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retail therapy: hooked on shopping

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
Sylvia Tower store, when she came home, she shared what she bought with 145,209 users of YouTube channel Beautycakez.
The 20-year-old Ta is one of the normally charming and always enthusiastic haul video manufacturers who talk about the clothes she bought in front of the camera\'s lens and post the results online.
\"I watched a few videos on YouTube.
It was new at the time.
\"I think \'I can do this, I shop a lot, I can share my shopping addiction,\'\" Ta said \'. \" Ta uploaded her first video about four years ago.
\"People like it.
Everyone thinks I\'m funny.
I can communicate with the audience.
Read more about the star.
COMIn Uzbekistan, \"Slave Labor\" used to harvest cotton in Bangladesh in Cambodia\'s garment industry, and the transport video had a DIY feel for them, usually on a tripod in a low-light room
Very talkative tone.
The frames are amateur, but it makes them look real, not what the ad executive made up.
They usually include makeup and clothing.
The most popular is young women, but not all young women are as successful as Ta, who has a blunt charm.
Ta makes enough money from ads and endorsements to support her shopping habits.
She had hundreds of clothes in her closet.
Shirts, sweaters, shorts and designer wallets, including classic giant flat Chanel wallets and pink Prada for over $5,000.
Her YouTube channel is her only source of income.
Everything is carefully folded or hung, sorted by shape, color, and frequency of use.
Every night, after checking the weather and schedule, she picks clothes for the next day
If she wants to run, she won\'t wear high heels.
When she reached 100,000 users, YouTube sent her an e-gift card worth $500.
She bought a better camera for $800, Canon Rebel T4i.
She has made enough money to move into a little funky apartment in Toronto with a friend she met on Neopets.
By next year, she thinks she will be able to afford a down payment for her apartment.
Shopping is really a job for Ta, the Ta she loves, her success and the success of others like her show a huge shift in the way we shop and shop.
\"If it\'s less than $20, it doesn\'t matter to me,\" Ta said . \" She echoed the $20 Horn.
Fashion talent.
Buying clothes, once a special activity, is now the daily indulgence of countless consumers, a form of entertainment, a hobby.
Shopping is a self for others
Medication to relieve anxiety, boredom and depressionretail therapy.
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to have hundreds of clothes, most of which are in rock-
It\'s usually just because it\'s a good deal.
Those good deals tend to end up with unworn goodwill and sales labels still exist.
\"Some people smoke.
I like to go to the mall, \"said Jane Martin, 35. year-
The old mother of two children in Toronto is behind torento Holic. com.
She still has hundreds of clothes that fill the closet in her room and are quietly entering her 2-year-
Old Son\'s closet“I have bags (of clothes)
They need to go to the thrift store because they don\'t wear out. It’s hard.
\"You try not to do this all the time,\" Martin said . \" Her blog followers are buying new styles and fashions.
Her views for a month are about 20,000 pages.
She said the income from her blog helped support her in shopping.
Easy shopping clothing has never been so simple-or cheaper.
Consumers can shop at home or on their mobile phones.
The city landscape is lined with shops like Forever 21, H & M and Joe Fresh, where shapes and colors are almost constantly changing and prices are sometimes incredible: shoppers can buy Jersey fabric vests for $3.
94 for sale at Joe Fresh, a silk shirt for $49.
H & M sells silk, lace or chiffon skirts for $39. 95 each.
Goodwill received in 2010.
Donations, including clothing, furniture, accessories and toys, amounted to 6 million.
22 were received last year.
6 million, mainly due to the increase in public calls and large amounts of furniture donations.
But in terms of clothing, the buyer\'s remorse is a contributing factor.
\"The clothing we received was of high quality and even the new clothing that the label is still in,\" said Matthew Waggers, merchandise manager for goodkill\'s donation.
Fashion trends that used to take years to become popular now change in a few weeks, and some discount clothing stores receive new delivery services almost every day.
In the past, department stores received clothing shipments seasonally and re-ordered popular items.
\"Most of our stores (80 per cent)
A truck is received every day and new items are in transit every day, \"said Emily Scarlett, spokesman for H & M Canada.
Costco and Winners have trained customers to buy now or never, offering-time-only deals.
