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\'s corinne olympios launches her fashion line and the clothes are gold platinum

by:QiMeng     2019-09-29
\"I \'ve always dreamed of having a costume collection, and you know I have so many corinnists in the show and then people start making shirts and I\'m like you know what I\'m going to do? \"Colin shares with E!
Exclusive News
\"I want to try, I want to try to make my dream come true.
I am very grateful that everyone supports me.
Colin also promised to provide new shirts and hats to corchella in time next week.
For those who want to know what Colleen will do after leaving the Bachelor building, she is still not engaged.
However, a special person recently caught her attention.
\"Everything went well.
\"We must have made progress,\" Colin shared with E ! \"! News.
\"He will be in Cochella with me.
He is a full supporter of me and everything I do. \"—
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