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report: kkk chapters drop steeply despite \'hate group\' surge

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
Number of chapters of the three k party in the United StatesS.
As a new generation of khaki cloth, it is falling straight
A report released by an organization on Wednesday said dress-wearing racists refused to design hoods and robes for the \"hippie\" brand\'s hatred
To extremists.
The Southern Poverty Law Center said that despite the surge in the broader white supremacist movement, the number of its Klan groups dropped from 130 in 2016 to 72 last year. The Alabama-
According to the report based at the Legal Center, the new
Nazi organizations, from 99 in 2016 to 121 last year.
It counted a total of 954 active \"hate groups\" in 2017, an increase of 4% over the previous year.
Heidi Berridge, director of the SPLC intelligence program, said the Klan group seemed to be \"collapsing\" and trying to recruit new members because young white supremacists were rejected by their traditions.
\"It\'s very old --
\"I think the school is really weird for them,\" she said . \".
\"This is not the image that they should have for white nationalism. ”The Anti-
In a report last year, the defamation coalition said that between January 2016 and June 2017, 42 Klan groups were active in 22 states.
But more than half of them have been formed over the past three years and their recruitment efforts cannot compete with other white supremacist groups, the report said.
\"Even in the white supremacist movement, they are considered out of place,\" said Oren Segal, director of the Center for extremism in daily life activities.
\"They are usually a small group of people. . .
They tend to disappear because they can\'t organize.
Beirich said the legal center could not accurately estimate how many people were active members of the Klan group.
\"They did not provide a list of members.
\"They won\'t tell us, or, if they give us numbers, they will exaggerate,\" she said . \".
Long before a new kind of hatred appeared, Klan\'s team became less and less, which was white supremacy, white nationalism and-Semitism.
This \"alt-
The right wing movement seeks to attract a wider, younger audience by avoiding Klan or the Nazis --
Clothing or symbols on the assembly.
For example, last summer, dozens of white men in polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and kha cloth held the tiki torch and chanted racist slogans, marching on the campus of the University of Virginia. Summer Inn
The legal center counts more than 600 groups that \"adhere to some form of white supremacist ideology.
It also reported that \"black nationalist hate groups\" increased from chapter 193 in 2016 to Chapter 233 last year.
Many organizations on the legal center list strongly rejected their \"hate groups\" label.
Liberty lawyers, a Florida-
Headquartered in the legal advocacy organization, after the website maintaining the charity database marked the organization and 45 other non-profit organizations as hate groups by the Legal Center, the prosecution was filed on last June.
But a federal judge in Virginia dismissed the lawsuit last month.
On Wednesday, a federal judge in Alabama suggested dismissing another lawsuit accusing the legal center of defaming Florida --
Establish the gospel department by designating the gospel department as a hate group.
\"Due to this regression, we will not change the definition of this,\" Beirich said . \".
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