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retail happenings: the guy who brought you alternative apparel creates new gender-neutral clothing and body-care line

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Let\'s take a quick look at what happened in Los Angeles.
Regional style scene: tights are back;
A fashion couple has re-branded; there’s a new (and mostly)gender-
Neutral fashion label on block;
Women who made many of Hillary Clinton\'s suits returned to the news.
Women who start their careers in the 1980 s will remember Donna Karan tights, a comfortable number to stay comfortable in jeans and skirts.
Good American cowboy
Focus on brand cooperation
Created by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede, it has recently launched its own collection of tights designed to be up to 2x in size.
\"They are a major component of khloe\'s wardrobe,\" said Grede, from London . \"
A few days before she planned to move to Los Angeles).
\"Bodysuit is a lost multi-purpose dress.
\"There are 11 black and nude styles in the good American version.
New options will be added every month.
So look for the Red and the red in the future.
The current style from simple V-necked, long-
Sleeve tights and a crystal sprinkled on a pure nude chest.
This bodysuit is made of compressed fabric and fits perfectly.
The series, which costs from $129 to $189, will be available at 120 Nordstrom stores later this year and is currently available on www. goodamerican. com.
Bucks and do, more
Brand boutique founded in 2013 by husband and wife Laura and Jason odellift.
The couple expanded the store, renamed it Odells and added surprises including 16-
Foot yurt in the back courtyard.
Laura Odel, the top 600, said: \"Our space is beyond our space --\"square-
Walking location, 2,000 square feet now.
\"We expanded the back and built a beautiful fitting room.
\"The store sells men\'s, women\'s and children\'s wear, some accessories and household items.
The couple\'s brand of the same name has driven this momentum, which has led
Including wide wear parts
Leg jumpsuit and breeze pyramid gown added top
Selling Brand mothers (
Denim dress for women)Christian Dawn (
Women\'s clothing, jackets, accessories, etc)and Wolverine (boots for men).
The yurt is the venue for the Thomas Vu surfboard project, which will last until August.
13. The New York designer is showing his board (
The price is $10,000).
The items in the store are generally between $200 and $400.
3906 Sunset Avenue. , L. A. , (323)515-7385. 11 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Monday to Saturday and 11. m. to 6 p. m.
Theodellsshop on Sunday. com.
18 months ago, his cerebral hemorrhage and subsequent recovery made Greg Altman
The founder of the Juice Served Here, the founder of alternative clothing, in the process of creating m/f people, a streamlined, mainly gender --
The neutral fashion route can eliminate speculation when wearing clothes.
\"People tend to do the same thing every day and use the same product, and I realize there should be a cohesive brand about the essential elements,\" he said . \".
Last month, Altman began to provide people with clothing in neutral tones such as black, gray and white ($48), and skin-and body-care items (
Lipstick starts at $6)
Such as body scrub, charcoal toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
On the m/f people\'s website, clothing includes polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, sportswear and shirts, men\'s hoodie and Henry, as well as vests, casual pants and women\'s T-shirts, as well as part of the above-mentioned gender-free merchandise, accounting for 65% of label clothing and all skinand body-care products.
\"I might do something very exciting and increase the Navy,\" Altman joked . \".
\"My customers don\'t like colors.
He or she will take the easiest way. ”mfpeople.
Comusanna Chung Forest is used to working with some of the world\'s most distinguished and richest women (
Hillary Clinton, Fortune 500 chief executive).
But the designer is expanding her design.
Last month, she launched a custom
As the mother of the bridal collection, she collects elegant outfits in gem colors, as well as jerseys and sportswear she has designed with her luxury travel collection.
\"My customer is 1%,\" Zhong said . \".
\"At least in their 40 s they were conservative and elegant.
I doubt young people will understand.
\"She is now working on a mother who dropped out of school --
Before she took a Pilates class or Burkincarrying woman-on-the-
Find something to throw before a long flight. Her travel-
Ottoman sweatpants and jerseys are made from Ottoman jerseys for about $4,000 each;
The mother of the bridal gown starts at $5,000. 328 S.
Beverly Avenue Beverly Hills, available for appointment ,(310)276-7510, Suzanne. com.
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The hippest shoes of the summer come from SoCal skate park, not New York runner John Paul degioria, billionaire
Founder of Paul Mitchell\'s hairstyle
Care for the brand, share his \"good luck\" and more about DTLA Louis Vuitton X Supreme pop-
The store is closed.
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