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revealing a hidden gem of exquisite dress

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
Scott\'s London studio is hidden like a secret;
This is notable in an industry that tends to show its presence with signs and billboards.
There is no her name anywhere in the King\'s Road building where she works, only a few streets away from the Chelsea townhouse she shared with her boyfriend Mick Jagger, so, an assistant must be sent to the reception desk to guide the Upstairs visitors to the correct entrance.
It turns out that this is a red no-
The entrance sign on it and is marked on the door that is not used.
This caution is a striking feature of the woman waiting for me on the other side, who happens to be Jagger\'s long term partner
Girlfriend Standing (
They have been together for ten years)
As a very popular costume designer, she used to wear with celebrities during her previous career as a stylist.
Scott never traded under their name.
In addition to her innate desire for privacy, many of these women are her closest friends --
But you can see her unique and elegant design on the red carpet: Nicole Kidman, for example, wore a feather-shaped ivory evening dress at the 2009 Oscars;
Later that year, Christina Hendricks appeared at the Emmy in a sexy dress in midnight blue;
Penelope Cruz, dressed in a red sequin gown for this year\'s Academy Awards ceremony, made her curves more graceful after giving birth to her son last month.
Choosing to wear Scott is more than just a Hollywood actress: In May, Oprah Winfrey waved goodbye in her last TV show in designer coral silk clothing, while Michelle Obama often looks glamorous in Scott\'s design, including a dress called a headmistress (
Madonna\'s favorite, too).
Scott is also a good advertisement for her clothes.
Former model (
Including Chanel and Thierry Mugler)
She is 192 cm with fine porcelain skin and long Crow-black hair.
From a distance she looked terrible, but there was an unexpected tenderness in her tone.
She had the courtesy of Utah\'s childhood.
Born in 1967, Luann bambrogh is a raised woman of a Mormon couple in a small town called Roy.
, And the soft voice of a woman, she does not need to call attention.
This may be related to her height of more than 183 cm at the age of 12;
This also explains why she is so good at making clothing for women who don\'t necessarily conform to industry norms.
She said: \"I have to learn to sew when I grow up because there is nothing else for me.
I used to spend a few hours in a local store, rummaging through the big books of fashion and butter patterns, and then ordering one of them.
I was really excited when it was delivered.
She also became good at adapting to the second
Handmade clothes for thrift stores.
\"I remember I found a black silk 1950 s dress, took it home, unwound the belt and seams, and then sewed it together so it fit me.
\"If meticulous attention to detail is the foundation of Scott\'s career, so is her ability to reinvent herself, while not revealing the traces behind it (
Bumps in ordinary life)
More than her funky tight dress.
Children of traditional upbringing --
Her father works in an insurance company and her mother works in a local bank
Even if she left her hometown, she kept her parents\' professional ethics.
One of the words she used to describe herself was \"thrift \"--
As a designer, she avoids the waste of materials and other resources
This may be very consistent with Mick Jagger, a rock star with a deep understanding of financial management (his ex-
Wife Jerry Hall also talked about Scott, \"I think she\'s better at dealing with him than I am \").
But not frugal, but fashionable.
Although this may help)
This is Scott\'s route from Utah.
At the age of 17, photographer Bruce Webb found her and he told her that she could find a model job if she bypassed New York (
\"He said they wouldn\'t \'Let me be there \')
Head straight to Paris.
She bought one.
Ticket, with her savings at nanny work, arrived without contact, friends or French words.
Changed its name soon afterwards, but it was her amazing beautiful and unworkable long legs --106. 7cm -
This led her to book a Chanel fashion show, followed by other fashion shows.
In retrospect, she said, her insight into fashion craftsmanship (
Skills of the Paris pattern cutter and tailor)
Gave her more fun than a model: \"I don\'t particularly like being objectified.
So she left the camera\'s sight --
Although it is also firmly on the side of the photographed woman --
When she moved to California in 1994 as a stylist for vanilla Ritts for Vanity Fair and Rolling Stones (among others;
In fact, the first time she saw Mick Jagger was in a shoot).
Scott\'s reputation as an expert consultant on what to wear and how to wear begins to spread in Hollywood circles, and her costume design enhances this: for Sharon Stone of diebbrick ,《
Later, Ocean No. 13)
Nicole Kidman closed his eyes.
These customers are long-term supporters.
\"I have been good friends with L\'Wren for many years,\" Kidman said . \" He responded unusually quickly to my request for comment.
\"She knows what aspects should be emphasized in a woman, and when you are in her delicate design, she is able to make you feel incredibly sexy and sophisticated.