In order to keep up with seemingly never-satisfying needs, shopping centers have expanded their business hours.
The Eaton Center is now closed for only one day a year: Christmas.
Shopping on weekdays to 9: 30m.
It is common throughout GTA.
However, according to Statistics Canada, our spending on clothing is getting lower and lower in terms of revenue.
In 1920, the serge suit for boys was sold for $14. 75.
Durability is a big problem.
\"Mothers find these smart little suits barely worn out,\" an advertisement for the Toronto Daily Star wrote on the weekend before Labor Day, 1920.
Average Canadian household in 2011 (2. 5 people)
According to recent data from Statistics Canada, pre-tax income was $77,269 and clothing and accessories expenditure was $3,360.
When consumers fill their wardrobes with more clothing than ever before, their spending on each item is reduced.
Average Canadian households in 1969 (3. 31 people)
Pre-tax income was $8,079, clothing expenditure was $719, and $4,376 in 2011.
Average household consumption in Canada was close in 1969
Tax revenue for clothing.
Average household expenditure was slightly higher in 2011.
Even in 1969, when cheap synthetic fabrics fill the market, a small wardrobe can easily accommodate the entire wardrobe of ordinary people.
To a large extent, the clothes are carefully selected and taken care.
When clothing is sold, hems and seams can be released to accommodate growing children or expanding waist circumference. “Good-looking, long-
Clothing cannot be produced at extremely low cost.
According to a sewing textbook published in Canada in 1964, inferior workmanship and materials appear in the process of wearing and cleaning, thin seams called Violet I. Wilson.
Durability is no longer a key sales feature.
The most important thing now is fashion, especially price.
Today, Americans spend an average of less than $1,000 a year on 62 clothes.
According to data from the American Apparel and Footwear Association, more than once a week is purchased.
According to executive director Bob Kirke, there is no similar figure for the Canadian clothing federation.
\"In the memory of life, clothing has not kept up with the consumer price index.
\"We are paying less and less for clothing,\" Kirke said . \".
\"We hope that style and color will change in a way that we never thought.
\"No one forces people to go to Zara or H & M and they go because it\'s cheap and happy and they can wear a couple of seasons.
\"They said with their wallets, \'We want to have lower costs and better quality.
Buttons pop up on newly purchased pants and shirts
Not just cheap.
The clothes lost shape after a wash and drying.
However, the purchase continues, resulting in an increasing number of fashion and design billionaires.
There were railway, oil and newspaper tycoons in previous generations.
Today\'s billionaires are more likely to engage in clothing design and retail.
According to Forbes\'s annual list of billionaires around the world, billionaires selling clothing come from Miuccia Prada, Burch, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.
Also on the list are Chip Wilson of Canada, founder of Lululemon.
The retailer of Spain Zara is third.
After Microsoft founder Bill Gates and investment guru Warren Buffett, the world\'s richest man.
The leader in fast fashion is Joe Mimran, creative director of Pop low-focused on Canadian fashion
Joe Fresh\'s costume collection.
He expanded Joe Fresh to 683 this spring. C.
Penny\'s stores in the United StatesS.
He recently stepped up his executive team to launch the brand globally.
Six months ago, Joe Fresh found some clothing in the ruins of Rana square in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The building was ordered to be evacuated due to poor construction and overloading, and the collapse killed 1,129 people.
Within a few weeks of the collapse, Loor Company Limited
The company, which owns Joe Fresh, led the industry in an attempt to ensure better conditions for Joe Fresh\'s garment production plant, which at the time included 47 factories in Bangladesh.
Six months after the collapse, the company issued a press release that provided more details on compensation for victims.
Mimran declined to talk to the star about the series. Galen G.
Weston, executive chairman of loblaucosAnd refused.
Mimran has been in retail for 30 years. He co-
The Monaco club was established in 1985, creating an affordable due date for Canada.
He sold the brand to Ralph Lauren in 1999.
He launched Joe Fresh for loblawcos. Ltd. in 2006.
Author Elizabeth L in her book \"overdressing: The Amazing High Cost of Cheap Fashion\"
The Gap is one of the first retailers in North America to attract consumers to shop frequently, Cline said.
Every month, it changes the color in the shop window, even if it is the same sweater.
