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riskless crime?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
In just two years, Kyu has imported nearly $5 million worth of clothing to the United States. S.
From South Korea and Bangladesh.
That\'s no problem.
In addition to Han\'s major;
Sports jacket;
With the logo of the Chicago Bulls and other sports teams.
He stole a trademark belonging to Connecticut, which does not bother Han.
Basic entry Corp. and the NBA. Han, a 41-year-
Old Korean immigrants living in Torrance, California
Enjoy the profit margin.
He bought a jacket from a factory in South Korea for $17 each.
Han took advantage of the large number of advertising brands that usually cost more, selling jackets to retailers across the United States for up to $80 each.
It is a happy thing to ship this illegal clothing to the United States.
Han labeled the box jacket with a photo album or a lady\'s belt, and then paid in cash to a burly American named Al Payne, who had a gift for smuggling contraband, but not arrested by the United States. S. Customs.
Han made a mistake.
He didn\'t realize Penn was an undercover agent in the United States. S.
Customs is operating a pipeline, a three.
Investigation of counterfeit products. ;
In September 1995, Han was arranged to meet Penn in a hotel room in Los Angeles.
But someone must have tipped him off.
Han ran away and is still absconding.
He was charged with 57 counts of forgery and believed to be hiding in Los Angeles.
Despite the fact that Han missed the net, Customs arrested 23 South Korean counterfeiters within 18 hours, sued 20 others, and seized fake goods worth $27 million.
However, such a blow is rare.
Most people will not be stirred up by poor immigrants selling cheesy handbags and apparently fake Rolexes on flea markets and sidewalks.
The drug trade and its threat to public security do raise this problem.
In response to the needs of the public, law enforcement officers and prosecutors often crack down on drug traffickers, leaving people with fake and shoddy goods alone.
If caught, sellers of fakes are usually fined;
Or a slap on the wrist.
However, businessmen do not find it funny.
While stealing their trademarks, counterfeiters are stealing property built by the company at a huge price.
In order to recover the investment, the manufacturer must charge a high price for its goods.
There is very little investment that counterfeiters can take back, they can sell a lot, and they can still make considerable profits.
Edward Dempsey, United States of AmericaS.
Customs special agents say there are dozens of fake wholesalers in New York alone, many of whom earn up to $3 million a year.
International Coalition against corruption in Washington, D. C. C.
Claiming that counterfeit products have tripled in ten years, the cost is now the United StatesS.
The company is $200 billion a year.
This is an exaggeration because many buyers will not buy these items if they have to pay the full price.
Nevertheless, counterfeit goods have damaged the image of software, perfumes, golf clubs, toys, jewelry, food, beverages, cosmetics and clothing of legitimate brands. ;
The war against fakes has intensified, but fakes have improved. ; Sometimes;
Like Han\'s jacket.
Counterfeit items are almost the same as real goods.
But they are often inferior and sometimes dangerous.
Last year, in 16 states, fake baby formula was seized after several children had twitching.
There are also cases involving fake ulcer drugs and birth control pills, not to mention fake parts for cars, planes and nuclear power plants.
As in any industry, lucrative profits attract new competitors.
The Russian mob has become a force for video piracy, and China\'s triad is also involved in a large number of fake software.
The former leader, who was born in a killing gang, boasted that before he went to jail for murder, he earned $13 million from a fake watch.
In response, 15 states passed the law to make counterfeiting a felony, not a misdemeanor.
In other countries, law enforcement has also begun to note this. Doraville, Ga.
Suburban Atlanta is a mecca for South Korean counterfeiters.
In 1995, when a private investigator named Marc Barry visited doloville for the first time, local strip shops and flea markets were filled with fake designer clothes and handbags.
\"I thought I was dead and went to a fake paradise,\" he said . \".
There are a large number of Korean immigrants in doloville.
Many people work as legal dry cleaners, grocery stores and restaurant owners, but one edge of the community is beginning to retail counterfeit goods.
These merchants rent stores for less than $1,000 a month, selling cheap non-brand goods and counterfeit brand goods;
From $12 fake Nike T-shirts to $60 fake Versace handbags.
\"Fake things have been on sale, while other things are just sitting there,\" said a South Korean retailer in Doraville . \".
\"I can sell 20 to 30 [fake]
A Nike shirt a day. . .
People want to wear fashionable clothes, but people here don\'t have the money to buy real brands.
So some businesses began to focus on fakes. ;
It\'s actually risky. free.
Town Marshal occasionally hits retailers with a fine of several hundred dollars, but they will come back to work within hours.
Last year, Georgia passed a law that promoted counterfeiting to a felony and authorized local police to confiscate the assets of counterfeiters, including cars and real estate.
