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richie and gemma mccaw mingle with loved ones at their wedding after function

by:QiMeng     2019-09-16
A day after getting married at one of the nation\'s most anticipated weddings, rugby Royals McCaw and his new bride, Gemma Flynn, returned to their wedding venue yesterday for a more relaxed after-game event.
The newlyweds came by car together to the Olive Garden in Wanaka, and after celebrating their union in a country last night, they had a meal with the guests and had a few drinks --
A theme celebration is held under the huge tent.
McCaw is wearing shorts and a casual long-sleeved white shirt, while Flynn nods to her taurangagen, whose roots are bohemian --
Australian designer Camilla Franks style love knit set from manugani Hills boutique sisters
Flynn grew up in Tauranga.
A female singer and acoustic guitarist brought live music to the guests.
Sit on the gray bean bags and hay bundles and squeeze around the wine barrels.
They drink from the glass dispenser on the trestle table and the RV bar hired by studio Wanaka.
\"He was talking over there, she was talking to other people over there,\" said a pioneer photographer at the scene.
\"They looked relaxed and everyone was wearing short sleeves except Richie rolled up long sleeves.
Gemma is wearing a beautiful summer dress and sunglasses.
\"It\'s just a casual afternoon, beautiful clothes, a garden drink, like a barbecue.
\"At some point in the afternoon, a helicopter landed, causing speculation that the couple had fled their honeymoon.
This morning, McCaw shared the celebration with 500,000 people who followed him on Facebook.
In addition to the first picture of the couple, he said: \"As McCaw couple, it was great that we woke up on the first day.
\"Flynn shared the same photo, which shows the couple holding hands in front of the view of Lake Wana, on her Instagram account with 50,000 followers.
It seems that guests are allowed in-
Today\'s feature event on social media.
It is believed that there is a strict rule on the photos of the day, and a female magazine transaction is considered to have obtained six photosfigure sum.
It is speculated that these rights have been sold to women\'s day.
Oakland contestant Lydia O\'Donnell posted photos of her and her bride.
\"My BFF got Wifey,\" she said. . .
Rich is a lucky person. this is a special day.
\"O\'Donnell is Flynn\'s best friend and was invited to the premiere of The McCaw film\" Chasing Great citizens \"held in Auckland on September.
McCaw\'s aunt, Jill McCaw, who runs a media company in Christchurch, said on Facebook that she had not yet shared photos of the day.
Her husband, John, is an \"official unofficial\" photographer, who is the brother of McCaw\'s father, Donald, and \"there will be pictures later,\" she said \".
Someone answered: \"After the official\" came out.
She wrote on a special day: \"My foot was hurt.
The dance was great, the band was great, the food was great, the happy couple and all the others present were very happy.
Yes, I was in the front row of the bus.
Thanks to everyone who took a screenshot for me or let me know.
What a big crack.
\"She has been wearing a big soft cap all the time, but joked that the weather conditions have made it difficult and she said to her friends that she will wear it on the upcoming tramp.
\"Might as well get some real use from it.
I couldn\'t wear it in the wind yesterday.
\"She said she was wearing a dress for the event.
Although I don\'t know what designer Flynn has for her wedding dress --
All of this is possible in the magazine \"spread-her post-
The wedding dress was designed by the designer she had worn before.
Flynn wore a blue Camilla dress at 2015 New Zealand rugby match in 2014.
Rodelle Payne, the boss of sister companies, said Flynn was a long-term
Time, a loyal customer of the store, considering her image as an elite hockey player, she asked her to become a brand ambassador for the store.
Penn picked a wardrobe for Flynn last year, and the costume was one of them. \"She nailed it.
It was so exciting and I\'m proud that she was chosen to wear the Bay dress.
\"I think Gemma is an amazing girl and Ritchie is a lucky person.
In a reality show shown here on November, Flynn said she wanted a \"classic\" wedding dress, \"elegant\" and \"eternal things\", but there was \"X-Factors and wow \".
She chose a number.
White satin v-hug
When her bridesmaid blushes, she wears a veil around her neck.
McCaw has designed a black suit with a black bow tie and a white floral buttonhole, which is considered a work style.
The sports couple held a post-wedding party with about 80 friends and family at the exclusive venue on the banks of Lake Wana last night.
The guests were listed as Black coach Steve Hansen, former black basketball player Nick horworth and wife of former National Hockey player Sherri Phillips.
McCaw\'s teammate Rob Nicholas from the New Zealand Rugby Players Association and black club members including Rose Keddell are also there.
The couple got engaged last summer and announced it on Facebook.
They have been together for four years.
They have been on holiday with their families in Wanaka since the new year, which has sparked long-standing rumors
The planned wedding is imminent.
On McCaw\'s Facebook page, more than 1500 people, including Scots, congratulated the couple, and some offered marriage advice.
Dave ubles said: \"To win two World Cups, you and the children have put in superhuman efforts, and now, you are facing a huge challenge of building a lifelong relationship with the woman you love, A family is expected.
\"There are also some comments suggesting that the next one is children.
Others also commented on media reports and expressed their approval and opposition to the couple\'s decision to sell the photos to women\'s magazines.
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