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roger stone’s dirty tricks put him where he’s always wanted to be: center stage

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
Roger J. Stone Jr.
Seems to be an old-most obvious suspect.
The mystery of self-shaping
Described the dirty scammer who laughed at special counsel Robert S.
Miller III, selling T-
The shirt that declared him innocentMr.
Stone has been trying to write himself into history since he was committed to re-creating
President Richard M.
Nixon\'s face was tattooed on his shoulder, and his critics say he often overstates his role in dark political art. But Mr.
Stone put his goal on becoming a celebrity. B. I.
The agents stormed into Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Went home on Friday morning to detain him and found out where he had always wanted to go --center stage.
He came out of court after being summoned.
Stone, dressed in a plain navy blue cotton polo shirt and blue jeans, raised his arms in Nixon-style clothing --
Esque victory salutes and exclaims the spell of his colorful career.
\"I \'ve been saying that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about . \"
Stone announced he would plead guilty and charged the FBI. B. I.
The SWAT team broke into the house where he threatened his wife and two Yorks. [
Read more about Mr.
Stone\'s arrest and charges against him]
Court documents show that,
Stone claims that he has something to do with the timing of WikiLeaks\'s release of emails that undermine Hillary Clinton\'s 2016 presidential campaign, which may be more than just a blow or a big swing.
In an interview after he was released
Stone said he believed the allegations were \"politically motivated\" and said they were to compensate the special adviser for not being able to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
\"Roger has been very skilled in feeding legends for years, and Mueller believes in him, or at least for convenience,\" Matt Rabash, a conservative who wrote about
Friday said the weekly standards for 2007 were stone.
During the 2016 campaign,
Stone played the role of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, suggesting that they had already talked about it, he has learned more about the website\'s release of hacker emails from John Podesta about the president of the Clinton campaign
He also exchanged information with Guccifer 2 on Twitter.
0. Russian intelligence personnel are used to plan and steal emails and point them to the fake name of WikiLeaks.
\"This will soon\" become \"the time of Podesta in the barrel \".
Prior to WikiLeaks\'s announcement of Mr. Stone, Stone tweeted on August 2016.
Post from Podesta
This tweet is considered to be Mr. Podesta; Mr.
Stone insisted he was referring to the Podesta brothers, including Tony Podesta, the famous lobbyists. Mr.
Stone has since been suspended and sometimes changed his story, claiming that he did not know that the Russians were responsible for the hacking of the Democratic Party and withdrew his personal communication with Mr. Assange.
He described it as just selling himself. Mr.
Stone\'s strategy to win honor for scandal
A few decades ago, people began to rumor at the crime scene and then disappeared.
In 2007, he resigned as political assistant to a senior Republican lawmaker in New York after being accused of leaving a threatening voice for governor\'s father, Bernard Spitzer. Eliot Spitzer.
In blasphemy-
He allegedly told the older Mr.
Spitzer, who is suffering from Parkinson\'s, said he will be \"forced by the Senate Sergeant --at-
Weapons \"to prove the\" suspicious campaign loan \"provided to his son during the failed campaign of the attorney general in 1994, and if he refuses, he will be\" arrested and taken to Albany \". Mr.
Stone denied the allegations, claiming he performed Frost/Nixon on Broadway on the night of the so-called call. But Mr.
Stone was not afraid when Monday\'s play proved dark.
\"My wife has reminded me that I actually watched the show on Wednesday,\" he said . \".
\"I still recommend the show to the governor.
But his war with the Spitzer family is not over yet.
After 2008.
Spitzer resigned after being arrested in a federal hacking case scheduled to meet senior officials.
The price of a prostitute, sir.
Stone claims that when he had sex with a prostitute, he spread rumors that the governor was wearing black dress socks, an indelible image that has been plaguing Mr StoneSpitzer. Mr.
Stone began polishing him as 19-year-
Old politicians are willing to break the rules.
He made a political contribution from the young socialist coalition to the Republican challenge of Obama.
Nixon was nominated by the party in 1972, Pete mcroski.
