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reebok apparel make string of rookie errors on ufc fighter’s kits

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
Everyone makes mistakes, but still. . .
Source: twitter fans may forgive Reebok for the first time.
It may even be the third or fourth, but when you fool yourself and every UFC fan with every garment and item you produce, you have to understand why Reebok is starting to be strongly opposed by fans.
Sports apparel giant signed a six
Last year\'s deal with UFC was reported to be worth $70, allowing them to brand exclusively on all fighter clothes for the entire week before the battle.
First of all, some fighters complain that they are unable to print their own sponsors on their suitcases and battle packs, a significant loss of their income.
Then a series of famous faux pas of Reebok began.
While Reebok produces replica fighter kits in large quantities so that fans can use them like their UFC heroes, Reebok has embarrassed himself and some of the big names in the sport.
Here is a brief description of some clothing brands unfortunately foulups.
Ladies and gentlemen, Reebok\'s latest T-shirt, Anderson \"Spider\" Aldo. Really! Hahaha! Wow! pic. twitter.
Com/hcqev0t8x5 although it looks harmless when seeing the fighter\'s walk for the first timeout T-
The fine print of the shirt was seriously wrong. The T-
Unfortunately, the shirt is mixed with the names of the two sports stars Anderson \"Spider\" Silva and Jose Aldo Junior.
The Reebok digital store explained that the shirt would give fans some trust in their UFC fans.
The swing and the lady.
Unfortunately, the statement reads: \"Anderson Silva shows the amazing power of\" Spider \"and now you can show his fighting style with a cotton crew neck T-shirt with a serious fan reputation
All for the low price of $35!
When the kits made their debut in June, there were some errors again.
UFC lightweight competitor Gilbert Melendes misspelled the name \"gibblert\" on his battle suit.
Sweet Melendez kit for gigolert. pic. twitter.
At the same fashion show, Reebok managed to get the name of the Brazilian light heavyweight fighter Lyoto Machida.
Bad news for Lito machda fans and good news for Marcho \"Lito\" Alexander fans (
Or should I say Marcio Machida)? pic. twitter.
Then Reebok managed to show-
The merchandise of a warrior who has left UFC to start fighting in the hostile battle organization Bellator.
Son Josh Koscheck kit. pic. twitter.
Com/lAnAeMxCfLJapanese MMA legend Norifumi Yamamoto is not lucky enough to get rid of Reebok\'s incompetence.
He got mixed up with Russian fighter Alexander Yakov.
@ Thesavagruth jordanbreen @ BrandonfrmNJ Norifumi Yakov pictures. twitter.
Com/zGpdoIZz2gIt could be worse.
British bantamweight fighter Brad Pickett was not even lucky to find his name on his jersey.
Website of UFC website.
Com also details a series of mistakes made by Reebok\'s recently produced UFC goods.
Ryan \"Darth\" Bader has never fought for a heavyweight champion, but UFC\'s own website is happy to sell Reebok\'s \"Darth Bader champion\" T-
Shirt that led to his UFC 192 battle.
If that\'s not enough, Reebok also got the star Conor McGregor\'s preferred fighting style wrong for listing him as a \"Brazilian jitsu expert --
Of course he is not.
For all of these errors, Reebok did post a short explanation.
A spokesman for Reebok told thesquaredoctagon that \"the mistakes made have been realized and Reebok plans to correct them . \". com.
This may be the same statement that they will issue for the next error and the error after it. . .
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