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runways;in milan, it\'s banal chic for the young

by:QiMeng     2019-09-18
1996 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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No baby boomer ever wanted to look like a dad.
Radical freedom in 1960s demands radical fashion ---
Or at least a closet full of clothes, refusing to buckleup, premanent-
After the news image
People of the Second World War.
Flowers from neutral suits-
The iconic loose suit of the Hollywood tycoon, 50-year-
Old effort to keep the hips.
It\'s not a traditional man\'s stuffy wardrobe for him.
So how irritating it is for those founding fathers who are disrespectful to clothing to find that their own children have no taboos at all ---
It looks very traditional.
The new generation\'s view of cool is the most striking point of the Milan men\'s clothing show.
The new deal for male fashion looks more like Franklin D.
Roosevelt and Dwight
Eisenhower may wear more than double
President Clinton\'s suit and casual outfit.
At the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, all the models wore sincere horns --
Their neat short glasses are lined up above
Flat sleeve sweater
Narrow front pants
Cut suit and fit car coat.
Bring or bring a pony
Leather coat and velvet suit (
This is a fashion show)
You can\'t find a bunch of more formal-looking guys.
The story of Gucci ementit and Gucci is the same. designer Tom Ford has introduced Camel blazers, close-fitting jackets, slim pants and slim suits in Gucci without exaggerated shapes ---
But there is no hiding place in the middle. aged paunch.
Prada incarnated cool with cavalry-twill coats, V-
Eisenhower golf sweater, Eisenhower zip jacket and Jersey set--
Everything that looks fashionable, when worn with contempt for youth, but on an older man, will stir up his uncomfortable memory of his young wardrobe.
Touching these clothes in Prada\'s showroom display makes it clear that comfort is a critical factor.
Although the contours are cut very close to the body, the technology has changed the clothing so that they conform to the concept of modern fashion freedom.
Now the elastic fiber built into the Italian cut will reassure those men who remember the tight suit ---
Like the new one.
A generation of nylon eliminates the memory of early dripping water
Dry shirts, men sweat on weekdays to free their wives from the iron.
The fiber revolution can be appreciated by every potential consumer because it goes through all the series of ultrahip and Gianni Versace (
Optional accessories for blue nail polish)to the new-
Look at Armani.
It will be more difficult to accept new aesthetics. -
Even for the baby boomers,to-the-Beatles-
Some of the inspired costumes that appeared at Italian fashion shows were once part of their own youth.
The painful fact is that every generation has its own cool.
And a young man can choose
Just because of its appearance, the up suede safari suit or military jacket, the older generation is burdened with emotional baggage.
For them, such clothes can be traced back to the opposite.
Even if anarchy, anger, and resistance had stopped resonating with the outfit, the demonstrations in Vietnam and Woodstock were the same.
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By 1950s, the same was true of the older generation\'s memory of repressed childhood and repressed upbringing --style clothing.
\"Dad dressing\" is known in the UK as \"deliberately choosing outdated clothes\" and was originally a club fashion.
Clothes are not made of fleas.
Found in the market but produced polyester pants and plain V-from 30 years-
Neck Sweater of wool and synthetic mixture, color such as moss green, electric blue or mud brown.
This look is an anti-fashion claim, becoming super chic by a \"in\" crowd belonging to a generation, and they see all the disappearing taboos about color, shape and clothing suitable for men
In the past year, mediocre fashion has become a fashion model, although it is still doubtful whether retailers will risk adverse effects for ordinary male consumers.
This can be more difficult for Seventh Avenue, but Italian fashion companies can allow themselves to make nerdy outfits at designer prices ---
Because a label like D & G has a club on track (
Deputy line of dujiabana)
Because an Italian man has a Bella.
Even a car coat with a short belt or ordinary trousers and a dull sweater look stylish.
However, the appeal of this appearance is still passed on from generation to generation. -
The most important thing is that the skinny lines and the high-headed manhood are suitable for the body and spirit of young people.
It is also suspected that there may be mediocrity in fashion vocabulary, but it is not understandable for people who do not understand the language.
In other words, only a small international fashion company will wear this kind of clothes --
The crazy elite has never been universally accepted.
The last big change in men\'s clothing was sports.
From leisure to formal, it has penetrated into almost every area of clothing.
Anorak or parka, once an outdoor military uniform but now acceptable even at night, is an obvious example.
Short custom coats can take a long time to achieve the same universal success as coats.
Maybe it\'s not needed.
We confirmed a green one during the parade in dujiabana.
The time symbol of nerds and geeks, now so mediocre, is so cool.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001033 of the National edition on January 28, 1996 with the title: Runway;
In Milan, it is a mediocre fashion for young people.
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