He then showed a campaign donation to a newspaper to prove
Nixon\'s opponent was a puppet of the left.
He also hired a special worker to try to infiltrate the campaign of Democratic nominee George McGovern.
The prank cost him and Senator Bob Dole a job.
But his efforts were hardly recognized.
The Nixon Foundation pointed out his age at the time and said on Friday that any statement that described him as an assistant or adviser to the Nixon campaign was \"seriously wrong \". ”Mr.
Stone is willing to draw a line between fun and evil, which is not what he grew up.
He writes a column online and has his own website.
A person who is proud of his neat clothes, such as a custom suit, with wide pinstripes and wide lapels.
Stone published an annual \"Best Dress\" column on the conservative website \"Daily Caller.
Before he was suspended on Twitter
Stone used the field for a long time. running gags.
For example, he pretends that his friend and colleague, Randy clidiko, is dead and tweets frequently and even prints mass cards about his death. Mr.
In the indictment against Mr. Credico, reference was made to Credico
Stone but not name
Text messages from him and Mr.
Credico showed him that he urged his friend to \"be a Frank Pentangeli\", a reference to a character in \"Godfather: Part 2.
\"In this movie, the character lies to the congressional committee to avoid hurting Michael Corleone, the head of the mafia family.
But when dealing with the Trump campaign,
Prosecutors say Stone\'s desire to push legal restrictions finally crossed a line.
\"Roger has a long record of himself.
Disruptive sex, he tends to be his biggest enemy, \"said Morgan pumm, a journalist and filmmaker who helped write and direct Netflix documentaries,\" Give Me Roger Stone, which was released last year.
\"This indictment seems to reflect this trend in his life. ”Mr.
Stone\'s ambition did not prevent him from becoming a member of the Washington agency.
Along with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, he created strong consulting firms Black, Manafort and Stone in the 1980 s.
This company is a product of Reagan.
Times Washington, helped create a \"swamp\" culture of sales influence, representing clients, dictators and foreign political parties accused of having links to drug trafficking.
One of their early clients was Mr.
Trump introduced to Trump
Mr. Roy Cohen\'s stone.
Mr. Trump\'s longtime lawyers and mentors also included him.
Stone is one of his family members.
Over the years, it has proved that their relationship is worrying but lasting and characterized by repeated declines --
And reconciliation. In 2011, Mr.
Mr. Stone has something to do with it.
Trump opposes President Obama\'s discussions.
He said in an interview,
Trump spent billions of dollars on the campaign and released a message close to Trump
Trump\'s 2016 slogan \"Make America Great Again. But when Mr.
Mr Stone is so remarkable.
Trump told reporters that his advisers did not speak for him. Mr.
Trump eventually pulled out of a game in 2012 and chose to continue his reality show apprentice. ” When Mr.
Trump briefly discussed the possibility of running for governor of New York State in 2013.
Stone suggested not to do so. Mr.
A few months before he withdrew from the campaign, Stone was one of the few early aides to the 2015 campaign; Mr.
Trump insists
Stone was fired.
Sir, since taking office
Trump is sometimes angry at what he thinks the media is overfocused on Trump. Stone.
People close to the president have long argued that he is skeptical about his old advisers and is only interested in retaining Obama.
The stone was close enough for him to feel abandoned.
Again and again, however, SirTrump —
Who called him \"Rog\"
He will turn to his old friend.
Ultimately, the issue in the indictment is what the campaign is. and Mr. Trump —
Mr may already be known.
Stone\'s communicationsIn Mr.
A documentary by Mr. Pehme
Manafort was filmed in detail to discuss how Mr. Manafort was intertwined.
With President stone.
\"It\'s hard to determine what Roger is and what Donald is,\" Mr.
Manafort said in the film.
\"They all look at the world in a very similar way.
He spoke outside the federal court, and he was not humble and even pleased with the scene.
Stone said he would not testify for the president.
\"I am one of his oldest friends,\" he said . \"
\"I am an avid supporter of the president.
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