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rebecca kamm: can a man be a feminist?

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
In the first more
Rebecca looked at the series \"What does it mean to be a male feminist\" and explored the most controversial question: can a man become a feminist?
\"All men should be feminists. . .
\"If men care about women\'s rights, the world will be better . \"
The musician is very good at the moment.
Since people like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vader in the post-90 s, pop culture has not seen such outspoken feminist rhetoric from celebrities.
From actor Jon Hamm, Ivan McGregor and Ryan Gosling to comedian Louis CK, filmmaker Joss Weiden and musician Zach de la Rocha,
This \"moment\" is driven by online media, their words --
It\'s still warm. I just said it.
Blogs, news sites, and social media have entered the mainstream in just a few minutes.
\"When will you realize that feminists will get all the pussy?
Not long ago, Sarah Silverman posted the full cast on Twitter-
Boyfriend Kyle Dunnigan is in feminist t-shirt.
The crowd became crazy.
All of a sudden, male feminism is cool. Relatable. Less foreign.
But let\'s back it up a little bit.
Can men become feminists?
This is a question of division.
Largely because of the branch of feminism.
And the scores of these segments.
But also because the word \"feminism\" is so subtle.
This may mean falling into a syntactic vortex that will erode the real nature of the problem.
So, for simplicity, let\'s take the definition of Gloria Jean watkins for the time being.
The authors of feminism say to everyone that feminism is \"a movement to end the exploitation and oppression of gender discrimination, gender discrimination \".
To be clear, let\'s add that feminists may also be inclined to do something to advance the movement, whether it\'s \"minors \".
Like questioning your attitude towards women.
Or speak out in the face of female disadvantage, whether it is physical fascist; the pay gap; rape culture; boys\' clubs;
Female disadvantage in the third world
\"Slut\" and \"stud\" and various other imaginable double standards --you name it. The list -
Anyone with ideas knowsgoes on.
Of course, we can also leave this discussion to another time and discuss it again.
The question is this: can a man call himself a feminist?
Radical feminism and Revenge of writer Xili
Men\'s claims of feminism are at best insincere, and the worst is insidious: they will tell you what they have done before, long before they see the light of feminism, but it is unlikely that they will tell you how they continue to exercise their male privileges and powers, and she writes that she is highly manipulated in a newly cultivated manner.
But even men who strongly support feminism oppose the use of the term.
Brian Locke of the national organization against gender discrimination men said: \"Although I believe men can support
Feminism and-
Gender discrimination, I don\'t believe we can be the most strictly feminist in today\'s society.
Under this system of preference for men and women, men cannot deprive themselves of power and privilege over women.
Of course, one is expressed (
Emotional excitement)
When this is not your direct truth, you will almost always see you fighting for legitimacy.
Or face the ridicule of those who are directly truth, even if your message matches their message very well.
It is this subjective divide between support and membership that leads to many branches of feminism calling men who support women\'s rights \"Pro
It is \"feminist\" or \"feminist ally \".
To some extent, this syntactic distinction makes sense: for women who suffer from men in their lives, it is undoubtedly crucial.
It keeps men at a distance and prevents men from playing a dominant role by telling women how to \"do\" feminism.
To some extent, this syntactic distinction makes sense.
For example, it keeps manspling on the length of the arm. (
For interesting posts on this, please see this new politician blog. )
For women who suffer from men in their lives, this distinction is undoubtedly essential.
But it\'s also a bit like nitpicking;
Like what we are putting at risk, in its heart, is good. And sadly rare.
The important thing is: we need men to take up the space they occupy and make them feminists.
We need men to fight sexual violence and increase feminism.
Consider the gender balance of their company\'s board of directors/panel of experts/List of Heroes.
We need them to do this not only because it is a man\'s world but also because men listen to others.
This is not to say that we have to thank the feminists or be grateful to them.
I don\'t think women will have all the power if they have all the power (
If you understand what I mean).
These people just do what they should do by looking at their privileges as men.
When philanthropist Khary Lazarre-
White said, \"gender inequality, structural gender discrimination, aversion to women, and the problem of women being objectively translated into business and property --
These problems are not only deconstructed by women who talk to girls.
\"People must also take responsibility for the work.
We should not be commended for that.
This is what evolutionary, moral, moral people should do. \" But. . .
It\'s true that a man can be a feminist.
What does a feminist look like?
How do you know if you have any?
Look at the second part: What does a feminist look like?
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