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running for rangers: combating the african poaching crisis one step at a time

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
Poaching has reached a catastrophic level due to recent demand for rhino horn.
In South Africa alone, more than 1000 rhinos were slaughtered in 2015 and more were injured or orphaned.
Worse for elephants, some estimates suggest that 100 elephants are killed every day across Africa.
Only the Rangers and the people who supported them blocked some of the world\'s most dangerous poachers.
Running for Rangers is a group of people who run marathons and super marathons.
Raise funds for the welfare of these Rangers.
England rugby legend Phil Vickery MBE is an ambassador, and Phil\'s clothing company, the Bulls, provides the team with exclusive runs for Rangers polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, this is worn in the team\'s recent efforts: Peru SuperMarathon -
230 km marathon through the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.
\"Mad Cow team\" is the first charity adopted by \"Mad Cow team\", which is a partnership born out of respect for \"Mad Cow team\" and love for animals.
Why is poaching a problem?
The market price of rhino horn is equivalent to the value of gold (
About 65,000-$75,000 a kilo)
It is estimated that the volume of trade in illegal wildlife products exceeds $17 billion per year.
In the Far East, rhino horn is sold in Vietnam, China and Laos as traditional medicine.
Although science has proved that it does not have any medicinal value, it still has a high demand.
In the Far East, the price of ivory per kilogram is over $1200, and the elephant is also the victim of this senseless massacre.
Elephants are used as decorations, with a wide range of continents, and we are faced with the prospect of extinction of these two species within a generation.
As the equipment of poachers becomes more complex, so must the Rangers.
As a result, many private conservative companies have withdrawn their funds and support and are no longer able to match the rising costs.
Rangers are risking their lives trying to protect these species and live in hard conditions and they need our support to work effectively to prevent them from becoming extinct.
More than a thousand rangers have been killed on duty since 2003.
The funds raised by the team will be used for Giants, Tusk, and the rescue of rhinos etc-conservation charities are helping to ensure that all Rangers are equipped enough --
Quality equipment, training, general benefits.
These people risk their lives to save these two iconic species-we have to help them as much as we can!
Any donation is the most appreciated and the most valuable.
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