Dolauville police wanted to use the seized assets to pay for police cars and other goods, so they began to retaliate against counterfeiters.
Thomas Choi, a local lawyer, said his counterfeiter client is now \"living in fear of police and customs raids \".
The couple he represented seized $200,000 worth of fake Dooney & Bourke handbags during a customs raid.
Police will also file a lawsuit against the personal property of 59-year-old Sonny Giles. year-
Old Atlanta resident, a wholesaler of counterfeit goods, made a fortune.
\"He is the largest in Georgia,\" said Major Clifford Edwards of the dolauville police station.
When police searched the Doraville warehouse in giles, they found about 4,000 fake clothing, fake Rolex watches, fake Oakley and Ray
Sunglasses and a small amount of cocaine are prohibited.
Giles\'s counterfeiting case is still under trial, and he does not deny that he has stored counterfeit goods, but he says the police are \"just exaggerating \".
\"Counterfeiters are adapting to the blow like mutant viruses.
Now, in doloville, the counterfeiters shred most of the files instead of throwing them into the trash can.
They use aliases that they often change.
They use mobile phones to avoid being bugged and to avoid being coded on their bee bees.
They drove miles to make sure no one was following them.
In the past, the counterfeiters of doloville shamelessly displayed their fakes.
They now fill their stores with legitimate goods and see only six fakes, the rest hidden in secret warehouses.
In the event of a raid, police only found some fake samples in the ocean of cheap non-branded goods, which were mainly used as a cover.
In order to transport their goods, many counterfeiters of Doraville use C & C Express from Korea
The Oakcliff Industrial Park, near Atlanta, operates a trucking company with an inconspicuous office.
C & C charges 18 cents per pound for shipping goods from Atlanta to Los Angeles, and its front door doesn\'t even have its name on it.
Its staff never asked what was in the boxes they shipped. U. S.
Customs are becoming more and more adept at finding illegal imports, so counterfeiters are now bringing in common \"gaps\" that are unlikely to be seized \".
Then they put labels and signs on secret factories around the United StatesS.
It is mainly distributed in New York and Los Angeles.
The equipment in these factories is impressive.
To stitch the Polo logo on a blank shirt, counterfeiters may use a $250,000 computer sewing machine that can embroider 20 shirts at the same time.
When police searched Sannie Giles\'s home in Atlanta, they found a briefcase with nearly 100 computer disks that could operate these multi-head sewing machines. His disks;
Their own gold mine;
Scanned images of logos such as Gucci, Fira and Tommy Hilfiger are stored. Logo-
Free handbags are heavily imported from Asia and expertly completed in the US. S. factories.
In Providence. I.
There is a group of curved casting companies;
Linked to organized crime;
Produce thousands of metal marks for counterfeit bags.
These companies have an extraordinary array of molds that enable them to make all kinds of imaginable logos.
The gold logo for fake Dooney & Bourke handbags currently ranges from 13 cents to 31 cents depending on where you shop.
These are big.
Scale operation: most of them ask for at least 100,000 signs to be ordered and then stick them to or rivet on fake handbags.
Fake handbags are lucrative.
It\'s usually only $7 to buy a regular bag and put a fake logo on Rhode Island.
Vendors at flea markets may buy a good Prada handbag for $60;
After all, the real thing is going to cost $1,000 and the supplier could get $100.
Most counterfeit goods still look like cheap counterfeits.
But now the counterfeiters use top-Gap equipment.
\"Quality [fake]
\"The product has improved significantly,\" said David Simpson, head of security at Nike . \".
Legal stores have been tricked into buying fake Nike clothing, Simpson said.
Manufacturers like Nike, Oakley, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton pay $70 an hour to private investigators.
Investigators look for criminal documents in the bin, cultivate confidential informants, and set up virtual companies to trap fake wholesalers.
Mark Barry and his partner, Michael Kennedy, have infiltrated fake companies by posing as drug and gun dealers who are entering the fake industry.
But even if caught, counterfeiters rarely fail.
Major Edwards of dolauville police said that while Sonny Giles was awaiting trial on a series of existing charges, he had resumed forgery.
\"He will not resign unless he goes to prison,\" Edwards said . \".
\"He knows where the money is.
\"Paying a fine is only part of the cost of doing business for counterfeiters.
In the rare case of cases entering a criminal court, counterfeiters are rarely put in prison and assets are rarely confiscated.
In order to avoid confiscation of assets, they rent cars and counterfeit equipment in the name of relatives and buy houses.
They also launder money by setting up offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, investing in legitimate businesses such as karaoke clubs or sending money to shell companies they set up overseas.
The Gucci handbag you recently bought at a discounted price?
Are you sure it\'s true?
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