According to Cline, it has shops everywhere.
With Canada removing import barriers to foreign clothing, including quotas and tariffs, companies are starting to ship their operations to countries with lower garment production costs.
\"They packed the factory into containers and shipped it to Bangladesh,\" said Kirke of the Canadian clothing federation . \".
Clothing began to sell cheaper until Wal-Mart boasted in 2012 that it could dress its children --to-
School of jeans and T-shirtsshirt for $9.
At the same time, pop culture also focuses on fashion, especially designer fashion.
The TV show \"Sex and the City\" features four women with a vague career, earning enough to drop hundreds of dollars on their shoes, let Manolo Brannick and Jimmy do the same even among women who can\'t afford it.
Fashion on OC and Gossip Girl attracts fans who try to imitate the appearance and sometimes have unpleasant results.
Kimberly Couzens is one of the writers, blogging gossip girl fashion, spending $2,500 on Valentino handbags for $42,000 in New York City.
She ended up in debt, cut off her shopping channels and signed up for a credit agency --
Repayment plan to avoid bankruptcy at the age of 25.
At the same time, what is not wearing is busy teaching viewers better clothes can improve their confidence and life, and come up with $5,000 for clothing renovation to prove their point.
Medical science reveals the connection between shopping and neuroscience.
The study has identified the link between certain drugs used to treat Parkinson\'s disease and impulse control disorders (including forced gambling and shopping, overeating and sexual disorder.
In some cases, the existing problems will get worse.
However, some drugs can also cause some people without a history of impulsive control disorder to suddenly have problems that are serious enough to ruin their lives.
According to the researcher\'s PhD, in newly diagnosed patients with Parkinson\'s disease treated with dopamine replacement therapy, 15-will be diagnosed as one or more impulse control disorders
Daniel weitlaub of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
This is about twice the total population.
When two drugs were found, the lawsuit followed.
Requip, also known as Ropi Niro and Mirapex, also known as KSO-
Motor control symptoms used to treat the disease cause the patient to engage in disruptive behavior.
These drugs affect the dopamine system in the brain, thus affecting motor control, providing relief for patients with tremor.
However, the dopamine system also increases the motivation, wake-up, reward and participation of many pleasant activities, including diet, shopping, gambling and sex.
\"Shopping activates the reward center of our brain,\" Weintraub said . \".
At the same time, dopamine affects the prefrontal cortex, making it harder for patients to convince themselves to give up a bad decision, such as whether to buy another wallet or another set of tools.
We have reason to believe that while we are ultimately responsible for our actions, people may differ in their interest in seeking happiness and their ability to apply rational braking.
According to Weintraub, the drugs are still on the market and are also used for the treatment of restless leg syndrome, and in some cases for depression.
Research companies study consumer behavior from various anglesincluding eye-
Radio tracking and use
The frequency chip embedded in the shopping cart is used to track the path of shoppers passing through the store.
\"Shopping is complicated,\" said Ryan Howell, associate professor of psychology at San Francisco State University . \" He studies forced purchases and other consumer habits through the website.
\"It\'s hard for people to understand their motives.
\"In Western countries, about 10 per cent of adults are considered to suffer from forced consumption disorders, causing them to lose control of buying behavior, and this trend is on the rise,\" Howell said.
Marketers know that if they can convince us that our lives will change because of a product, we are more likely to buy it.
They know that we are more likely to buy if they can connect us emotionally.
The study also shows that a single purchase of luxury goods will lead to more purchases of luxury goods and even a budget --
When we try to match something else in the home or in the wardrobe with the newly purchased item, we spend it crazy.
Ta says she is responsible for shopping and spending, a budget like a real shopaholic.
\"I\'m a shopaholic, but a shopaholic who knows her budget.
At the end of the day I can pay my rent and I live alone.
\"The problem is that her income on YouTube is different --
Great month. so the next.
She plans to continue making the haul video for now, but she is realistic.
She doesn\'t think it\'s a job she can keep for life, even in her 20 s.
\"The core of YouTube is replicability,\" she said . \"
\"In the end, unless there is a change in the population structure of YouTube, I will reach the age of no longer having a kinship.
\"YouTube has always been a hobby for me, but in the end the real life comes first.
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