and have a database of early adopters who want to support your book as early as possible. This is a pre-
Publishing tools, the marketing tools to use before clicking the publishing button.
If you can get 1,000 readers before the book goes live, then you can get higher rankings and more comments on websites such as Amazon or goodread.
I think some of the small adjustments Pubslush has made to the crowdfunding model are really beneficial. The hands-
With help, both the fund/buy button and the lowest/highest target level help to provide a service that not only helps the author negotiate a process that is really quite difficult, but also works for a long time
Terms for marketing and community building tools.
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