Sarah Jessica Parker is equally enthusiastic: \"I think L\'Wren has an extraordinary ability to make clothes that really fit women.
She is wearing a very old modern dress, which is incredible.
A stylish way for a variety of women and body types.
Christina Hendricks, another loyal customer of Scott, also quickly joined the approved chorus: \"L\'Wren\'s clothes make you feel like a sexy pin --
A sophisticated lady appeared at the same time as a rock star.
She designed for what women want to see and what men want to see.
\"All of this means that when I saw Scott, I was hoping to get some of her famous, savvy clothing advice.
Forget about Scott\'s relationship with Mick Jagger.
Although he chose an independent woman with his own career, it must be attributed to him)
Her lover is more interested in how she provides them with a clear waist and bottom without asking to go to the gym frequently.
Then, here, some of the suggestions Scott MS are: if you want your legs to look longer, wear bare shoes and a small black dress; a midnight-
Blue indigo wash will make the jeans look darker than black;
A refreshing white cotton shirt is a shortcut to look fresh, but black taffeta also has its advantages.
Don\'t separate the gold and silver ornaments.
As it happens, she mixes both hands and wears several Victorian bracelets on each wrist (
\"They\'re like the cuffs of my Wonder Woman-
I like a little armor \");
Despite her new collection of handbags (
Named after her mother Lula, \"she takes a bag to work every day \")
This problem was solved using \"bronze gray hardware\", which disappeared in light or dark colors.
Scott also showed an eagle eye on what was flattering (
Features that are sometimes lacking in an industry that value the impact of new things on the reality of the female profile).
When we met, I was wearing a faded silk T-
While she is too polite to comment on my dress, she says when I press her, \"I can say, Justin, you should try the dress of the headmistress,, if you are not feeling well then it is not for you.
\"I want to try on the dress mentioned above right away --
Mrs. Obama looks strong and steady.
Scott was happy to help.
So here I am, in her studio, when she disappears from the closet door, I undress behind the screen and she walks into another hidden room (
\"This is my own version of Narnia,\" she said before closing the door behind her . ).
She also cleverly picked a bra that was more flattering than me. From John Lewis! Who knew! );
When I asked if I should wear big underpants to flatten my Middle
She said in comfort, \"Oh no, you don\'t need to control the underwear to get the zipper done
This dress is for this.
\"What a beautiful dress this is: Black fine wool, threequarter-
Long sleeves, discreet black sequins on cuffs and neckline;
The button can be untied to reveal the crack on the back of the skirt (
The clever combination of sexy and dignified);
Just below the knee, it turns out to be much more flattering than expected --
Very suitable.
For the first time in my life, not only did I have a waist, but all of a sudden, I seemed to get a fuller chest and a proper bottom.
In my opinion, it is almost a miracle in all cases.
The headmistress\'s clothes are also very comfortable.
I can walk inside and sit down and feel depressed instead of shrinking.
It proves the clever design of Scott.
\"You can celebrate the image of women comfortably,\" she said . \".
\"We left the bodice behind in the dark, so why bring them back now?
Modern women have modern life and most of us are working.
There is no time to change before we go out at night, so a dress should always be suitable for day and night.
Her own clothes. a black-
Belt design, there are threequarter-Sleeve length-
Conform to this prescription;
As a woman in her 40 s, Scott understood why we didn\'t want to open our arms.
\"I have never seen a woman who thinks she is good enough --
No matter how perfect they look
It is sad because no one can see these obvious defects;
They\'re completely internal.
\"But I feel that if I can design a dress that you can rely on forever, then I will succeed and this dress will stand the test of time, just like a good friend.
\"Such clothes are not cheap --
More than 1000 ($2087)-
But it is evident from the continuing appeal of the design of her first series, which she launched in 2006, that it will not be out of date (
Although she was already making personal work before that, for clients who need to wear something uncomfortable on the red carpet).
You can see why other designers think so highly of Scott;
Lanvin\'s Alber Elbaz observed approvingly, \"her eyes are almost like a camera.
When I design, the mirror can show me what I can\'t see with my own eyes.
That\'s what she is, but what you end up seeing is that person, not that dress --
This is the strength of L\'Wren.
Scott himself described her work as essentially practical: \"Sometimes people may ignore it, but I\'m not trying to create a revolution every season --
This is an evolution.
Because you have to think about your client.
They are all kinds of women from all over the world, with different needs and different shapes and sizes.
\"It sounds simple, but simplicity is often forgotten in gorgeous decorations and grand gestures of premium fashion.
However, in the capable hands of L\'Wren Scott, this simple common sense begins to look, no matter how surprising, like the height of luxury.
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