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rolling like thunder

by:QiMeng     2019-09-20
Hey, time traveler!
This article published 27/5/207 (745 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
You know the song of Sesame Street, which is like this: \"One of them is not like the other/one of them does not belong \"?
On Thursday afternoon, as I stepped onto the stage of the Regent\'s Club event center and completed my pace around the world, the song was playing in my mind all the time --
Famous Thunder from Down to down.
For those who don\'t know the elegant culture, the thunder from the ground up is a tour
The male exotic dance revue, featuring a group of young Australians, appears to have been chiseled from solid granite.
It\'s no exaggeration to say six members of the troupe perform in Winnipeg-
Their first show was tonight, and there was a second show at the Regent\'s club on Saturday. have six-
The packaging is so hard and sharp that you can make cheese with them.
By contrast, I\'m-
One thing is different from the others. a middle-
An age-old, overweight newspaper columnist appeared to have been accidentally carved out of 300 pounds melted lard.
Despite our differences
Or more likely because of them.
The organizers of two Winnipeg shows in Thunder believe that it would be a high joy to have a person with my oversized physical gift \"try\" and live with these muscular Australian performers.
For very careful consideration, I have taken regular safety precautions, not eating cheeseburgers for half an hour before arriving at Regent\'s club, while wearing high-footed shoes
A few years ago, I bought a nervous underpants for the charity basketball game.
That\'s what you need to know.
Muscular performers are both funny and humble, though I\'m afraid they get wet with laughter when I get on stage for the first time, with little from T-shirt.
On stage, after I sucked my news intuition, the first thing that happened was the dancer Malik Wells --
Martin, 25, taught me a trick to perform the troupe. a body roll.
\"You mean belly rolls? \" I asked.
\"It sounds good to you, man,\" Malik said with his strong Australian accent, and I took a place in the middle of the group.
\"This is a continuous snake movement of your body, but not a sideways movement.
Put your hand close to your head, put your chest out, and then, um. . .
\"Which is it when I have land to interject:\" fluctuation?
\"Yes,\" Malik agreed, \"ups and downs.
Always done with your crotch.
\"I \'ve tried this strategy many times, and these guys have praised me, but I have to say that this is arguably the most difficult activity I \'ve ever tried while standing on 2 feet.
These guys also showed me how to spin and make \"smoking sexy faces\" in the crowd, but when 23-year-old revue\'s youngest member, Ben Quinlan, show me how to perform the ultimate crowd. pleaser —the T-shirt rip.
There is no doubt that, as you have inferred, it is a striking move in which you will be wearing a fragile muscle shirt to wear Hulk Hogan, when it\'s still sweating, tear it in half with both hands
Hope to rotate-torso.
\"Lift an arm up like you reach out to get the Apple,\" Ben told me . \". And so I did.
\"Then hold your other hand and cross your first hand like reaching out for the second Apple,\" Ben suggested . \". And so I did.
\"Now put your hands on your hips, just like you beat them with your fist,\" he continued . \".
\"Then do the body roll you just learned, and finally straighten the neck of the shirt with both hands and tear it into two!
As he saidBLAMMO! —
Ben casually tore his thin shirt into an equal half, while I spent about five minutes with my hands on the back of two sweaty hands --
And a lot of profane language.
Put my shirt on my stomach until a simple physical principle causes it to explode in a shower with black fabric shards.
Still, I\'m a little proud of myself, and the six members of the Thunder team applauded as if I had just discovered a cure for a major illness --
World Peace has been achieved.
It\'s hard to imagine more fun getting dressed.
Speaking of this, the Thunder will not be naked at any time after their adulthood.
They are not strip girls;
More importantly, they are perfect for men who take off most of their clothes on stage, while their audience, about 90 women, screamed happily.
Penny Levin of Winnipeg, Thunder explains: \"These guys have never been naked.
Public relations speaker born and mother traveling.
\"The most they have is G-strings.
They make women\'s fantasies come true.
Whether it\'s a cowboy, a uniformed man, Mount Tai in the jungle, or a police Swat.
They have different roles.
Women like this. Ask your wife.
Levin explained that the requirements for joining the troupe include the ability to move more gracefully than propane barbecues, a good sense of humor and an Australian passport.
\"They are not traditionally trained dancers,\" she told me . \"
\"You will see six people --
Pack abs who put on an excellent show.
The advantage of our people is that they do not have enough self;
They are very approachable, interesting and like women.
\"Dancer Benny Cleary, 28, a construction worker who joined the group 12 months ago, said the Thunder was serious about pleasing the audience, especially anything that might be a little shy
\"We did a full interactive show,\" Benny declared . \"
\"We always go in and out of the crowd.
\"Very personalized.
If you look happy-
Or unhappy-
Let\'s hug you.
Everything we do is try to get the audience involved.
The more excited the audience is, the more interesting it is to dance.
It would be better if they jumped off the wall.
\"Before going to my car, I bravely asked 31-year-old Nathan Claridge, who was dancing and stimulating the crowd madness while he was in MC, the exotic moves I newly learned
\"You\'re amazing,\" Nathan smiled as I squeezed into the golf jersey.
\"It\'s easy for you to learn our choreography.
Shave your chest and you can go.
\"So, according to what my wife said, I might do that.
However, when I think about it carefully, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me the way back to Sesame Street. doug.
Speirs @ freepress. mb.
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