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revealed: how you can get your hands on free clothes from japanese retailer uniqlo this friday

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
With the cold of winter, it\'s time to stock up some warmer clothes --
Uniqlo will provide you with free service this Friday.
Japanese clothing stores will allow shoppers to pick clothing from their high-tech range this week, with absolutely no cost.
Friday, June 14, from seven o\'clock A. M. to seven o\'clock P. M. , shoppers should head to Martin Square in Sydney to find Uniqlo T-
Shirt mount.
If they want these items, then they need to take a \"hot Polaroid photo\" in the installation and print it out and hand it over to them with a unique code.
Once these shoppers are available, they should go to the Uniqlo store in theMidCity center, Sydney and exchange it for a free high-tech item.
Heattech is a revolutionary fabric that generates heat and maintains heat with your body.
It does this by turning moisture into warmth.
Even if the temperature changes suddenly, the lightweight layer is designed to make you feel comfortable and comfortable all day.
There are three levels to choose from: thin and warm style, \"extra warmth\" and \"Super warmth \".
There are a variety of items that customers can buy, including turtle neck T-
Shirts, leggings and tights.
One of the items available is the extra warm turtle neck T-
7 shirts and scoop neck T-shirts in different colors
There are shirts in pink, peach and green colors.
Customers can buy supplies for men, women, children and babies.
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