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puutting on their sunday best

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
Super Bowl XXXIII is held in Miami on Sunday, all football-
The Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos will be getting crazy attention.
But before this big kick-off, those eyes will focus elsewhere: James Brown, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Lang and Chris collensworth
Of course, their comments are insightful.
There are those guys in their friendship-in-a-locker-room punch.
But the bottom line is-
These people are dressed very well.
We\'re talking about natty double-breasted, peak-
Thin striped suit; pocket squares; cuff links;
Color pop up in a monochrome shirt-tie combos;
And a simulated high collar with impeccable custom sports jacket.
Not exactly boring blue. blazer-and-white-
The audience is used to seeing shirt uniforms on other sports stars. The well-turned-
One of Fox\'s strategies to distinguish itself from its competitors is to launch the broadcaster lineup.
When ESPN and the Internet are crowded in blocks, the mediocre space is small.
\"I think clothing is just another thing that we help change,\" said Scott Exxon, co-producer of the Fox show, who gave online credit because he raised the threshold a bit.
\"I think people are now spending more time learning about their talents in pre-match performances.
This is not a radio.
TV is a visual medium. if you can, why can\'t it be visually pleasing?
\"Obviously no use
Exxon added: \"This is the charm of the show.
If your crispy skin is not good, it doesn\'t matter if the lemon part is good or not, and the whole pie is not good.
These are elements that most people don\'t think of, but we do think of them.
I don\'t know if it got the rating point or not but it won\'t get hurt.
\"The show will certainly be watched in season 5.
Former Pittsburgh iron man Bradshaw
After all, the Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders Dragon and the late Cincinnati Bengali collensworth are real sports heroes.
So their fans will notice what they are wearing.
The show turned broadcasters into some surprising trendsetters.
\"It really shocked me,\" Long said . \" His high-collar shirt and knit polos are now trademarks.
\"I don\'t know how much this will affect.
I began to note this with other broadcasters;
They will show up in a fake high-collar shirt.
I\'ll be at the airport and I\'ll let the man come over and ask me who made my clothes and say, \"Yes, I\'m wearing a high collar now.
I really don\'t like ties.
\"But hoi polloi is not the only one who bites Long heels:\" Now Terry has nothing but Imitation high-collar shirts and three-
He said, \"button shirt.
\"This is someone who thinks \'single dying\' is something you get penicillin.
\"Coordination looks as good as it looks, and style like this is not just happening.
Someone has to make sure that the seating panel is not a navy blue ocean and those little printed ties don\'t flash.
Someone is Jennifer umer Jennifer Head, who has been on the scene since the show began.
Not only does she have to choose and coordinate clothes, but she also has to convince men to wear clothes ---
It\'s easier now than at the beginning.
She ordered 8 to 10 custom suits for each commentator at the start of each season. (
If the shape of the clothes is good, the clothes of the previous seasons may be taken over. )
From the fabric sample submitted by the manufacturer (
This year is a good day.
Famous American designer brand-
Who will not say the head)
She chose the style, pattern, color and texture.
The shirt is also customized. made;
Tie is usually the choice of the clothing company, Head will increase the choice by itself when the budget allows.
This season\'s suits are black, navy, charcoal and Brown, with lots of pinstripes on them.
Double Head selection
Chest and threebutton single-Chest style--
Decide two.
Button jackets don\'t look popular.
\"We choose according to the style that suits our personality,\" she explained at her home in Los Angeles . \".
For those four, the same basic dress, Head said, her challenge is to make everyone look different: \"It\'s a challenge in itself.
There\'s a brown one, a gray one, a blue one, a black one. -
This is my goal.
All you need to do is think about it all the time.
\"Bradshaw likes shirts with two pockets in front,\" said Head, for example . \". \"J. B.
He likes the cuff, and the pocket square lock. -
He is a very elegant man.
I like to put him in a bright printed tie instead of in a solid.
We started putting Howie in knits. -
Mock collar sweater, polo shirt--
He recently wore a monochrome shirt and tie.
For the past four years or so, we have been trying to make them color.
They were a little worried at first, but now they really enjoy it. . . .
At first they didn\'t see it in the magazine and they would ask, \"Is it OK to wear this ? \"?
Then people start responding in a positive way and they say, \'Oh Jennifer, that\'s great.
\"Long\'s French blue shirt and tie, Brown\'s crimson patterned tie and pocket square tie and Collinsworth\'s solid apricot tie come in color with a charcoal suit and a white shirt.
\"When I let people know that I did the show, they always wanted to talk about costumes,\" she said.
I thought they would talk about sports.
Dragon admits his style idol is Cary Grant.
His wardrobe has been greatly improved. air style.
Except for some J.
Crew items on the tallXXL, is custom-
6 for him-foot-5-inch, 255-pound frame.
\"I didn\'t really get a job until I found Fox,\" he explained at his home in Virginia . \".
\"My job is to fill the ice every day and I rarely wear clothes.
Now, I find it interesting when I walk into the wardrobe and hang up 30 suits.
I had a blue Cup last night.
Gray suit with polo shirt and white T-shirt
Here\'s the shirt.
I spent three hours on a signed feature and I was as comfortable when I left as when I arrived.
\"Ah, what good will a good suit be for a man\'s manners.
Brown knows that.
The four leaderspack (
The only non
A group of athletes)
A long time ago, when he appeared in ultra-
Enterprise IBM in blue plaid suit, pink blue shirt and blue shirtvelvet bow tie.
Obviously, Brown has joined the fashion project since then.
He likes customs now.
His dress concept is like this: \"I want the audience to be comfortable with me.
We have to get into a lot of families and I want to look like someone you can trust, someone who shows confidence.
This is the reason for the pocket square.
\"These guys make fun of me for this, but I always wear pocket square towels,\" he said . \".
\"Without it, I go out sometimes and I feel naked.
It doesn\'t show off, it just adds a little color and life to it.
The cufflinks add the final touch, just like putting on polished shoes.
It shows attention to detail.
Brown said he also began to see other anchors in the square: \"It made me know that I was doing the right thing.
\"The new standard for jim Moore, creative director of GQ magazine, is not at all surprised by the show\'s trendy designer presentation.
\"These guys don\'t want to look like bankers,\" he said . \"
\"They want to look trendy and cool.
He added: \"This is not always the case for professional athletes who are content to appear openly in sportswear ---
Expensive though.
When superstar players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson exchanged sweat for designer suits, this changed and created a new standard.
\"Maybe they will have a suit in their wardrobe,\" Moore said . \".
\"But it\'s cool to wear a suit now.
We shot a lot of these people for the magazine, and I saw their closet too, which was great.
They have 100 suits.
They are really proud of them, the details, they are custom made --made.
It\'s something they spend money on and they really want to look elegant.
Head said: \"The band will come together this Sunday.
Hope to see a brown black suit with a cream shirt in red or goldcream-and-
Black tie and square double pocket.
Bradshaw plans to pay tribute to the attackers in black, gray and silver, who will be equipped with brown and tan shades, and collinsworth will be dressed in a navy suit with a white shirt and an orange or red tie.
Head\'s wish list for next season includes more colors and different fabrics-
Her saturation of fine stripes has reached.
\"I want to make some weeds with blue and green.
I want to see J. B.
More cognac brown, warmer shades.
I would like to buy some shirts with more colorful colors and more interesting ties.
I usually do what I like by intuition.
I always like the color.
Sometimes you just want to try.
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