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russell simmons\' big bet on macy\'s to boost his latest collection

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
Have you ever heard of agriculture?
Don\'t worry, you don\'t have to pay a tide card if you don\'t. Though hip-
Jumping tycoon Russell Simmons\'s \"City graduates\" brand has been around since 2007 and it is not a label in every hipster\'s pocket.
But Simmons is betting on an exclusive distribution deal with Macy\'s. M)
The series will be introduced to the public
Retail market.
Not so easy.
There are many obstacles to overcome in agriculture.
The most important thing is that Macy\'s is already in trouble.
Similar threads.
Macy\'s sales team plans to put it in the middle of Tommy HilfigerPVH)
Ralph LaurenRL).
While Simmons admitted that he was inspired by these respected preppy aesthetic vendors, he insisted that his design was (what else? )unique.
Trend News Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupt Harris, a different language to talk to young people around the age of 50-hop look.
\"They want to wear some clothes that make them a little bossy and give them a little bit of an advantage.
It was the Brooks Brothers meeting Tommy and Ralph, but more colorful and fun.
\"Simmons can say he wants to take a different approach, so-
Known as beyond Uber
Successful modeling of Phat Farm (
The brand he founded sold to Kellwood for $0. 14 billion)
City boys are not so groundbreaking.
Everything from the eye palette-
A bright pattern pops up on the profile is quite standard. (
Don\'t let me start wearing lazy Bermuda shortscome-gauchos. )
Tommy and Ralph.
Not to mention Mark Ecko Cut & Sew, Sean John, etc. )
With sensational shades, slim/lazy shapes and techniquesPreparation Mode-plenty.
Even the \"face\" of the campaign\"the finely-
Tyson Beckford
He played the leading role in the campaign.
But there are bigger problems besides lack of originality.
WWD reports that ArgyleCulture has fallen into legal and delivery issues with us lf procurement agents.
This is no longer a problem, says Simmons.
The clothes are ready for shipment, \"We have money.
Remember, it took five years for Phat Farm to gain a foothold.
At the beginning, I did not succeed very well.
\"Indeed, most begin --
Ups will take five years to make a profit.
However, Simmons already has a fixed name and is working with a good supplier
Known for its quick turn and arrival.
Lf usa is a division of 104-year-old Lifeng company and is a global supplier of companies such as Hilfiger and Sean John.
It\'s hard to believe if the US can\'t deliver on time.
The more likely reason is that if the United States is not playing well with Simmons.
Simmons has just filed a lawsuit against lf usa (
Punitive damages of $55 million)
Claiming that the supplier only agrees to purchase and supply ArgyleCulture in the case of the Siemens mass market brand American Classic sold by Wal-Mart (WMT).
Despite fierce competition and legal chaos, Simmons still has the opportunity to own the brand.
Using the strength of his personal appearance, he attended the ArgyleCulture store opened at the Macy\'s flagship store in Pioneer Square, and he is promoting the series in other East Coast regions.
Simmons will also take a page from his predecessor.
Script for wife Kimora Lee simmons-
He is doing reality TV. The eight-
Part series starting in November.
2 Production of chronicles brand. Stay tuned.
Image via argyleculture.
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