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ralph lauren casts ansel elgort to drive fragrance geared for millennial men

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
Ansel elgott is working on the latest perfume for Ralph Lauren. The actor-musician-
The DJ was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for playing the leading role in 2017 of the Baby Driver, and he is the new face of Polo Red Rush, the fourth addition to the Polo Red franchise.
According to Ginny Wright, Elgort\'s new global ambassador is part of Ralph Lauren\'s larger strategy to shape people who embody \"the personality of each fragrance, global deputy general manager of Ralph Lauren perfume.
In addition, it is seen that Elgort\'s goal is what Wright calls \"the hardest to reach\": millennials.
\"They have different values and interests.
\"We are looking at those music lovers, car enthusiasts, and female givers because it is also an important part of the men\'s perfume business,\" Wright said ,\", describe a group of 25 to 35 celebrities as a \"huge group \".
According to a recent report from the NPD Group, both Polo Red and Polo Blue are among the top 10 male perfume mother brands by dollar sales, and the 7 th is Polo Red, the 8 th is Polo Blue.
When asked if she was concerned about other products in the red sprint style, Wright insisted that the perfume was aimed at \"different demographic and psychological traits.
She declined to provide sales forecasts, but industry insiders estimate Red Rush\'s retail sales will reach $100 million in the first year.
\"We have a very loyal customer, so the Polo Red customer is with us and has been in the top 10 since launch,\" she said . \". “[Red Rush]
Will bring new consumers to the brand.
Join the red mandarin, fresh mint and red coffee
Red Rush is a brand new Polo Red perfume, which was launched in 2013.
The red boom will make it AmericaS. debut on Aug.
It will be released globally in 2019.
It will be available at Macy\'s and Ralph Lauren\'s stores and will also be available online at Macy\'s. com, sephora.
Com and ralph Laurencom.
Prices range from $50 to $40. ml.
125-bottle to $85ml.
Ralph Lauren recognizes that millennials are always on the phone and that he will launch a range of digital assets --“mini-
Moments of storytelling
In addition to more traditional print and TV commercials related to the United StatesS. launch.
According to Wright, three different teams working to capture social media content are filming events, adding that they also want to work with music festivals, streaming services and high
As a millennial, the DJs \"spent 80 or 90% of his [s]free]time [listening]
Play music through Spotify, iTunes.
The event video is set in Los Angeles, featuring Elgort and model Alanna Arrington, who plays the love interest of DJ and Elgort.
After the two met at the club, they went to the desert and finally jumped off the cliff.
He\'s a colleague.
The co-author of the storyline said that Arrington\'s decision to jump off the cliff was first inspired by part of his girlfriend ballerina, Violetta Komyshan, who \"will also be the first to jump off the cliff.
Elgort\'s single lonely home is the soundtrack for the video, thanks to his new love for old-fashioned cars.
When he grew up in Manhattan, he learned to drive in the Hamptons, and now he has a stick car --
\"That\'s because of the \'Baby Driver \'.
His growing range of cars includes the Jaguar type F, the Subaru WRX \"Baby Driver\" and the red Mustang he drives.
He hasn\'t seen Lauren, who owns the museum.
Vintage racing car worth collecting, but \"want to drive with him.
Elgott\'s aunt, a former Ralph Lauren model, said he started wearing cologne every day in high school --
Even at summer camp, I hope to meet girls.
\"This is a theater camp, so there are a lot of girls around,\" he said . \".
\"When you are young, summer camp is the place you experience for the first time.
So if someone else has Cologne and it tastes better than you, you don\'t have a chance.
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